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New mw3 update & warzone weekly update is live!

New mw3 update & warzone weekly update is live!

It is once again update day here in Wariza. Modern Warfare 3: As we know, Wednesdays are the standard routine weekly update day. We also have different situations where, like yesterday, they just put out random patch notes with a couple of different weapon changes, so we're on that backtack, update day style here today, but.

New update general details for mw3 & warzone

As far as today's update goes, this is, like I said, just a standard routine weekly update. More so, when you go to jump on to the game next, he might be hit with the whole update, which requires a restart screen. You just go through that cycle, and all the changes and new content will be automatically applied.

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There's no major download or anything else required for this one. The next time we do see a major title update, everyone's going to have to download, you know, 152 gigs. Potentially, it's probably going to be with season 3 here coming up in early April, so be on the lookout for that, but as far as today's update goes, first things first, we did see some changes yesterday with some surprise patch notes, and Raven's actually gone through and elaborated on why some of those changes were made.

New mw3/warzone changes revealed & explained

So here's what they said earlier today, which is that yesterday we released a war zone update with the two following changes: Night Vision Google has been disabled, and laser attachments have been removed. We want to provide some insight on why these changes were made. The introduction of the Night Vision Goog variant provided a twist to the 1v1 experience that a lot of players did not enjoy.

If I do say so myself, in order to accommodate it, we had to add lasers to weapons, which subsequently affected the loadouts of every other goog variant. If you've played in Goog in the past couple of weeks, you know that every single time you drop in, you've got a bright green laser shining on your gun, giving off your position.

This really obnoxious kind of made the goog a whole lot less fun. We've since heard the feedback loud and clear, and we're no longer fond of these modifiers, which impact the overall Google experience. As such, we've made the decision to disable night vision encounters while we work on splitting goog loadouts up to better serve each play Space variant.

Should we decide to bring this particular experience back, it'll be with a unique form of engagement in mind. Finally, I can play the game. Normally, they don't need an explanation, but it's still nice that it's there.

Warzone mobile going live early for some regions

Warzone mobile going live early for some regions

We also got a new announcement in regards to War Zone Mobile. Obviously, the global launch is tomorrow, the 21st, and War Zone Mobile did post today saying operators are entering the AO; War Zone Mobile has begun to roll out regionally. To ensure the game is available for everyone globally to enjoy beginning March 21st, sit tight and you'll be cleared to drop soon, so if you are interested in War Zone Mobile, it's definitely worth checking your app store right now on whatever device you have to see if it's available to download.

Stealth changes & upcoming updates revealed for mwiii & warzone

Stealth changes & upcoming updates revealed for mwiii & warzone

Anyway Next up, we do have a couple of other update previews courtesy of the Trell boards. Also some interesting things that were. I guess, changed behind the scenes and they didn't really say anything, like, for instance, on the Modern Warfare 3 Traer board covering multiplayer and zombies, they did say that it's now resolved that carry forward maps cause a Dev error in split screen play that was an issue on PlayStation and Xbox for the past couple of weeks, and they moved it from the known issues tab into the resolved issues tab, so that should be fully fixed now.

modern warfare 3 patch notes

I don't recall them saying anything official about that directly, so that's now been updated. They do still have a fix scheduled for players sometimes becoming stuck in a firing animation when using a wheelson. And because I've seen a lot of concern about this lately, no, they didn't like removing ping from the game; it's just a new bug that happened with season 2 reloaded because, surprise, a new update introduced a bug where the latency widget says Na and you can't actually see your ping in the top left, which is really annoying.

I won't lie, but it's been one of the global issues being investigated for a couple of days now, so they are still looking into that one. No, it's not them just straight up removing it from the game; it will be back; it's just a matter of winning, and then over on the war zone side of things. I'm not going to lie, which is kind of unfortunate.

The war zone Trellis board is not really seeing all that many updates as of late; hopefully that means they're hard at work actually getting the updates done and ready for season 3's launch, but it's pretty much all the same stuff that we've seen here, with armor plates not dropping in specific scenarios.

The latency widget is mentioned here, as is texture streaming with low resolutions popping up randomly. The final K cam has some glitches, so they're working on a handful of things; they just haven't been updating this trell board too much in the past couple of days.

New aftermarket update in warzone & modern warfare 3

New aftermarket update in warzone & modern warfare 3

Now, of course, because it's Wednesday and it's our standard weekly update, we do have our week seven challenges now live, so this is going to be the second to last week.

This time next week, we'll actually be able to go through and fully unlock the rotten Inferno camo by completing the week eight challenges, but for this week, we've got the Jack Outlaw, 277. Kit available. On the bass, this turns it into a Marksman-style weapon. As always, you just have to complete any five challenges between multiplayer zombies and Battle Royale.

You can mix and match however you please, but for multiplayer this week, get 20 operator-clean kills with iron sights equipped with a recommended Marksman rifle. Get 10 operator quick-scope kills with a site equipped with a recommended Marksman rifle. Get seven operator-long shot kills with a recommended Marksman Get three operator kills in one magazine, five times with recommended snipers.

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You probably want to use something like a longbow there that's got a larger magazine. Get 20 operator headshot kills with recommended handguns. Get 10 operator clean kills with a recommended battle rifle set to single fire mode, and then also get 15 operator tack stance kills with recommended marksman rifles for zombies this week.

Get 10 special zombie kills with a recommended marksman. That's pretty basic. Get 300 kills with a recommended marksman. While Deadshot is active, get 200 kills with a recommended Marksman while Juggernog is active, so you can get those done at the same time. Obviously, get 10 kills without being hit 20 times with a recommended sniper.

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