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Warzone has a meta problem, and it␙s only getting worse␦

Warzone has a meta problem, and it␙s only getting worse␦

The War Zone meta is, of course, ever-evolving. Every couple of weeks, we get some major meta updates with the seasonal launches, the mid-season updates, or even occasionally just a random one-off weapon tuning update that changes things around, so for the most part, it's pretty much constantly fresh across a handful of weapon categories, and it's been like that really ever since MW 2019.

In the origin of War Zone, we've seen steady and constant meta updates. But at this current stage in War Zone's lifespan and with how things are right now, the meta has, in my opinion, some glaring issues.

The unfulfilled promises in the warzone meta␦

And admittedly, this is a article that I've had planned for several months at this point, but because of certain things that were said a while ago.

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I sort of held off on making it because I wanted to see how things would evolve, and now that there are a couple of seasons into the MW3 version of War Zone. I feel like I'm at this point now where we've seen plenty of updates going out and not many things actually being addressed or fulfilled, so today I wanted to break down the larger problem with the War Zone meta and how it's kind of broken in a sense, so initially the unfulfilled.

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Promises of what the war zone meta is or was supposed to be this year I guess there's no correct way to put it because we still have obviously quite a bit of time left in MW3. You know going through season 3 four five six all the way through gol War, but I'd rather it not be a situation of hey we're a season away from the launch of the next CoD and we're finally at a point where the MW3 meta makes sense because that' just be very underwhelming in my opinion and that's something that we've had happen in years past that was underwhelming at the time it was hopefully something they learned from but as it stands right now there have been several unfulfilled promises, to date within the war zone meta there were some details that were shared with myself and a handful of other creators on a call prior to war zone launching and season 1 launching in which the devs outlined, a few things they wanted to focus on throughout the various seasonal updates in war zone and MW3 this year the first thing they mentioned is probably what I'm still surprised with the most to date and that's the fact that they really were emphasizing that they wanted a healthy sniper meta within war zone this year you know prior to war zone launching this year with the whole integration there was a lot of rumors, people saying that devs have sort of teased.

That the sniping meta was going to be back to like it was in War Zone 1, snipers like the Kar9 would sort of thrive or we'd have similar situations to that, and of course the integration happened, and there was one one-shot sniper, and it was the cat, so it's slow and it's heavy, not really built for aggressive sniping regardless of how you kit it out with your attachments.


Then of course some of the MW2 Snipes if you use explosive ammo would also One-Shot knock but the explosive ammo absolutely destroys, their velocity and makes it so that they're really not all that effective and even if you build them out to be fast they're still very clunky and very a awkward and then we of course recently got an update to the stalker that made it one shot knock within a certain damage range which I find to be very balanced in my opinion that's very similar and reminiscent, to the sniper meta that we had towards the end of War Zone 1 where aggressive snipers could one shot in the close and mid-range and heavy snipers could One-Shot overall ranges and I thought that was very balanced and that was probably the best sniper meta to date maybe sub the couple of days that we had the spr hit scan cuz man that thing was fun but them indicating that they wanted this healthy sniper meta.

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It really hasn't been something that's come to fruition since they said that, and so when the game dropped and the integration happened and we had one viable sniper, it kind of just went completely opposite of what they said they wanted, and they haven't really followed through on creating that healthy sniper meta yet, and hopefully that's something that happens in the near future.

Another thing that was revealed to us was that they wanted to make sure MW2 weapons actually had a place in the game. We've seen it happen in the previous integrations, where the new game's guns are all fantastic. And that's obviously a sales thing; they want people to buy the new game and level up the new guns in the new multiplayer so that they have better sales numbers.

There's an incentive for them to do that, and it's not surprising; it's a business tactic. But over time, you know, throughout the Cold War era, we had plenty of good Modern Warfare 2019 guns. Throughout the Vanguard era, we had plenty of good Cold War and Modern Warfare 2019 guns. This year, though MW2 guns are basically obsolete, there are a very select few MW2 guns that actually hold their own.

When we were told about the balance between MW2 and MW3 weapons, the developers specifically said they wanted to balance out MW2 guns and really buff them in ways to bring them more in line with MW3 guns to limit their visual recoil, their bounce, their sway, and their smoke to make them much more laser-like, so that you could easily and freely pick and choose between MW3 and MW2 options and you'd have a lot of good choices.

And like I said, there's just so few MW2 weapons that are worth using, and even those fall short because, for the most part. MW2 attachments are super limiting, and I'll talk more on that here in just a bit, but they still have all the base MW2 weapon behaviors with their more prominent sway, so there's more RNG in The recoil patterns muzzle smoke and visual noise that goes on when you're firing; it's all very prominent still on MW2 guns, whereas MW3 guns are super easy and straightforward to use, so there's a clear and distinct advantage to using MW2 guns still that just makes the meta very one-dimensional.

The attachment issues in the warzone 3 meta␦

The attachment issues in the warzone 3 meta␦

I guess you could say now you heard me talk about attachments, and man, I got a lot to say about attachments right now and how this sort of system is working. It really does help the channel grow, but attachments. Obviously, this is the first year within a war zone integration where the universal attachment system was really put into play.

Back during war zone 1, we had several integrations, obviously Cold War. Vanguard, and whatnot, and all of those individual weapons—the weapons from the Cold War had their attachments, the weapons from Vanguard had their attachments, the weapons from MW 2019 had their attachments; they weren't really shared.

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