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Warzone new best ttk loadouts after season 2 update

Warzone new best ttk loadouts after season 2 update

We obviously saw some pretty significant changes in terms of the general meta weapons here in War Zone, including some of the fastest killing and best ttk options in the game, and so with that, today I wanted to break down the new top five best ttk options we have post-season 2.

Warzone best ttk bp50 loadout

There are some really interesting choices here and some very fun ones as well, kicking things off with one of my new personal favorites, the BP50.

Of course, usually the new weapons are meta; they're not always some of the fastest killing options in the game, though this is an exception. This thing is ridiculously good at all ranges; its first two damage ranges are super competitive but also overrange. This ends up being one of the best in-class TTK options for the assault rifles we're looking at.

best ttk

Keep in mind that all this information is coming from true game data, so it's a fully tested 94 millisecond ttk at 48 M by comparison for a rifle that is phenomenal. In that area, if you're using this thing for mid-range to long-range sniper support, it's going to have you covered. This setup is a laser beam initially I got the spirit fire suppressor extends that damage range makes the velocity better makes the control better a perfect 3 in 1 combo there the lower 9 heavy barrel does more of the same better control better range better velocity as well so this thing is a lethal, over the mid to long range while also being laser accurate it's in fact so accurate I don't even need an underbarrel instead I'm going for a basic extend mag in the 45 rounds, the 2.5, time Eagle ey optic, and then the Moe 40 stock, which is even better recoil control, and better ad speed and better movement speed for only a couple of cons to your Sprint to Fire and your attack Sprint speed, which is not a huge deal over the mid to long range, so this setup is so easy to use that anyone's going to be able to pick this thing up fry with it, and you will knock players back to back to back because it is ridiculous. Ridiculously strong.

Warzone 3 fastest ttk mtz-762 loadout

Warzone 3 fastest ttk mtz-762 loadout

Next up we got another Beast that we've talked about a lot recently the MTZ 762, and quite frankly what I love about this is that there are so many different builds that you can go through and use there's an iron sight build that we've covered that was a ton of fun to use for like Resurgence style gameplay there are some more longrange based or like mid-range based ones similar to this that are scope based and really easy to use all things considered we're looking at an 841.


Millisecond ttk, at about 51 M and that's a gradual drop off over that range so if you're fighting at that distance this thing truly is one of the best options in the entire game now this setup in particular is definitely the easiest MTZ 762, build you can be using in terms of overall efficiency now I do still like to stay off the map in this case so I am going for the spirit fire suppressor if you want the true lowest recoil option you might want to throw on something like a jack BFB for Max Control but it's going to hurt your velocity sum so I'm not a huge fan of that or something like a Cassis sprak compensator, or a z35.

For me, though, it's easy enough with the spirit. Fire's added control I also love the added range of velocity you're getting out of this too, plus the clinch barrel on here helps out even more with control, range, and velocity. If you're just too comfortable with this gun, you could also upgrade to Blackthorn; there's no control added but way better range and velocity, so that's a viable option too.

Support is also giving us even more predictable recoil here by attacking that horizontal bounce that's a huge W. The only downside of this gun is the 30-round mag, so you really can't solo split with this thing that easily. You know, some players might struggle with that damage per mag, but if you're a good player, this really is like one of the best guns in the entire game right now.

You just have to be mindful of your ammo supply. Last but not least, we are, of course, going for the 2.5 times. Eagle Eye Optic This works great for mid- to long-range, so this setup fries. It's really going to decimate everyone and everything unless you're also running into another person with an MTZ, 762.

Warzone best ttk lm-s loadout

Warzone best ttk lm-s loadout

Every single day, I get you covered with news updates and meta-breakdowns. Drop a like on it; it's always really appreciated. Next up, we got, honestly, a sleeper weapon. We've talked about this one a lot, and it stays ridiculously good.

It's better than ever right now because it's easier than ever to use. We're talking about the LMS from MW2. This thing has an 810 millisecond ttk, at 73. M keep in mind that in front of that distance, it's just getting faster and faster. As well, so this thing's got all the distance in the world that you could possibly imagine.

This is basically the Interceptor, just a tad bit harder to use than, I would say, because of the fire rate and whatnot, but they just buffed the idle sway on this. The idle sway changes in general also help this out, so the reentering and the ability to land shots back to back with the LMS are going to be easier than ever again.


I am going for a spirit fire suppressor. It's kind of a choose your own difficulty here; if you're spamming it, you're going to have more control, so then you might want to look towards something like a compensator, but if you're just consistent with the fire rate, this is a solid option here. Obviously, better range velocity, control of the breu, and heavy support are important here for a handful of reasons.

Obviously, if you're spamming it, it's going to help out with that general control, but then it's also going to help out with your firing aim stability, your aim idle sway, and your reentering speed. So on a weapon like this, it's just going to make it so much more accurate, as you're firing shots off back to back.

I also go for the high-grain rounds here, just extending that range of velocity even more, so it's even more effective. Over long distances, where it clearly thrives the most, the 20-round mag is the max option here, so you are pretty limited in ammo; that is a downside, but we made it work with the Interceptor; you can make it work here as well, and then surprise, once more, got the eagle ey optic on here as well.

Warzone 3 fastest ttk tempus torrent loadout

Warzone 3 fastest ttk tempus torrent loadout

This thing, like I said, is a sleeper weapon, a bit more difficult to use, but it will melt, everyone. I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I'm getting reduced headaches, reduced eye strain, and, best of all. I'm sleeping better at night so I can wake up feeling nice and refreshed every single day to get back on that grind to make content for y'all.

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