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best kar98k build

I dropped 44 kills using this Metar 98k loadout for War Zone 3, so I'm going to break down every single attachment that you guys need to be running on it to make it one of the most broken guns in the game right now, so jumping straight into the first attachment for the Metar 98k loadout, we do want to start with the 762.

best kar98k class setup

Long barrel which is going to give us a 12%, increase both the effective and the minimum damage range as well as 15% to the bullet velocity which are going to be two of the three most important stats for a sniper rifle build the longer the effective damage range the longer we can get a one- shot kill at and the faster the bullet velocity the less we have to worry about leading our shot, next we do want to throw on something to increase our aim down sight speed which is the number one most important stat for this build so we do want to go ahead and throw on the SL Razer Hawk laser light and as you can see this will give us a 10% decrease to our aim down sight speed as well as 14%, of the Sprint of fire time making this by far the fastest sniper in War Zone 3 now since the kar9 AK is technically a marksman rifle it doesn't actually come with an optic so we do have to throw one on for an attachment, and there is two separate options that I see a lot of people running the first one is going to be the range collar almost identical to how the kar98k.

I looked in War Zone 1, and this is the option that I'm going to be running. The other option, which I also see a lot of people running, is going to be the SPX 80. Both are very good options, so try them both out and use whatever one you like better. Getting this build as close to hitting scan as we can, here is the full metac car98k.

Loadout for War Zone 3 season 4 is the best sniper, if not the best gun in the game right now, and using this build. I dropped a 44-kill game on Rebirth Island, so without further ado, let's get into Shot. The enemy destroyed you to hunt down the rest of you. No, I have a new super article coming out.

I can show you the build after this game. I got a article coming out on it, though after this, K98, I already got the game play saved for it. Come on, come on, give me the kill.

BROKEN KAR98K Loadout in MODERN WARFARE 3 new KAR98K Class Setup in MW3.
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