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I hope you're doing well. Today we're going to be giving you the top 10 loadouts you can be using right now in Call of Duty War Zone based strictly on stats and the way they should perform on paper so that you know exactly which loadouts you could be trying right now because, when it comes to anything but the car 98 right now, there's really just not a ton of long-range options that really can compete with the 98.

And it is confirmed that the c98 will be getting a Nerf in season 4 reloaded, which I really don't think needs to happen and here's why I don't think the c98 is that op if you will I think they just keep nerfing all the weapons instead of buffing them the way they should to bring them up to the standard of the c98 and the way we used to kind of have it back in war zone 1 there's no reason some of these ARs and lmgs that are longer ranges can't compete with something like the k98, or something like that there should be some I don't want to say faster ttks, but just some harder hitting options that can compete against people who are sniping because when it comes to Long ranges past 50 m it's only the kar98.

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When you use the code Marvel. Let's get into it. So, like I said, these loadouts are going to be based on the 50 to 60 meter mark, and that's where we're kind of focused on, so you're looking at about right here, where it's just 49. All the way around right here, anything inside of this area is what we're kind of going to be focused on, and as you can see right here, the MTZ 556 is going to be your best option when it comes to longer ranges.

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I'm probably going to stay away from the MCW at this point, but right here, right past that point, is the stack evolver, then it goes to the BP50. And then it goes to the MCW. Which is very interesting and then we have the tack Eradicator and then the hoger 26, which I've been really hyping up because I'm play a lot of rebirth so right in this range is kind of where that hoger goes in but man you're looking at the tack evolver right there but it's just so slow for rebirth I wouldn't recommend it but then you got the of course the MTZ 556 right here the tack Eradicator is really solid and the hoger 26 right there those are your top three options inside, of that 50 right inside of that 50 to that 40 to 50 m Mark so keep that in mind and then for our close range options you've got right here is where we're going to be looking at we're going to look at the we're going to set this to 20 M we're looking at right here this is where you want to 10 to about 13 M Mark 10 to 12 M Mark You' got this retti, that is still.

Wildly good it is this good, and it shouldn't be, but it is, so you got them. I think honestly, I think these right here are in a really solid spot, but this retti needs to be nerfed again. You're looking at a 23, millisecond ttk, that's crazy man, so you've got the retti right here, Superior 46 and DG58, LSW.

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I'm telling you that the DG58 LSW is really good. The fjx Horus and wp9 are right in there as well, and then you get the Brewin MK9. With that Jack Titan conversion kit on there, which has been a ton of fun to run this week, keep those in mind. We're going to give you all these loadouts right now.

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Let's get into it, man. All right, so first off, we've got that MTZ 556. I'm running the Zim in compensat muzzle the clinch Pro Barrel now the reason I'm running the clinch Pro you can EAS the clinch Pro or you can go with The Drifter heavy long completely up to you but I'm going I'm going Drifter let's go Drifter here the reason I say clinch Pro I'm going to show you guys something here if you have the clinch Pro and you have the aerial beam rifle I would recommend the clinch Pro the aerial beam rifle gives it a little less visual recoil, that's kind of why I'm using it but if you don't have that and you don't want to have that use this Drifter heavy long man this Drifter heavy long is going to give you the maximum amount of range and recoil And boosts your recoil control too at that you can get the more effective damage range more bullet velocity, and then the S the clinch Pro Barrel gives you more bullet velocity which is great as well so keep that in mind use either one here but if you got that clinch Pro barrel and you have that aerial beam rifle I recommend running that then we have the Brewin heavy support grip under Barrel I like the high vlo rounds here for the maximum bullet velocity, you can use the high grain rounds but they're going to decrease your recoil control a little bit they'll increase your effective damage range 100%, so either go high V or go high grain rounds here completely up to you then I have the 50 round drum and that's what I'm running on this and we'll show this to you here in the firing range and like I said you just have barely any visual recoil with that clinch Pro Barrel if you're running that aerial beam rifle.

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And it's just that it's very solid, like I said, though the damage per mag is an interesting thing with this MPZ. I don't know. It's up to you, it feels. The longer range just feels weird to me, but it is technically the best option when it comes to that. Range, then that ret man this retti is wildly good we're going Zim and compensator muzzle the skeletal vertical grip here the high grain rounds 50 round drum and you got to add that Jack ferocity carbine kit which basically turns this pistol into a freaking SMG G and it's really good but I'm leaving the sight off if you want a sight maybe switch out to those High grain rounds but you're using it 10 m right there almost unbeatable pretty much is unbeatable if you're beating your enemy to your shots but if you want to sight on it maybe switch out the high green rounds for the Nidar model site that's probably what I would Do, for this next load out you got that tack evolver with the fjx Horus I've got the tack evolver with the vt7 spe fire suppressor the eviction heavy long barrel the Hound 9g grip I've got the Jack glassless optic on it along with a rampart heavy stock which gives it even more recoil control show this one to you here in the firing range and this thing definitely rips man but be warned it is, it is kind of slow so you got to keep that in mind the ads is slow those kinds of things but man this thing is a Pink, then you got the fjx.

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