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Modern warfare 3 chagnes

Modern warfare 3 chagnes

But anyways, let's jump into it on the modern warfare side of things. First and foremost, base gameplay is oriented here. First, we have the player health and stamina bar, which are represented by the dynamic bar on that lower left portion of the HUD movement. The movement had a slight adjustment here in which it added delay following the multiple rapid stance transitions to prevent unexploitable repetition.


Where Crouch to stand is now 150, milliseconds prone to stand is now 600 milliseconds, now in layman's terms that's just simply they're combating snaking they're introducing a way to introduce a cooldown or sort of stamina in doing so with that so the snaking you'd see it more so highly competitive levels and in regular Pub matches a lot that should be something that is mitigated a bit it's still there but it isn't as exploitable, as it was in the past spawns were stated to have improved spawn protection against enemy equipment and kill streaks believe it when I see it and in hardpoint several adjustments have been made to improve the flow of combat and increased control of Team owned area now we get into the weapon tuning here for weapons and attachments, and this is something that it seems like it should spread across not only just Modern Warfare 3 but also war zone there was no specific war zone tuning mentioned in the war zone patch notes, so assumably this is something that's across the board here at this firstly, the MTZ 556.

modern warfare 3

Saw an increase across the board to the maximum hipfire spread while standing and while crouched as well as increasing that hipfire spread penalty incurred while firing and moving so Nerfs across the board to this one the bass B we saw an increase the damage multipliers and semi-auto fire type to the intended values, which sounds like a buff but really it's more so just a course correct it wasn't where it was supposed to be within the preseason here and it's something that now I think should match the full auto variation of it the Sidewinder decreased the aim down sight time from 280 milliseconds to 265.

Milliseconds along with a few adjustments to specific attachments, but I don't think that's going to be the saving grace of The Sidewinder. That wasn't the real problem with the weapon—the submachine guns. We saw the striker decrease the sprint to fire time from 110 milliseconds to 100 milliseconds and decrease the aim down sight times from 230 milliseconds to 215 milliseconds, making the striker a little snappier than it was before, so an already good weapon getting a buff there.

modern warfare 3 1.34 patch notes

The WSP Swarm saw a decrease in the sprint to fire time from 110 to only 88 milliseconds and a decrease in the aim down sight time from 190 milliseconds to 175. Milliseconds the striker 9 saw a decrease to the Sprint of fire time from 110, to 100 milliseconds and a decrease to the aim down sight time from 225 milliseconds to 205, the shotgun of the Lockwood 680 saw attack stance no longer reducing that damage pellet count and the marksman rifles of the MCW, 6.8, allowed a fix inbound where equipping the full auto conversion kit and the 60 round drum mag would no longer result in the broken aim down sights animation, the riot shield melee now increased that melee damage from 50 to 75 so a two hit kill but also added a 10% movement speed penalty while stowed we saw additional attachment adjustments here at this where the biggest one to me was the hollow point ammunition.

modern warfare 3 1.34 update

This decreased the inflicted Sprint penalty from 800 milliseconds down to 200 milliseconds which is a big change for sure but I still think that the root cause of the issues with hollow point come down to not only just that but the fact that it's mixed with a sort of flinch, aspect on it as well giving you two sort of ammo type penalties as somebody's getting hit with it as opposed to the one that is listed now we saw a handful of adjustments to the Modern Warfare 2 carry forward weapons where they at base increase the reserve ammunition for all weapons to match the mod Warfare 3 standards they decreased HIIT fire spread benefits of the under Barrel vertical grips and decrease the hip fire spread benefit of the applicable lasers, but additional individual weapons the M4 saw an increase to the maximum damage from 28 to 35 which is a significant buff here for that which is interesting a decrease to the head and damage neck multipliers from 1.37.

To 1.1, the TAC vector increased the lower torso leg and foot damage multipliers. The Vas n increased that near-medium damage, and the ISO 45 increased the maximum damage. The shotgun of the KV broadside saw increased the far-medium damage range, and a decrease in aim-down sight spread slightly. The lmgs of Ralph saw a decrease in aim-down sight speed, sprint to fire time, and tactical sprint to fire time, while the 556 of Icarus saw an increase in maximum damage and a decrease in the head damage multiplier.

modern warfare 3 1.34 update patch notes

The Marksman rifle of the sprr 208 increased the maximum damage range and decrease the aim down sight time while the Basilisk the last weapon adjusted, saw an increase to the maximum damage range near medium damage range and the far medium damage range as well yet had a handful of adjustments in regards to the maps and various different issues and different bugs that happened here with this you also saw in the game modes firstly Search and Destroy the biggest one there were increases of the player XP earned for several events now the kills if you're playing on highrise Search and Destroy it will match what you had back in 2009, you get 500 XP per kill 200 XP per assist a shield assist is 400 XP a head shot is 1, 000 XP a plant is 1, 000 XP a defuse is 1, 000 XP and a ninja diffuse is 1250.

modern warfare 3 gameplay

XP so that's something that just like the last days you can play that risk for board and really rank up fast if you can absolutely shred through snd lobbies, but other changes come in the way of ground war where the pregame Lobby countdown will now no longer reset when a player leaves. That was a bug that was kind of annoying here because, of course, you had 64 players if one person ended up leaving over and over.

Well, you're never going to start that game. Then, players who join an impr progress match can now no longer be placed on a full team. The tank escort phase time limit is now down from 6 minutes to 5 minutes, and joining an impr progress match during the ending cinematic sequence is no longer possible, so again, kind of just wasting your time on that where you wouldn't get to play at all.

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