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So today we got a brand new title update for Modern Warfare 3 and War Zone. There was no prior mention of it; it was kind of a surprise update, but honestly, we probably could have inferred that one was coming sooner rather than later. But we saw some really important changes to War Zone and Moder Warfare 3, respectively, with this update, and today we're breaking down what you need to know about both game changes.

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First and foremost, there's a couple of things that are like Universal.

Global changes across both modern warfare & warzone

Global changes across both modern warfare & warzone

Across both War Zone and Modern Warfare 3, you have the adjustment to the speedway V5 short barrel attachment for the ram 7 that can now be equipped in the gunsmith, whereas before it could not. There's improved impact detonation to prevent inflicting more explosive damage on players and on the breacher.

Drone, you have the Crimson and Carbon Fate laser attachment skins no longer appearing as default skins when equipped on shotguns, and a couple other smaller things like that kind of stuff, but jumping into War Zone and Battle Royale here First, strongholds with a black sight key will now only be rewarded for the first time a stronghold is completed, and subsequent captures by other squads afterwards will no longer reward a key.

Warzone changes in update 1.36

That was something that was just putting it in line with what we saw with Alaza, and it was a sort of bug that came out of this most recent introduction. In Resurgence, we have a few changes where the redeploy mechanic will now be disabled after the end of Circle 3, and public events have been disabled in Circles 1 and 2, so changing slightly the gameplay loop here of that kind of stuff, but the big things that I'm sure a lot of people are looking forward to are weapon tuning and then audio.

So for weapon tuning, we actually saw a handful of weapons here adjusted; it's probably going to shake up the meta at least on paper, which is definitely nice because there are a couple of weapons here that are definitely way more powerful than they should have been.

Warzone weapon tuning in update 1.36

Warzone weapon tuning in update 1.36

First, the assault rifles, the burst weapons, got adjusted where the DG 56 or DG58 got adjusted. I think it is in Modern Warfare 3. For some reason, it's differently named and has a maximum damage reduction down to 32, which was down from 40, so a hefty Nerf There was the same thing with the F-556: another eight damage reductions down to 35, down from 43.

The bass B saw a reduction in maximum damage from 39 down to 35 and a minimum damage reduction from 27 down to 25. The handguns of the core 45 had a reduction in the akimbo Max damage, bringing it down from 45 down to 30, and he got a healthy Nerf as well, where the max damage was reduced down to 22 down from 33 with a headshot multiplier reduction to 1.2, down from 1.4.


Now the big ones are the marksman rifles, including the MTZ Interceptor. The dm556 saw a maximum damage reduction of 41 down from 50, the minimum damage was reduced to 37 down from 39, the cavd enforcer saw a headshot multiplier reduction of 1.8 down from 2.2, and the MTZ Interceptor saw a headshot multiplier reduction of 1.5 down from two.

So only the head shot multiplier, which of course is a big factor here in why that was powerful, but if it's something that will bring this down out of the definite number one spot in the meta, we'll have to wait and see the tier. The akimbo saw a Max damage reduction down to 70 down from 120, so a healthy Nerf there, but also still pretty powerful in that regard.

Mix it in with snake shots if you're in close quarters; you can still probably do pretty good damage with it. The Haymaker saw a Max damage reduction down to 36 down from 52, and the submachine gun of the Fenick from the Modern Warfare 2 introductions saw a Max damage reduction down to 22 down from 25, a headshot multiplier reduction to 1.25, and a lower torso multiplier reducing it down to a base one no multiplier, which was down from 1.1 beforehand. So healthy changes to the weapons in question a lot in the meta but again on paper will they be enough to actually knock them out of the meta the big one for me is of course still going to be that empty easy Interceptor one that we're going to have to play around with because on paper that is a significant Nerf but again it wasn't the whole story as to why that was so powerful and a definitive mustus weapon so we'll see if that is something that does change a way and adjust the meta from being DMR Zone 2.0, but we'll have to wait and see in time now at this point but on paper healthy Nerfs all around another one here was the audio where they said they rebalanced first person and enemy footstep audio, again this is going to take a lot of testing there is nothing that is actually definitive here with this granted in this explanation.

Audio changes in warzone update 1.36

Audio changes in warzone update 1.36

But they did state it with a sort of dev reasoning. Since the launch of season one last week, we've been actively listening to player feedback regarding audio concerns in War Zone, especially related to footsteps. This initial update is aimed at addressing some of these concerns and enhancing the overall experience before we head into the holidays.

When making changes such as this, there's a complex mix of variables we need to meticulously look at and consider. One of the primary factors to consider is the reliability of the experience across our titles to avoid too large a gap between War Zone multiplayer and zombies. Beyond that, changes to things like occlusion, falling off distances, first-person versus third-party balance, or specific perk mechanics can have ripple effects due to the sheer number of interacting and overlapping sounds in Battle Royale matches.

Please know that we're committed to ongoing improvements and to ensuring that players can fully immerse themselves in the game while maintaining a competitive edge. However, as they do state, we are getting close to the holidays, so come probably in the middle of next week until, like, probably January 3rd or 4th, we're probably going to end up seeing a lack of updates here with this, so fingers crossed we get the game in a good state going into the holidays and we don't have a Caldera 2.0 where the game is truly just broken and unplayable, but fingers crossed we get it to a place where we can hold out for a week and a half here while devs are on holiday.

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