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Warzone best loadouts for resurgence after update!

Warzone best loadouts for resurgence after update!

Ladies and gentlemen. Obviously, this year within the war zone, we sort of have our revamped revival with Von Del Ashika and occasionally Ersan.

Best warzone resurgence perks & equipment

So initially, I was really quick on all my Resurgence loadouts. I am running the exact same set for perks and equipment here, but for me, smokes are just so clutch because you can form your own cover with these you can push with these you can res with these they're so good in so many different situations so these are pretty clutch.

That said, you know things like snapshots can be really good as well stems give you that extra speed boost so you got some options here but for me smokes are absolutely a standout, and of course for resurgence. You want those insta finishes so you can quickly get those pings on the radar know exactly where an enemy team is coming from so knives for those are going to be perfect obviously, perk's going to be the same that I run over in just standard war zone right now double time slide of hand obviously the more tack Sprint the faster tack Sprint refresh is clutch for always running around slide a hand for the quicker reload tempered while you can find this as a vest I like because I like to stack a tempered, perk with I like a medic vest for instance that's like such a clutch Duo there then lastly bird's eye obviously so I can get those better pings I can get the actual display of where they're going to be looking and obviously this counters ghost as well, like I said that's the same on every single Loadout so now just focusing on the guns moving forward first up here we got a deadly Duo of fast ttk.

Warzone best bruen mk9 & wsp swarm loadout

Warzone best bruen mk9 & wsp swarm loadout

Guns, the Breu and the Swarm, so the Breu for like the mid-range and some of the early long range, which is going to be the majority of your fights here on Resurgence. Fantastic, the thing melts, and then up close you get the Swarm; its first damage range of like 6 m is the fastest ttk in the game, and beyond that, it's just one of the best SMGs, so this pairs very nicely together.

Keep in mind that you can pretty much mix and match all the stuff here today between the primaries and the secondaries, but initially for the brewing here. I like the MK3 reflector, especially for Resurgence gameplay; so much of it is more aggressive and fast-paced that this is the perfect optic for a lot of the engagement you're going to get into, but as always, if there's a different optic you prefer, always go for comfortability.

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There are 60 onic cinemags boosting your ads speed Sprint of Fire movement, and your reload is obviously great for faster-paced Resurgence gameplay. I like the choke-angled grip here; it helps out with horizontal control and then general movement speed again, making this more aggressive like an AR LMG hybrid.

That said, brute-heavy support is also a really good one if you're just focused on control there. I also got the spirit fire suppressor; it's helping out with range velocity and control, and the three-in-1 combo makes it more effective for the long range. The Horizon Barrel helps out with control and a little bit of velocity there as well, so for your main primary, this is a great choice and one of the best in the game in general.

If you pair it with the Swarm and your close range is covered, this thing fries. Now, initially i got the Fortress Heavy Stock on here; this helps out a ton with control and surprisingly doesn't hurt your mobility, from 2% to 1.5%. To your Sprint speed of 20%, control that's clutch for sure. I got the 50-round mag on here.

I feel like this is totally sufficient. 100 is going to slow you down a little bit over 50, so to me, it's not worth going all the way up there, but it is pretty funny to run around with, so you could mess around for sure, but 50 will be totally sufficient from a competitive standpoint. I like the hand stop under Barrel on here because it simply helps out with ad speed and general movement speed.

There are no control benefits because instead I'm getting those out of my barrel here, better control, range, and velocity, which obviously also helps with that first initial damage range. Then I go for the LERTA compensator.

Warzone best pulemyot 762 & rival-9 resurgence loadout

Warzone best pulemyot 762 & rival-9 resurgence loadout

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Which is just mainly focusing on horizontal control this makes it so that since I'm not using an optic my iron sights are not bouncing around nearly as much The Recoil patterns a lot more predictable so takes a little bit of getting used to here for sure but man this thing absolutely melts up close this next combination is the pamat 762, conversion and then also the Rival 9 another fantastic secondary so for the peat you've got your mid to long range covered as well and this much like the Brewin is more of an AR lmg hybrid you just have a 100 rounds so you can spray and prey but also move pretty well because the Bullpup conversion, then the Rival for close range has ridiculous Mobility really easy to use and a very competitive ttk as well so initially for the pum yacht I do have the Jack Annihilator Bullpup kit as mentioned which really turns this into a rifle feeling lmg, it's Mobility is phenomenal its handling is great perfect for Resurgence gameplay with the ttk that it's offering I also got the tl20.

Rear grip: this is just straight up for better control. It makes your idol sway a little bit, but it's not a huge deal because this is a super easy gun to use. In this case, I got the 2.5-times Eagle-Eye optic. You could switch to a reflector or a slate, whatever the case may be; as always, preference over everything.

I got the spirit fire suppressor here yet again, same deal as over on the bruan, then I go for the Jack Annihilator long barrel, better range, better velocity, no added control benefits here, but this gun is so easy when it comes down to it that it's not totally needed that said if you really wanted to focus more on control like with like a bruin heavy support, you could always drop the rear grip for that and maybe get a few extra bonuses there or up your Mobility through that as well if you wanted you certainly got some options, but regardless of how you build it, the conversion kit Peum Yacht is pretty crazy.

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Then for the Rival, we're just really focused on mobility and making this thing nice and aggressive, so I do go for the shadow strike suppressor. Here, this is just a suppressor; it's not giving me range velocity; it's not hurting my ad speed; it's just keeping me off the map, which is nice to see.

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