News - The Surprise Warzone 2 Update Probably Isn't As Good As You Hoped

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So model Warfare 3 and War Zone both got a surprise update of sorts here, where it fixed a few issues, balanced a few weapons, and more. Today we're taking a look at the changes that came along with this update for both Modern Warfare 3 and War Zone that you should be aware of and letting you know the changes that came along with it.

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Do you have to download this modern warfare 3 update?

Do you have to download this modern warfare 3 update?

First, this update seems to just be a playlist update—something you just need to log into your game restart application and then jump back into it, and everything should be applied. It's odd though because PC did see an update 1.37 for Modern Warfare 3 go out as of, like a day or two ago.

At this point, nothing has been seen on Playstation or Xbox, and just yet, though PlayStation did have that update logged in the back end for the database, it has not been rolled out just yet for people to be able to preload or actually download. But it's weird that if that's the case that is the season 1 Rel loaded update, it's been something that's been out there for so long because it was added in the back end for PlayStation.

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I think it was almost a week ago at this point, and again, a day or two ago, it rolled out for PC, where we of course don't have access to the new content just yet, but if that included some changes along with it. It's interesting, but for this update again, all you had to do was simply restart your application.

The new modern warfare 3 changes in today's surprise update

On the Modern Warfare 3 side of things, we have a lot of things that are more minor changes and stuff that, honestly, you probably wouldn't care too much about. We can touch on that kind of stuff here in a second, but the big things to me come down to finally the availability to unlock a couple of the weapons and attachments, or more so, the aftermarket parts that come along with the weekly challenges.

The two that have been busted were the Jack B holder rifle kit that's now available and unlockable if you complete any of those challenges, and then the most recent week six challenge of the Eton AM-9 aftermarket part, which was something that as of yesterday and the challenge going live. It was also bugged and did not unlock if you completed the five challenges to go along with it, which now should be fixed and available to unlock.

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So that means that not only do you get those rewards but you don't have to worry about whether or not it's accurately tracking, that entire, season long 8we challenge set if you ended up not having one completely unlock for you maybe it did those five challenges but was there that possibility that it wouldn't count towards your overall completion, so that come week eight you wouldn't get that camo you don't have to worry about that too much anymore now at this point it seems like those are fixed out there are a few adjustments to the overall maps with spawn points and lighting being a main target here of these changes there are a few challenge tracking issues resolved such as the week four challenge where you had to destroy five vehicles with a recommended weapon, the other thing that was mentioned here as of yesterday but is then thrown into the mix with this was the progression of Modern Warfare 2 completionist camos for zombies where the challenge tracking was not accurate and it was something that was wasn't giving you credit even if you did that kind of stuff now, that said there still is a decent bit of these that actually do exist across the board like for example.

I was working on, I want to say, the DM 56 going for that golden Enigma and just working overall towards my Borealis, Camo, and the five attachment challenges that come along with it. It does not track, so it's something that I've seen that it has to be without a certain type of attachment like an underbarrel; it has to be something that isn't upgraded or anything like that.

Some of these issues persisted since launch and just kind of made their way back up in some very random areas, so while some of these things have been fixed out, some still do persist. Just know that going forward, and then we mentioned how like a lot of the other stuff was really small, for example, it improved the white accent color coverage of the Atlanta phase 2024, camo, stuff like that, so not a whole ton of super important things to the grand scheme of the game.

The warzone changes in today's surprise update

The warzone changes in today's surprise update

But jumping over to the war zone side of things here, there are some general bug fixes, but the biggest thing here out of this was a little bit of some weapon tuning.

Now, it's not going to be something that is the full suite of weapon tuning here that we'll see as of next week, but this is like a preliminary adjustment to some weapons, and there are kind of two of the problematic ones here. One was taken out entirely, but the first was the MTZ Interceptor, which had its max damage reduced to 85, down from 95, and a minimum damage reduced to 78, down from 84.

Then the snake shot ammunition for the tier that attachment has been re-enabled, but the damage prop pellet max range is now reduced to 12 down from 34, so a massive severe Nerf to that one, so it should not be problematic at least on paper here for the foreseeable future. Now that said, there are a few things to note in regards to these weapon changes that happened today.

First and foremost, it seems like based off of preliminary testing in footage that's already going out from people playing the game as of the time I'm recording this, it seems like, yeah, sure, on paper, the MTZ got a Nerf, but it seems like it still has that potential for three shots, but mostly you're going to see like a four to five shot if you're not hitting everything but head shot.

So on paper, yes, it is a Nerf, but in the right hands, it's still exceptionally lethal, so it might still be something that is problematic, and we may see a further adjustment here to it as of next week and the season 1 reloaded update, but at least for the next week or so.

There's more weapon tuning coming in season 1 reloaded

There's more weapon tuning coming in season 1 reloaded

You might still see this one around, and the The next thing to note here out of this is that this is only a sort of band-aid in regards to weapon tuning; this is not everything that is going to be happening. As for all the weapon tuning for the rest of the season, admittedly, last week whenever Raven tweeted, we've seen your questions about weapon balance, and we're happy to confirm that an update is coming midway through next week, and yes, that includes changes to the MTZ Interceptor.

Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone both got a surprise update of sorts where it fixed a few issues, balanced a few weapons and more. Today we're taking a look at the changes for both Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone that you should be aware of and letting you know the changes that came along with it.
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