News - Warzone Just Cancelled A Game Changing Update

Warzone␙s most game changing feature has been canceled!

Warzone␙s most game changing feature has been canceled!

We got some very surprising news regarding a major upcoming update for War Zone that has now seemingly been cancelled, at least partially, and ultimately delayed for a different update down the road. It's definitely something that I don't think many players saw coming, but it is a direct result of community interaction and community feedback.

Warzone covert exfil update is completely changing

Drop a like on it; it would be seriously appreciated. Let's initially start with some news of a major update coming next week with season one reloaded, or at least a major update that was initially supposed to come next week with season 1 reloaded. Raven talked about this specifically on Twitter with the War Zone season 1 reloaded update.

covert exfil

Next week we'll be introducing covert xfill, a challenging new way to escape the match that provides players with one of two methods to secure the weapons case. Successfully extracting via covert xill does not count as a traditional win but rather as a separate stat and will not count towards Champions Quest progress.

More details on the design intent will be provided in the patch notes next week. Now you can connect the dots here. Obviously, the update that we're talking about has been cancelled or delayed. This covert xfill feature was going to be the first of its kind in War Zone, a game Cher outright for Battle Royale gameplay.

That mid-match gave players the chance to just straight-up leave, and it wouldn't count as a loss; it also wouldn't count as a win. It's just its own unique thing; it would exist for players who wanted to seek that out and go and rack up a bunch of money. It was said to be only five per game and cost a ton of money to actually But if you did it, you'd be able to extract and have your own cool little thing going on there, and with the new weapons case update, which is basically taking DMZ, the weapons case feature, and adding it to War Zone, those would basically be linked, so hey, you pick up the weapons case.

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You don't want to have the entire game left where it's going to be pinging you on the map for everyone. You just want to get out of Dodge with it and get the rewards. Go ahead and do the covert xill. You can escape, get your weapons case rewards, and then go into a new match and play as you want, but there's been some updates to this.


This is what Raven ended up posting today, which, like I said, I don't think many players saw coming, but it's interesting that they acted this quickly. Over the last few days we've seen your feedback about the covert xfill feature and have decided, not to launch it in standard Battle Royale with season 1 reloaded next week so inherently just outright right away this covert xfill update is cancelled for Battle Royale, and it's ultimately delayed as well for a completely different update they say we believe that covert xfill and the gameplay Loop it provides paired with the weapon weapons case will make for an exciting addition to war zone that said we'll instead launch both of these features in an upcoming dedicated mode now I will say it's kind of interesting that they say just covert xville, is not launching in standard Battle Royale they don't say directly if the weapons case is also outright not going to be available within BR or if that'll still be there but you're going to have to win the game with it I imagine, since obviously they say they're paired super well together both are going to be delayed but they just for what it's worth don't directly specify that we are looking forward to the new challenges, that these features will provide and to your continued feedback once the mode is available so this confirms a couple of things most obviously.

mw3 covert exfil

Yes HX fill is not happening next week with season 1 reloaded; it was going to be probably the most game-changing update that we've seen for War Zone in some time, definitely this year for War Zone 3, and of course my classic Cod timing in real life literally tomorrow. I was going to upload what is now going to be this article breaking down just how impactful F covert xfill could be and how it could either be a great feature that helps speed up the overall pacing of gameplay or it could be a really bad feature that ends up ruining a lot of Battle Royale matches and kind of weighing the pros and cons.

that it was a fun article that I think really described the updates coming with cover XFL quite well, but now all of that is for nothing because it's just not simply happening, so standard Battle Royale gameplay with season one reloaded is still going to see changes. We're still going to let you know about the various different gameplay updates, and I would imagine certain features here and there.

We're going to see updates to the goog, and we're going to see major meta updates as well, but the most game-changing of them all is covert xville, completely canel because of the concern of what it would do to War Zone gameplay if it launched. And this now confirms we're going to see a new LTM upcoming at some point here in War Zone's future.


I'd imagine that within just a few weeks, season 1 will be reloaded before season 2 drops in early February to de-view these features, so it's going to be its own mode, and I feel like if there's going to be a covert xfill and weapons case mode, it's just dedicated to those and those alone. That kind of just means they're bringing DMZ back.

That seems really strange because obviously that was the main thing about DMZ. This still being a war zone-based mode and a battle royale-based mode. I guess, is just going to separate it so that if you want to play standard Battle Royale, you can do so, and if you want to play a mode that potentially has the covert xfill, you can do so, and you don't have to have those Two Worlds Collide.

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But it is very surprising that this is already being removed, canceled, and delayed for various different reasons, and I feel like it probably becomes more apparent as to why they did this when you look at what Ted Timmons specifically said about the cover Xville. So these were some tweets that I initially featured in that article that I liked.

I said I had initially planned for tomorrow, but Ted, the senior creative director over at Raven, who does a phenomenal job, is an awesome guy. He ended up quoting this tweet from Raven that we just talked about, saying, This new feature is one that I really believe in; it's challenging to pull off.

I expect less than one full success per match, so I'm really surprised. That they fully canel it for standard Battle Royale if they expected it to be that rare, less than one per match, so if you're playing for four or five hours, maybe you see it as a maximum of five times total. It gives players a path to earn new rewards from the weapons case and creates a new engagement honey pot, which has been great for midgame.

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