News - Warzone: The Big Hidden Gameplay Changes & Secret Updates

Secret updates revealed for warzone & modern warfare 3!

Secret updates revealed for warzone & modern warfare 3!

Obviously, season 2 of Modern Warfare 3 in War Zone has been out for a couple of days now, and with it, we got the usual seasonal gameplay updates, new weapons, new maps, and new modes. All sorts of stuff like that you might not have realized, though there's actually already been some secret sort of confirmed updates to be coming in the future, some pretty significant gameplay updates that have been addressed, and just weren't really super, you know, out there to begin with unless you were actively looking for it.

We've also got some inside details on some updates that are confirmed to not be happening despite a lot of community feedback, and some other secret gameplay updates are already live, so there's lots to dig into here.

Warzone battle royale ranked play is confirmed

right away. Initially, let's start with some very ambiguous, sort of hidden details that have been revealed in the past couple of days directly from Call of Duty.


Obviously, one of the big things that happened with the season 2 update specifically for War Zone was the debut of ranked resurgence. Ranking play is now back in the war zone, but it's on resurgence for the first time ever. Obviously, last year's initial debut of ranking play took place on Battle Royale on Alaza.

As of right now, there is no big map Battle Royale-ranked play mode available; it is exclusively available. Resurgence ranked but it's not going to stay like that forever. Very subtly, Call of Duty did confirm that the big map Battle Royale-ranked play will be coming in the future. In their initial blog post revealing season 2, it wasn't really a standout point or anything, but they did say this ranked play arrives in the war zone, taking place in Fortune's Keep, and using the Resurgence rules for the first time, the fundamentals are the same: fight your way towards the top 250 leaderboard and earn ranked plays as you progress.

gameplay update

But there are alterations and innovations to be aware of. As discussed below, this is the first of the ranked play modes to come to War Zone. Battle Royale players should expect a ranked play experience to return later in the year, so you have it there, officially confirmed directly from Call of Duty.

Resurgence ranked is not going to be the only ranked mode or the exclusive ranked mode for War Zone 3 standard Battle Royale ranked play, like what we had on Alaza. I will be returning now. I was a part of a development call prior to season 2 to preview some of the season 2 updates and beyond, and we did ask about this.

You know, is there any information? On standard-ranked play, do we know when that's coming? All they told us was that it would be happening in a future season; they did not go into specifics for that, so it could be season 3 or season 4. I doubt it would be something as late as season 5 or six just because then we'd get the whole integration shortly after that to start off season 1 with Golf War later on this year, and ranked play probably wouldn't be there at launch similar to how it wasn't this past year, so I'd imagine in the next couple of seasons that will debut, and then it seems like we're going to have two different ranked experiences to choose from.

I'd be surprised if they kept both of them on at the same time, just because that would split the player base a decent amount and rank already kind of limited because a lot of players just don't care to try that hard and have the increased spmm. Right, but it'll be interesting to see how exactly they go through and approach.

Warzone new easter egg & map update revealed

Warzone new easter egg & map update revealed

That's another upcoming update that we have a few details on here, and there is actually a sort of map update as well as a feature update coming to Fortune's Keep in the form of research. Vessel; this is going to be a new mobile POI; that's going to be coming to Fortune; keep in season with, like, the reloaded update here for season 2.

And, in this dev call that I was a part of, they sort of previewed that this is going to have all sorts of cool things on it; it'll actually stop at one point on the map; it'll anchor down, and you can use the map; it'll anchor down, and you can use the anchors to zip line up onto it; there's going to be a UAV tower on it; there's going to be increased loot; it's going to be like a high loot area basically, so better stuff to find on it; and it basically acts as its own safe zone.

modern warfare 3

If you say the zone is like moving across the water where the research vessel is going to be, well, it's actually going to create a safe space that you can get into. For the time being, it won't be a permanent thing; it'll start to close in as the zones close in, and there's no more Resurgence, but a really cool feature there is that it's also apparently going to have specific Easter eggs tied to it as well, according to High Moon, who obviously helped develop fortunes this year, so some interesting details are coming from that.

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New hidden setting live in warzone & mw3

New hidden setting live in warzone & mw3

We also have a new hidden setting now live within War Zona Modern Warfare 3, something that was not acknowledged anywhere, but it's actually pretty useful. For a specific niche of gameplay, there is actually a new akimbo behavior setting that's available for keyboard, mouse, and controller. So what it does is allow you to choose how your akimbo weapons work.

Do you want to use the left trigger and right trigger separately to fire an akimbo weapon? So if you only want to fire your right gun, you use the right trigger; if you only want to fire your left gun, you use the left trigger; or if you want to use a shared input, you only have to press one trigger to shoot both of the guns.

modern warfare 3 new update

Now there's an option in the game where you can actually do that. Like I said, it's a super niche setting, but it is a new one that was updated, and there was no mention of this anywhere, so kind of a cool feature there if a Kimbo is a, you know, constant part of your gameplay, maybe. By the way, as we are continuing with all of the sort of hidden updates and secret previews that we've got, if you are new to the channel every single day.

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