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New best ttk loadouts in warzone after meta update!

New best ttk loadouts in warzone after meta update!

ladies and gentlemen. Alongside that, there are a handful of standouts when it comes to just crazy fast time to kills because of the Season 2 reloaded update and the various meta updates that we've seen. Alongside that, a couple of new competitors are on the rise, and there's some weapons that you might not realize heal incredibly, incredibly quickly right now.

So today we're breaking down the five fastest ttk loadouts in the game as of right now, starting first , with one you might not realize is as good as it is the semi-auto.

Warzone best ttk sidewinder loadout after update

Sidewinder loadout, yes. The Sidewinder, which was once the worst gun in the game by a mile, is actually now a very competitive option.


In full auto, it's really good as well, but in semi-auto, that ttk really shines now. Something to note just because a weapon has a fast ttk. That doesn't necessarily mean it's the absolute number one meta; often times it means it's got a higher skill gap because it's sort of risk versus reward there, but according to true game data where all the stats are sourced here today, the Sidewinder at 35 m Prime mid-range has a 703, millisecond ttk that is leaps and bounds better than the majority of other similar weapons at that range, so initially here in semi-auto.

I'm going to go for the CIS break compensator. Here it helps out with firing aim stability, which is huge, but as you're spamming this as fast as you can to get that good ttk. You are going to notice there's a decent bit of bounce and horizontal control there, and the benefits that we get from that are certainly solid.

That said, the Tempest GH50 is another really good one too; it helps out with vertical and horizontal control and a bit of gun kick you could also go for a suppressor if you really want to stay off the map though too like Spirit fire for instance would be a great choice, we've got the Predator Precision Barrel helps out velocity control, idle sway so just making the weapon a lot easier to use a little bit of range in there as well it's obviously slowing it down some, but speed is not a main component.

In this style of build, ruin heavy supports are especially beneficial for the semi-auto. Because of the firing aim stability and idle sway benefits, it's going to make the re-center happen more consistently, which means as you're spamming shots, it's going to be easier to stay on target because your center scope is not going to be deviating as much.

It also helps out with some horizontal control, as well as the 30-round Max extended mag. Here is the big limiter: that's just not a ton of ammo, so you really have to be efficient with the limited ammo you do have. Last but not least, I'm going for the 2.5-times Eagle optic. This is more preference-based if you like, you know, glassless or a slate or a different optic. Always use whatever you are most comfortable with, but yeah, the Sidewinder semi-auto absolutely can shred.

Warzone 3 fastest ttk renetti loadout after update

Warzone 3 fastest ttk renetti loadout after update

Another surprise, in my opinion, is that the Buffs that this got were season to reload their Clos range, which is actually extremely competitive now. I still think a lot of SMGs are probably the more reliable option to use just because of their overall benefits, but for a pistol loadout, this thing's pretty nuts at the 13 M Prime close range SMG range.

It's got a 656, millisecond ttk, combination shot factored in, and that's right up there with some of the best SMGs in the game, like the Ram 9 and the HMR 9. If you're hitting shots consistently with this, it's going to be able to hold its own against some of the best subs out there, which is not really something you see much of with a pistol loadout now in order to make it have this good ttk.


You have to be running the carbine kit aftermarket part on this that turns it into basically a full auto pistol, a pistol SMG, hybrid in a sense. I also go for the 30-round extended mag here. If you really wanted to jump up to 50, you could do so, but just keep in mind that it's going to slow you down a decent bit more than 30.

I don't love a pistol build feeling that slow, so 30 is sufficient for me, but it also is not a ton of ammo. I know it's not your basic extend mag in most cases, so just keep that in mind and pick your poison there as necessary. I also go for the eclipser rear grip helps out with Sprint of fire strafe speed general movement speed just making it a little bit more aggressive, overall the cura vertical grip is also going to help out a little bit with control but then even more strafe and base movement speed so while we are slowing ourselves down a little bit with the conversion kit and the 30 round mag and whatnot we're still getting some decent Mobility back out of this so it's not going to be too bogged down for a pistol by any means then lastly I go for the Sonic suppressor, extends that range out some that's really what I'm getting out of that and of course I'm staying off the range radar as well so it's got that efficient ttk.

At an even further range, which is very clutch here. I don't mind the iron sight, so I don't go for an optic in this case. That might be something you want to experiment around with if you don't love the irons. You could replace things like the rear grip, for instance, if you really need that, but yeah, the Renetti conversion kit is actually kind of shining.

Warzone best ttk taq-v loadout after patch

Warzone best ttk taq-v loadout after patch

Much love to everyone who takes the time to do so. Next up, we have another option you might not have seen coming; it's the TAC V from MW2, also in semi-auto mode, once again raising that skill.

Gap semi-auto guns are inherently more difficult to use, but the payoff here is pretty extreme at 45 m, a decent range where a lot of fights will take place in an 829 millisecond ttk, which is extremely fast by comparison here, so you might not realize, but yeah, the TAC V can actually hold its own if you've got the trigger finger and the accuracy to consistently land shots at a high rate, so initially here, the Spirit fire suppressor yet again range velocity control great three in one combo to help out because we are in semi-auto, the idle sway and stability benefits of Brewing Supporter once more Super clutch plus horizontal control and gun kick is always a nice added benefit there too.

warzone 3

We do have the 50-round extended mag here; that's a great safety, and there's plenty of ammo for semi-auto. If you're burning through ammo with this, I mean you better be knocking teams and squads truly back to back, because that should be plenty to hold you over in any given fight 2.5 times. Eagle Eye Optics yet again, then I go for the brute stock.

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