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New modern warfare 3 & warzone updates revealed

New modern warfare 3 & warzone updates revealed

ladies and gentlemen. It's a new week, and of course that means we've got some new updates on the way to War Zone in Modern Warfare 3. We've got some new gameplay updates dropping this week in the form of some new content and then also potentially some new changes, as well as various different updates, fixes, and things like that.

And today I'm breaking down everything to expect for the coming days within MW3 and War Zone starting.

New gameplay updates & changes for mw3 & warzone 3

First, with a handful of upcoming changes or fixes that could be dropping here pretty soon, Cod updates have gone through and posted a handful of new things over on their social accounts. We've also seen some new updates added to the Trello board, so initially, this has been a big one since the drop of season 2 reloaded.

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Arguably, now one of the more important things within zombies gameplay is the brand new player containment levels the ability to stack these and go up through the tiers and get those in-game bonuses of starting with more essence or getting discounts at the Pack-A-Punch or on different per s and stuff like that and they say within Modern Warfare Zombies they are investigating, reports, that player containment levels are being knocked back a tier when exfilling from a dark ether Rift or Story Mission, but also just in general there's a lot of issues that when you just straight up load into a game your player containment level is being reset back some it can be a lot it can be a little it seems very sporadic very random but it's a huge issue and it's good to see that they are pretty quickly looking into that so we should have a full update out for that here relatively.

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Soon, if you're wondering why your player containment levels are all over the place and they don't seem very consistent, there is a known bug going on with those. They also say that for Modern Warfare 3 and War Zone, they're investigating scenarios where the in-game and menu UI, such as the player HUD and after Action Report, can enter a bugged state.

After the new update, essentially, you go into the menu and it just freezes or it's glitching out; it doesn't let you view certain parts of the menu; it just kicks you back to the main menu. We've seen several different bugs or glitches like this in the past; it's a relatively small one, but it's still very annoying to run into at the same time, and then they do say within the war zone specifically.

Drop a like on the article while you're at it, but initially, when Fortunes Keep dropped, not too long ago, there was a whole bug going on where armor plates were not dropping from chests enough, and players when you knocked them out were dropping like three armor plates Max, even if they had an inventory full of them right.

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They went through and updated that, and they said, Hey, we fixed this issue, but it was only applicable for Fortune's Keep. The issue is still ongoing with Ekhan. And occasionally, like in Vondel BR and whatnot as well, if you're wondering why you're taking out squads, then you're like. Hey, you guys got any plates out of that, and everyone says a resounding no.

This is why players are not dropping the correct amount of plates that they actually have in their inventory, which is honestly a pretty big deal for, you know, the longevity of your life in a match of war zone, so hopefully they get this one turned around pretty quick seeing as they already fixed it once for Fortune's sake.

I imagine they should have the ability to update this one rather soon, now briefly shifting focus over to the trellis boards. Admittedly, we haven't seen a ton of updates here since we last looked at it a couple of days ago, but they have amended some of the TX on a handful of the things here, so initially, the global issues They're still looking into the basic stuff here.

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The iron sight on the stalker is still only unlocking for some players, like I have it; I didn't do anything. Other players iron sight will still show up as locks, though, so they are fully aware of that, and that'll be updated here soon. The latency widget not showing your actual pinging game is also still being looked into, but there is also a new one here.

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Certain carry-forward maps are causing a development error in split-screen play. This is actually an issue specific to PlayStation and Xbox, and it's just on those MW2. Carry forward maps so Dome shoot house shipment Maps like that and whatnot, but they luckily do have a fix scheduled for this one so certainly nice to see that they're also investigating an issue where an object near the tank, is unintended, in Quarry it's not supposed to be there players can be stuck after firing the wheelson at times and they are still monitoring, that in Zombies you can sometimes lose your acquisition stashes when you're loading into a game on the menu or if you xill and load back to the menu which is obviously a huge deal as well and I'm not going to lie kind of surprising that that's still being monitored and looked into just because it's been on the Trello for so long and I guess that indicates it's still going on a decent amount for a lot of players which is a huge like gamebreaking.

Issue right now, so definitely hoping to see that one fully updated and removed from the Trello, meaning it actually is fully fixed, then over on the war zone side of things again, it's just sort of like reiterating some of the stuff that we've covered on the Cod updates. Twitter in the past couple of days A big one that I've seen more and more talk about is the texture resolution issue they have.

It's just listed for PCs, and it seems like you're encountering low-resolution textures. All the bushes and some of the hills look like they're made out of PlayDoh, but I've seen this happening across the board on console and PC. It doesn't matter what your graphics are set to; it's a really annoying bug where your game just looks like absolute trash, but they have that, and a handful of other things that we've already covered are still being investigated on the war zone side.

New warzone anniversary update content previewed

New warzone anniversary update content previewed

Also, a little post was posted by Zack here as I was going through and recording this because, of course, Cod timing is going to hit me IRL.

Raven did announce in Call of Duty that with the anniversary of War Zone taking place this past weekend on the 10th within season 3, we're going to see a new anniversary weapon skin added into the game that's got like all sorts of clippings of War Zone's pass, which is pretty cool, so we've now got that to look forward to with the season 3 update in a.

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