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This is DK Dynamite, and this morning we're going to be talking about the season 3 update that Call of Duty's never really done before. Drop a like now in the background. Enjoy some awesome Airborne Vortex Map gameplay is a brand new experience as a part of season 2 reloaded now. It's, of course, just a reskin of Terminal, but it gives you some nice post-apocalyptic, alien infestation, overgrown-type vibes; it's pretty fun.

I mean, the scenery itself does look fairly different, and I think we could change up the pacing of the gameplay just a little bit. We got some nasty gameplay with the S SOA subverter here in the background for you guys, but as a reminder, we got plenty of brand new content going up over on {685} for those that want some more article coverage of multiplayer war zones and zombies, plus there's plenty of tweets every single hour on detonated Twitter.

2 "new" launch modes in season 3

2 "new" launch modes in season 3

This is certainly more of a multiplayer-focused article for Modern Warfare 3. First off, I want to talk about the fact that during the launch of our third season, on the exact day of April 3rd, we should be seeing the release of Capture the Flag inside of 6v6. This is a mode that's come back occasionally.

In many previous Call of Duty titles, and then we also have one in the chamber reportedly coming back during the launch window of our third season, so probably a week or two after the season does begin, you'll see the mode added randomly into the public rotation. Now I have seen some arguments though that modes like these should just be available day one instead of waiting multiple seasons for them to come back just for a new Cod to come out couple once after that and then not see those modes again.

I get it's becoming a bit repetitive to have to wait for some of these basic modes, but I get why at the same time they want to kind of spread things out a little bit when it comes to different multiplayer experiences; they don't want to have too many modes live in the game for the sake of the player count getting messy, but overall, if I had it my way.

I would probably launch the game with every basic mode that's been around for well over a decade and focus on brand new modes throughout the post-launch, and then while you're adding those newer modes in, you start rotating some older ones out to make up for the player account being spread a little too thin.

Minefield & escort modes coming soon

Minefield & escort modes coming soon

That's the way I would do it, but either way, we do have two new modes coming during the season 3 Reloaded updates, and it's unclear when these are going to drop; they do say midseason. But they could, of course, release these before reloading or even after we first have Minefield. It does mention that it's similar to season 2's Hardpoint, where it's hardpoint but zombies, but this is just multiplayer, with mines.

I'm not kidding, so as they wrote, sub-jammer games will be switching on this game variant to a variety of modes like kill confirmed and dominance hardpoint. Which we saw a glimpse of in the new war mode that we have in Modern Warfare 3. We know in the new war map we have to actually escort a tank through portions of the map, and I think even in the first war mode that came out in MW3, launch window you also have to escort a tank, so that kind of concept, but on smaller 6v6 maps here for season 3.

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They're adding this for the first time.

They're adding this for the first time.

But apart from the modes we're going to be seeing in multiplayer, I want to talk about the mid-season map called Checkpoint. This is what is considered a repurposed experience for 6v6; they're taking a portion of Rebirth Island and putting it into multiplayer.

This is the first time Call of Duty, to my understanding, has taken a portion of a Resurgence map and put it into multiplayer, whether it's 6v6 or Ground War. As you guys might have forgotten, when Asika Island first leaked out during season 1's window of Modern Warfare 2 last year, the leak itself did suggest that Asika would be supported in Resurgence.

DMZ, and ground war, we never ended up seeing the ground war version of Oika for whatever reason, but it looks like we're at I'm starting to see Resurgence Maps put into regular multiplayer, which I'm really excited about because rebirth is of course a fantastic map, and I cannot wait to see how much more chaotic it could be in a 66 type of environment it's going to be a Smalls siiz map and you guys are probably familiar with where this is on rebirth, it's the very edge of the island itself, which I can't be more excited about now.

It's funny because we were just asking about this in the Bomb Show podcast a good year ago. I was thinking, Why don't we have Resurgence, portions turned into multiplayer maps? I'm almost tired of just seeing portions taken out of big battle royale maps. Why don't we see portions taken out of resurgence maps and repurposed for a multiplayer map like 6v6?

or for a 2v2 face-off gunfight, that would be great, and what do you know? We're getting this, and we're actually getting it twice in a season.

Resurgence maps coming to multiplayer

Resurgence maps coming to multiplayer

3: We're also going to be seeing during the launch window a map called Tank, which is actually the zoo portion of Vondal. It's going to be available for 6v6 and is also medium-sized. You guys are also likely familiar with where this is on Vondal if you've played that map in Battle Royale Resurgence or even lockdown.

This is going to be exciting now. The thing is, you can argue they shouldn't really purpose sections of war zone maps when it's not in the same season that the war zone map was released in because Vondo is going to be almost a year old now, but I actually don't mind this because, in all honesty. I don't really go to the zoo all that often when I play Vondal.

modern warfare 3

And vondal is honestly a map that I think is most fun while playing lockdown, or I guess BR for the sake of going for Champions Quest, but when it comes to Resurgence on vondal, it could be a lot of fun, but the sweating just gets a little too frustrating with ster roll campers, and it just gets a little nuts at some points in time, so when it comes to seeing this in multiplayer now, at least this map will last forever.

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