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New mw3 season 1 weapon balance (assault rifles)


I think they got weapon Balan this year, spot on. I don't really have a weapon on my list of guns that I know for a fact is going to be adjusted, that I think is crazy overpowered, or a weapon that is just seriously underpowered, for that matter, and that's huge because typically. Every single time a Call of Duty game releases there's always that one to two weapons that are ly overpowered and there's always those couple of guns that just simply are a complete waste of time and a dread to level up now the devs already confirmed that there's going to be weapon balancing specifically under the assault rifle category, all of the assault rifles for the most part are going to be quote unquote, nerfed but at the same time it's not going to be the traditional Nerf where they're making weapons themselves worse this is pretty interesting and honestly I think this is a massive and I mean a massive step in the right direction instead of let's give an example making the hoger 556 which is arguably the best assault rifle or at least one of the best assault rifles in the game worse, they're going to be adjusting specific attachments across, assault rifles as a whole that are necessarily.

Going to impact all of the weapons, which I think honestly is the best case scenario because it doesn't make sense to completely destroy a weapon and make it completely unusable; it just makes sense to let's go ahead and tone down the entire weapon class or bump up an entire weapon class so everything is infected and everything is actually usable.

You can build a zero-recoil SBAA 545, run around with it like it's a submachine gun, and outgun pretty much all the other SMGs if you have the gun skill to do so, which is a byproduct of having all the attachments do what they're initially supposed to do as if they were tuned properly in Modern Warfare 2.

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Now, what I think is going to happen within this weapon balance update is that they're going to pretty much revert all of the, let's say, attachment weight, so all the attachments that are essentially going to be reducing recoil, making the gun easy to use, and all the magazine attachments are going to be bumping up the capacity.

I believe they're going to go ahead and adjust them to how they were within Modern Warfare 2, as if they were not tuned to combat a lot of the ARs from being incredibly good at close range. SE: What do you guys think about this personally? If it was up to me, I would just bring tuning back. I would have never first of all taken it away from the beginning, because I felt like tuning was the next step up that skill that you kind of learned, or at least you sought out the knowledge to figure out how to tune weapons, so you had that edge over another player who was either unaware of how to tune or just too lazy to figure out how to get it done properly.

I feel like weapon tuning should not have been removed because, again, things like this happen where you can build. Essentially, an overpowered class can setup a weapon and have it excel at any and all ranges without really having to know how to set up the weapon properly.

New mw3 season 1 weapon balance (smg's)

New mw3 season 1 weapon balance (smg's)

I'm under the assumption that after this new weapon balance update, all the assault rifles if you were to build, let's say, a no recoil class setup are now going to have slower ads, slower movement speed, and overall slower handling, now on the flip side if you were to build a run and gun assault rifle, that you know essentially has zero or next to no recoil controlling attachments, the gun is now going to have a lot more recoil and it's going to be a lot more hard to use at those medium-long ranges, so you're not going to be able to essentially build an SMG AR hybrid anymore.

That's what I believe is going to happen after this weapon balance update. I believe the exact opposite is going to happen, and we're going to see how this plays out. I can guarantee we're going to end up going back and forth with these weapon classes within the next couple of updates because of the SMGs.

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Under my personal preference. I do believe that some of the weapons in the submachine gun category do need some slight adjustments to increase their ranges, but it's not as drastic as previous Cod titles. I do believe that the weapons and all their attachments for the SMG category are now going to be a little stronger, so if you want a submachine gun that has, let's say, less recoil and more range, you're going to be able to do so but also still have the weapon excel at close ranges just to go ahead and compensate for what the assault rifles are currently doing.

That's how I see the weapon balance update affecting game play. Under the assault rifle as well as the SMG category, the battle rifles and marksman rifle categories are also kind of up in the air. Let's be honest, not that many people touch the battle rifles as well as the marksman rifles, realistically.

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HP meta battle rifle Even though they're all pretty good, it's going to be the bass B, but at the same time, that weapon only has a 20-round mag by default, so you have to burn an attachment in order to kind of bump that up and keep it up to speed with some of the ARs and overall be able to run a gun like a submachine gun.

So I don't really see the bass getting a massive touch, but I do think they're going to go ahead and dumb down the handling and the mobility at close ranges with it because it does handle like an AR quite literally by just putting on one attachment. This actually does raise the question. Do they need to go ahead and increase?

the number of attachments on weapons by one or two points honestly, if they were allowing us to run, let's say, six attachments or the maximum seven, we wouldn't have to go crazy and do a 10 attachment like they did in Vanguard. That's too ridiculous. I think if they were to allow all weapons in Modern Warfare 3 to have six or seven attachments, I think that would fix a lot of the issues that we have currently, or, I should say, not really issues.

modern warfare 3 season 1 update patch notes

I'd say a lot of the current weapon balancing, problems they're not really even problems because all these weapons realistically are usable you can go crazy with every single gun of the game on this which is kind of nuts and honestly a huge W to the Developers for doing their job but I do believe adding at least one or two additional weapon slots for every single weapon here in modare 3 would be a great way to Future proof any potential overhaul, that would have to happen in the near future because honestly overhauls don't have a good track record you don't want to change up an entire weapon class completely and destroy it now do I think they're going to destroy the assault rifles and over up the SMGs.

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