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New top 10 best weapon loadouts in warzone after new update

New top 10 best weapon loadouts in warzone after new update

Ladies and gentlemen. Obviously, earlier today we got a brand new title update, 1.36.

Best warzone perks & equipment

So in general, like I said, we're not really going in any particular order in terms of the weapons initially, but I do want to cover the perks and equipment just real quick in case you want to apply these to all your loadouts.

I use the same setup for perks and equipment on all my setups, so initially, smokes super clutch for pushing, rotating for giving yourself instant cover, and knives sexes.

Warzone best bruen mk9 loadout

Warzone best bruen mk9 loadout

And it is insane mid-range and long-range; it's going to fry one of the fastest kills in the entire game while also being incredibly easy to use, so first up here. I'm going for the spirit fire suppressor. You're going to see this on a lot of my mid- to long-range guns that have relatively low recoil.

This is helping out with the recoil but also giving better range and velocity, so it is just increasing the efficiency. There I got the Horizon Barrel, which helps out with velocity and control and makes it even more effective with where we're trying to use it. The choke angled under the barrel is great here; it helps out with horizontal control and also some movement, so it becomes more aggressive here, which only hurts the vertical control a little bit, which is not a huge deal on a gun like this.

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The 60-run mag makes it even more aggressive. AR lmg, hybrid like, and then I like the MK3 reflector here if you want to go for the Eagle Eye 2.5, times, a slate, or a different optic. Always go for your preference there, but yeah, the Bruin was not updated with today's patch, so it is still absolutely.

Warzone best pulemyot 762 loadout

Dominating the peum yach is also still insane; it wasn't buffed or nerfed with today's update, so it's ttk is still phenomenal specifically. With the conversion, kit on here this again feels very much so like an AR lmg hybrid just in this case it's with a 100 round mag lmg that you can just spray and prey with so obviously we've got the conversion kit on there I also go for the tl20 rear grip helps out with control and stability just makes it super accurate over the mid to long range I do go for the eagle ey 2.5 times in this case but again go with whatever you're the most comfortable with for your optic, with the conversion kit you get the annihilator long barrel this is just better velocity and range I already find this to be a pretty low recoil, weapon so this is just going to make it a bit more efficient over the long range and then again Spirit fire suppressor, control velocity and damage that little three in1 combo working great for the mid to long range, as well but you can even running gun with this thing just because the you know conversion kit here makes it so aggressive and I love the feel of it and then another lmg that is still frying because it was not updated today is the TAC Eradicator.

Warzone best taq eradicator loadout

Warzone best taq eradicator loadout

This one's a little bit tricky because you have to get used to the mixed fire rates. Obviously, the first couple of bullets fire super fast. If you land your shots in that time period, this thing's nuts, but even as the fire rate slows down, as long as you are consistent, dealing damage and hitting your shots it's still going to feel like it's frying because it's got a really competitive ttk, as well so again Spirit fire suppressor no surprises there choke angled grip runin heavy supports a really good option here too or if you're comfortable with a control going for like a Mobility based under Barrel like the hand stop for instance could be a good alternative as well no extend mag 75 works just fine here so instead I go for the combat grip just basic control benefits there I've got the core stock which is also better control and better stability making it more accurate easy to stay on Target consistently.

Warzone best fr 5.56 loadout after update

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And again the 2.5, times optic no changes there for the mid to long range kind of a slept on lmg right now if I'm being honest now with today's update the FR fr556, was, actually nerfed but what they nerfed was the close damage the max damage range so from the mid to long range this thing is still going to be very competitive and also it's just laser accurate between bursts so it's super easy to stay on target meaning for Mid to long range gunfights this is going to be still a great option it's just not nearly as universally, good as it was you know yesterday for instance but still a top tier rifle choice for sure 2.5 times optic yet again 60 round extended mag here your basic a MAG you're going to need for pretty much anything outside of solos, because this is a burst weapon I love the Ripper under Barrel because this is going to help out the reentering.

Between bursts, which really just makes it more accurate as you're spamming, so that's a super clutch option there. I've got the Long Bar Barrel, which has better range and better velocity, but here you don't get any control benefits.

Warzone best katt amr loadout

Warzone best katt amr loadout

modern warfare 3

However I am going through and using the spirit fire suppressor which obviously does help out with the control sum on top of the range and the velocity as well so again consistency, here for the mid to long range is really what we're focused on and that's where this is going to thrive the most now post Nerf we also got to talk to the cat because this thing does really Thrive now post update even more because they nerfed so many long range options that were just super dominant that a one-hot sniper now stands out even more so this is going to be even more dominant, for those types of engagements, right and with this is the only sniper in the game you can one shot kill with any ammo option in the game so I am using these Spire Point rounds because these give you crazy velocity and that's really all that matters here for the one shot Sonic suppressor XL also giving you better velocity, the Zang Barrel also giving you better velocity range is not relevant here because we're only focused on one shots.

I go for the rubberized stock pad just for some slightly better movement if I need to run with this out; it's not going to be too heavy, and then just behind the face cam. I do have the quick bolt just so I can fire shots faster with the rechambering. Speed does speed up the rate of fire a tad bit, but this thing will go ahead and hide the face cam if you guys want to go for a screenshot.

It's definitely one of the most lethal long-range weapons, and now it's even more potent and dominant than ever since the update.

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