News - Warzone: New Top 10 Best Meta Loadouts After Season 2 Reloaded Update. Warzone New Meta

Warzone new top 10 best meta loadouts after season 2 reloaded

Warzone new top 10 best meta loadouts after season 2 reloaded

Ladies and gentlemen.

Warzone best perks & equipment to run

Cover if you need to rotate if you need to Res whatever the case may be I'm also still running throwing knives most of the time I mean I play a lot of resurgence these are the go-to there anyways for the insta finishes, but they did Nerf the frags a little bit with this update which is kind of a bummer they're still decent but they're not as strong as they were before SE texes would also be perfectly viable, here as well as far as perks go still for the most part running the same package here as well Mountaineer in double time clutch I don't have to worry about fall damage that's incredibly important for me.

I like tempered just because I like to sort of double dip here I go for tempered as a perk and then I go for Med vests in game so I can get the quick res there I feel like I find those very frequently and not having them played up three times is obviously great then Flex it's still helping out so much with footsteps even though they have adjusted audio recently.

I just find it to be so much more consistent. When I've got that on there, so like I said, that's the same on every single setup now we can just focus on guns first up here we got a deadly duo, the SVA 545.

Warzone 3 best sva 545 & ram-9 loadout after update

Warzone 3 best sva 545 & ram-9 loadout after update

Arguably the best rifle in the game right now, paired with the Ram 9. This is the best SMG right now, so this setup fries. It's also very easy to use the SVA, whether you're using it in hyperburst or in full auto.

It's super easy. I have been throwing on the glassless optic a lot as of late, even for some long-range builds like this one, just because it's a clean optic. It's a blue dot, which helps with firing aim stability. It's solid now, and a 2.5-times scope is also great for mid- to long-range, so you could flip-flop either way or there; that'd be my top two recommended recommendations for optics, but usually you should be going for comfortability there, so whatever one you're the best and most comfortable with, for sure, a basic 60-round mag here.

best loadout

Brewing heavy support under the barrel per usual helps out, of course. With that firing aim stability, the idle sway, and the horizontal control, the gun is way more predictable. If you're going for semi-auto, though you don't need this, you could use something to speed it up elsewhere just because there's no recoil in semi-auto.

I got the spirit fire suppressor, which keeps me off the radar, adds in some range velocity and control, and then the precision barrels help out with sway control velocity and range per usual there, so a nice little four-in-one combo basically, thing fries not all that different post update although it was buffed, so it's going to be even more aggressive now than for the ram.

All the barrels got buffed—essentially all the main meta ones, including the imperator barrel. It's now going to be even more versatile here, helping out the range and velocity there and the strafe speed. I love that I go for the Z 35 compensator; this is perfect for a lot of SMG builds because it hurts your V, which is not a huge deal for SMGs. But it gives you decent control with very minimal cons elsewhere so really like that makes the weapon even easier, dr6 hand stop here going to help out just general Mobility movement speed ads speed strafe speed Sprint to fire makes it more Snappy and aggressive we got the 50 Ric Center mag then I go for the motion tack pad stock helps out with that Sprint of fire and ads speed once again also ultral light would be a pretty good one as well for what it's worth each of those I like the mobility benefits they include, but yeah you pair these together you got a great class setup and for what it's worth you can mix and match a lot of the primaries here today too next up here we've got one of my main sniper loadouts and this is in fact featuring The Ram steel line and I know what you're saying Zach wasn't this nerfed yes it was they dropped its first damage range by about 8 m or so it's close range and mid-range ttk is not going to be as quick as it was pre-update it's, still very good in the close range and in the mid-range.

Warzone best ram-7 & katt amr loadout after update

Warzone best ram-7 & katt amr loadout after update

Though right so this setups adjusted a little bit to factor in that I still am using the glassless optic here now just because why not it makes it so easy and it's so clean 60 onic cinemag I'm going for brewing and heavy support still, casses break on here going to make this basically feel like it has no recoil.

I would use Z that would be a decent one it is going to hurt your Vos some those so just keep that in mind either or there is going to feel good though then the cor Mark heavy barrel range velocity control added on there so even though this is built somewhat like you would build a longrange rifle it works really well for Sniper support just because it's an aggressive AR as is, especially now this is where it's going to thrive the most in like the mid-range, even after the Nerf so it pairs well with a sniper, and in this case we got the cat this is our One-Shot Cat build so at any range this will ones shot to the head and it is almost hit scan it's the most hit scan like sniper that we have in the game I guess you could say I go for the Nightfall suppressor.

15%, to the velocity there is Zang Barrel 10%, and the velocity on that High Velocity Ammo adds in another 20%. To the vlo there, so that's obviously clutch of getting that up and over a thousand. I also go for the tactical pad stock; this is going to help out with ad speed. Then, just behind the face, there is a camera.

I've got the quickbolt, which just allows me to get those shots off a little bit faster, so it's only a five-round mag if you want to be able to make sure you get those shots or those finishes.

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