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Top 5 fastest ttk loadouts in warzone mw3 right now!

Top 5 fastest ttk loadouts in warzone mw3 right now!

Within war zone right now, obviously, we're still getting used to the general meta and trying to figure out what guns are the absolute best of the best and what ones we're probably going to avoid for the time being, and while we've started to see new stats and new data come out regarding the war zone meta, we've actually been able to find a handful—a ridiculous number.

Fast ttk weapons now in certain instances in the game, the time to kill does already feel very fast, especially for close range and whatnot, but some weapons here absolutely stand out like crazy, and today we're breaking down the top five fastest or best ttk options in the game right now.

Warzone best ttk ram-7 loadout

So initially, here we've got the RAM, and we're not going in any specific order here because the ranges and the time to kill do vary a bit depending on where exactly you're fighting, and I should say all the data today is coming from true game data.


Tony shouts out to him; he's the wizard of War Zone when it comes to statistics, and all this information is coming directly from his charts with the combination shot ttk, to give us the most accurate information possible, and the ram absolutely fries for a handful of fights. Basically, if you're using this as sniper support, which this build absolutely could be used for, if you're using it for mid- to long-range trying to get used to the recoil, you could use it there too.

We're looking at a 676 millisecond ttk. At 30 m, which is like prime sniper support territory, and no other rifle is really coming close to that in terms of MW3, guns, which is really nice to see, this thing is very dominant there, so initially here I like the eagle ey 2.5 time scope; this isn't too zoomed in to be used in like some close range fights, but it would also work in some long range as well.

modern warfare 3

That said, if you prefer to have something like a blue dot or you know an ELO site for your sniper support, always go for your preference here for optics. I like the 60-round mag even for Sniper Support, although it's a tad bit slower than 40, just because of how fast the fire rate is here, but you can definitely experiment around with those two and see which one works the best for your play style.

I got the heavy support under Barrel here, which helps out with idle sway horizontal control and better stability. Overall, it's only hurting your ad speed by about 8%, which is not really a huge deal. All things considered, I've got the 45 compensator, the Stir 45 Sky Fury. This helps out a ton with horizontal and vertical, which you definitely need a lot of.

When it comes to the ram, there's a lot of horizontal bounce. The recoil pattern is a little bit obnoxious, and that's why in Sniper Support obviously it's going to be a lot easier to use than over range, and lastly, I go for the heavy barrel here. Better control, better velocity, and better range extend that first damage range a bit.

This is pretty clutch, for sure, so this thing will fry if you want to pair it with a cat or if you want to even pair it with a sub for Resurgence gameplay. However you want to build this thing out, it's going to be a great choice.

Warzone fastest ttk bruen mk9 loadout

Warzone fastest ttk bruen mk9 loadout

Following , we've got the Bruan, one of my favorite guns in the game right now. Now it feels just like it's MW 2019, again with this thing, and it actually fries. Basically, this thing just has a constant decrease in ttk and no severe, super harsh drop-offs like a lot of other guns have, which means at 74.

M, we're looking at an 848 millisecond ttk, which is wildly impressive for that range. So many other guns are already above a second at that range, and you're doing so with this, which has low recoil and consistent good velocity, so it's going to feel great for mid- to long-range-based fights now.

I'm using a reflector here on the ELO site. You can get by with using this for long range really easily, in my opinion, but if you want to upgrade to the 2.5 times or a different optic again, feel free to do so. I'm downgrade to the 60-round mag from 100 because this is like Prime War Zone 1 Brewing gameplay here.

Fast reloading makes it feel more like an assault rifle than an LMG. Truly, I love the feel of that. I've got the choke-angled grip, which helps out with horizontal control and movement speed. It only hurts your vertical by a little bit, and that's super easy to counter. Of course, I've got the Horizon Barrel on here, which helps out with overall control and velocities, just making it even more effective.

The range extension here is not as important since, obviously, like I said, it's basically that steady decline, and lastly, I go for the spirit fire suppressor. Better control, better velocity, and better range as well. That sort of three-in-one works really nice, so this thing absolutely fries. It melts through players over range, and it's super easy to use, so it's checked in all the right boxes.

Warzone best ttk taq eradicator loadout

Warzone best ttk taq eradicator loadout

Now, surprisingly, that's half behind the face cam. For some reason, they could have centered this one more on the tack eradicator. Statistically, it is sort of an anomaly because it actually fries. For an LMG. However, there are some, you know, asterisks. Here, you could say that because of the change in fire rate with this gun, the first five or seven bullets or whatever fire super fast, and then it slows down some, so if you are able to be super accurate with those first five to seven bullets, whatever the case is, with that faster fire rate, that's where this thing truly just obliterates.

Now, it's still really good at the slower fire rate, but you get the best ttk out of hitting your first shots when you start shooting to the point where, at 45 M, we're looking at an 800 millisecond ttk, which is best in class for the lmgs for MW3. Options So that's a standout, for sure. It does just feel a little bit clunky, though, because of the change in fire rate after those first few bullets.


As far as the setup goes, here I'm again going for the spirit fire suppressor. It's just so good to be able to get control, range, and velocity out of a suppressor. The speed con always varies between guns here, but that's not really a huge deal for mid- to long-range choke-angled grip here yet again, the same deal as before, the same deal with the 2.5.

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