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New top 5 lmg loadouts in warzone!

New top 5 lmg loadouts in warzone!

ladies and gentlemen. The LMG category here in War Zone might honestly be the single most competitive weapon category that we have across the game in terms of which category in particular is giving us the most top-tier weapons. There are so many good lmgs right now, but today I wanted to break down the top five best lmg loadouts and actually go through and decipher what the top five are.

In depth ttk stats on the meta lmgs in warzone 3

I feel like we got to start on true game data because, like I said, this is a hyper competitive weapon category, and we've seen a lot of changes to it recently with various different Nerfs and different changes across the board, so we got a bunch of different options here. The base peum yach with no conversion kit The Bruan, one of my personal favorites, the DG, and the HCR from MW2 could be contenders.

best lmg 3

The hoger the PE out with the conversion kit, The RLMG may be another potential contender. The eradicator and, of course, the evolver as well, which has seen a lot of changes here recently, and when we go through and look at 300 health and combination shots. We get one of the better options in the game, but there are a few things that stand out to me initially that are kind of red flags, so just going through here in general, we start off with something like the Tac evolver one that was nerfed a little bit ago, but we can see that its first range, ttk, its first 36-meter range, which you can extend a little bit by using ammo, muzzles, or barrels, is really solid; it's one of the better options in the game, and then over range it falls off, and it's a little bit slower as you can see, even though it's relatively easy to use.

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There's a big gap between it having a 1.69 millisecond ttk nice or just over a second long ttk at 63 m versus the bruan, the DG, or the hoger, which are just over 900, like clearly the bruan, the DG, and the hoger are orange, blue, and yellow lines are top-tier contenders throughout; they have fast ttks in this close range; they've got the fastest ttks.

Over all ranges, as well as another interesting one, is the base peum yacht, our red line here. You can see that through its first you know 38 M or even 33 M, it's the slowest ttk. This is not viable as a close-range LMG whatsoever, but once you start to get into that mid-range area and extend into the long-range area, it actually overtakes.

There are quite a few other options here too, which is pretty surprising and ends up becoming something that is actually relatively viable. The Eradicator sort of fits our lime line here as well: really low recoil, extremely easy to use, and a lot more versatile than the Peum Yacht. It's got that super fast close-range ttk through 38 M, and then it's just a mid-ttk over range, but you're also going to be incredibly accurate with it there because it is solo recoil, so you can get by with using that there, and it's actually acceptable.

lmg loadout

You then have some of those MW2 ones where the hcr's green line here is all right just throughout all the way, but then you got to factor in the MW2 properties of it with the strange sway mechanics that sometimes or the RNG, there the visual recoil that those guns have over some of the MW3 ones some of the attachments that'll be available throughout, and it just becomes something that's not nearly as viable so we can take that off the list.

the pelat Our white line here is the conversion kit one, and you can see that in the close range now, even as a conversion kit, it's just not as good slower than the rest, and then over the range, it drops off pretty significantly, just not something that's super worth using anymore, and then the r, it's close, but again, not in a way that's going to outperform the others by any significant means, and then it's still an MW2.

Lmg at the end of the day, so it has those same cons that we talked about with the HCR, so you then get a graph here that's a little bit closer, and to me, the one that definitely just stands out the most is like not as you know worthwhile anymore is unfortunately, the evolver, not a very long-lived meta there, but it's long-lived ttk, is just not practical whatsoever, and that leaves us with five: the pum yat, the base pumat, and the bruan. The DG, the hogar, and the TAC Eradicator, so let's go through and break down the setups for these.

Warzone best pulemyot 762 loadout after update

Warzone best pulemyot 762 loadout after update

By the way, we're diving into all the setups here today. If you're new here or you simply have not subscribed yet, this is your one-stop shop for everything going on in COD meta breakdowns news updates.

So, initially, here at number five, I've got the peat. As we saw, it's first range wasn't really anything that crazy, but overrange it can hold its own, and this. I think, might be the first time we're actually talking about a peat setup that doesn't include the conversion kit. There are quite a few different attachments here because of what's available, and when you're not using them, they're pretty basic.

modern warfare 3

I am still using the 2.5-times Eagle-Eye optic; no surprises. There, I do go for the ergonomic stock here. This is going to help out with some general gun control. Speed is a little bit of movement speed, so you're still going to be slow because it's an LMG, but at least you're a little bit faster here, and it also helps out with firing aim stability, which is obviously so clutch in this game, so that makes that a lot easier to use.

Also, for what it's worth, though the wood stock would be good too, it helps out with general control and firing aiming stability, so if you want a little bit more recoil control. I'd opt for that instead, but I kind of like the versatility that the ergonomic offers there. I also go for the Pyro heavy barrel.

This is range velocity control idle sway, just making it a lot easier to use. It does slow it down some, but also, it's an LMG; we've sort of come to expect that right, and then sort of some standard stuff here. I've got the Spirit Fire suppressor, per usual, with better range, better velocity, and better control on there.

Then we also got the Brewing heavy support grip, again helping out with aiming Idol Sway and firing aim stability, so this gun is going to be super predictable. And of course, this also attacks that horizontal recoil, so this as a weapon is going to be extremely easy to use for all skill levels. The recoil control here is going to be phenomenal.

Definitely worth trying out if you haven't really used the pamat.

Warzone 3 best taq eradicator loadout

Warzone 3 best taq eradicator loadout

Much outside of just the conversion kit, next up here I got the TAC Eradicator. Over the longer ranges, it's ttk does fall off a little bit too compared to some of those other choices, but it's close range and it's mid-range for an LMG is ridiculous. Good, and it's also again very low recoil.

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