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So the holiday season is upon us, and Modern Warfare 3 as well as War Zone are soon going to be joining in on the festivities of the season. While it's not the midseason update that's looking like it'll be coming on January 17th, we do have another in-season update coming our way this week, kicking off the Codas and Santa Sligh Grounds events, offering up new content, new rewards, and changes to the gameplay in both Moder Warfare 3 and War Zone.

So today we're breaking down what you need to know and what you should be looking forward to in the coming days to round out our 2023 year. I'd love to have that in the community, especially if you're part of the 60% of viewers who are not subscribed. Finally, check out my friends over at Gamer Advantage for 35% off your entire order of espresso on the best blue glasses on the market, but more on that a little later. For now, let's jump into the Modern Warfare 3 and War Zone upcoming holiday events.

When does the codmas events start & what does it replace in modern warfare 3 & warzone?

When does the codmas events start & what does it replace in modern warfare 3 & warzone?

First and foremost, when is this event going to kick off this week, on December 20th? The scene is going to start at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time, 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time, and 600 p.m. In the UK, which will start that Santa Sligh ground seasonal event, the codas stuff here coming throughout as well is likely going to be coming at that same time, but do note that this will also remove the current Dune trial of power event and the ultimate reward, of the sand and spice animated camo, so if you want to get that done you don't have it just yet, make sure you end up getting it done in the next few days here before that, and actually, a further note on that the Dune event actually ends a few hours earlier than the start time of the Santa Sligh ground event and the codas event, so that'll be like around 10: or 11:00 a.

m, Eastern 7: to 8:00 a. M pacific time 3: to 4:00 p. M in the UK so you'll have a little bit less time until it gets to that other event there's going to be a short changeover, period where there won't be any event active but that's only just for a few hours, now this event will be active on the events tab with likely the challenges associated with it not just XP related challenges like we've seen the last couple but more so alongside that Task Force 141 Founders event that we had recently challenges to genuinely complete an MP, zombies or war zone for rewards and we also see that will be echoed within the 12 days of CMAs as well stuff that you have to do for that entire overarching, event but also there's a standalone, sector in the battle pass right now which we don't know if that will just take us directly to the events tab or if it'll have something that is a sort of own segmented, sector of the battle pass to earn rewards like we've seen in the past where the last couple of seasons Modern Warfare 2 we had like five additional challenges to do to end up getting additional rewards.

When will the codmas event end in modern warfare 3 & warzone?

When will the codmas event end in modern warfare 3 & warzone?

Now beyond that, there's no specific end date for when this event will actually happen; that's yet to be determined, though it looks to last a little longer than the last couple we've seen here, more than just 7 days or so, but coming along with genuine thematic reskins, the mentioned CMAs event being the 12 days of CMAs instead, it's going to last more than just those seven days.

That said, with 12 days of CMAs with the event storing on the 20th, counting the 20th, the 12th day of that will be the 31st. And I feel like I remember hearing about a New Year's Event, but I for the life of me cannot source that to back that up, so just keep in mind you might have another event in the sort of way that we see the Dune event here right now in the last couple that there are smaller events, but just know that might be happening, but it does look like at least Codas will be going until the 31st.

The multiplayer content of the codmas event in modern warfare 3


Alongside , everything comes, so what all comes with CMAs? What all comes with the Santa Slayground seasonal event? First, on the multiplayer side, we have thematic reskins. For the multiplayer maps of Shipus and Hangover, those are shipment and high-rise, respectively. These actually have some footage out there already; personally.

I didn't get to play on Shipus the shipment variant here with it that'll be Christmas themed naturally, and then Hangover, which is high-rise. I actually really like this one. I got to play with this version of the map when I was at Sledgehammer pre-season 1's launch, so this is something that the Skybox has set at night, so it's kind of easier to see players instead of having to look at that blinding sun at sunset. Though of course the skins that may blend into the Shadows might be a little bit more relevant here at this, there were some changes to the one office side that was having a holiday party with a dance floor and disco ball, among a few other thematic changes, but overall neither of the maps are changed in terms of like build or anything, so you won't have much in terms of change in gameplay but just cool thematic aesthetic changes to.

The warzone content of the codmas event

The warzone content of the codmas event

The maps overall from the war zone We do know that we'll actually see some larger-scale updates to the gameplay itself, offering new ltms, new ways to have interactables, features with the map, and things like that love these slay ride Resurgence ltms. But also throughout Earth, we'll end up seeing a couple of different things where we'll have the holiday crates and trees pop up, just like the Caldera event.

During that era of Krampus running rampant throughout all that, there were obviously some not-so-fond memories with Krampus, but the actual trees themselves are pretty cool for those that don't remember what this is. These will be littered with legendary crates around them, but when you interact with a tree and go to actually get the loot that comes along with it, it acts like a recon contract from War Zone 1 or a torrent of Intel contracts.

holiday event mw3

In this iteration of War Zone, you'll have a flare pop up from the top of the tree, alerting any nearby players that you're attempting to capture that, and when you do, you have access to legendary crates, but you may be contested if other players do see that flare and decide to attack you for that loot.

Now it's also stated that those who hold the point longest will be gifted a chance to meet Santa or at least something that used to be Santa, which sounds like the next part of that where we'll have a portal to see Santa open up after you complete that where you can fight zombie Santa to get his loot from his rucksack so that maybe what's returning, but maybe if you just stick around too long maybe Krampus does come, but anyways.

So, the holiday season is upon us and Modern Warfare 3 as well as Warzone are soon going to be joining the festivities of the season.
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