News - You Left Me Your Best Unknown Tips And Tricks For Warzone 2 Zombies


Today I want to take a look at some more lesser-known facts about Modern Warfare 3 zombies. We got some incredible feedback on the last article, and you guys left some really cool comments, so I kind of wanted to go through some of those. I might continue this series, and you may be interested. I appreciate everybody stopping by the article today.

We're on the road to 10, 000. Explosion damage, and I think the water damage is the same, speaking of PhD Flopper. Flopper and Speed Cola are equally easy. Loop from Tier 3 infested strongholds and ether nests. This is honestly an amazing tip, because not only are these ether nests and whatnot when they're inside the Tier 3 Zone a big pain in the ass, but there is also a mission.

I do believe it's in Act 3, and this is going to help you guys out with that. Another thing that you guys can do is use the crossbow with the explosive tips that work really well for doing this as well. These things can be pretty tough to get sometimes, and sometimes people will go through these fights several times before they end up getting what they want, and you never know, sometimes there's going to be somebody else with you that's also willing to drop whatever they got.


Maybe you can get something else that you don't have. Hub. Almost anything you guys need to know, this website has interactive maps and will let you know each step and exactly where things are, and I've referenced them several times throughout my articles. Especially if you guys are like me. I really like to farm up my legendary ether tools and my flawless crystals, and so usually what I do is I don't wait for cooldown timers; I'll craft them and then stash them in my stash and then keep using my other lesser, valuable items just so that way I can constantly be farming up these things and have a nice big builtup stash of legendary ether tools and flawless crystals.

Things like that. This is honestly a great tip, just in case you guys want to get out of the match quickly, or maybe that storm is coming. You just need to leave. This is a nice little tip to find you the quickest way possible, and this next one comes in from the user, along with a bunch of numbers.


Well, he says that the easiest way is to actually just ask people in the lobby, honestly. He's not wrong, especially right now with everybody and with how bad the tombstone is. In every single match, there's people duplicating things and dropping Essence nine times out of 10. All you have to do is go to F5, and there's going to be a bunch of people there dropping stuff, or F6.

I'm sorry A lot of times, they like to hang out right next to the rift and just kind of give out things. Now. I also know that there are some people out there who grind certain things several times, and this game just does not want to give them certain things. I know people who have done several Tier 3 contracts, and it took them forever to get the ray gun.

Sometimes this game just refuses to give you things. So yeah, if you've done the red worm fight a few times and you just haven't gotten that Flawless Crystal schematic or the scorcher case schematic, just go ahead and type in the lobby and see if anybody's willing to drop it for you. I can almost guarantee you that it'll only take you two or three matches, and you'll get whatever you need.


Yeah, guys, I think that is going to wrap up this episode for now. Like I said, I might continue this series.

Today we look at some comments you all left me for some tips and tricks and lesser known facts here in MW3 Zombies. I appreciate all the support. You all are awesome! - Ghost.
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