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New armory unlock & streak preview

New armory unlock & streak preview

Or at some point maybe early in season 4 you'll likely be unlocking this field upgrade through the armory system which will mean that you hop into the game and you have to complete three, five or maybe even seven multiplayer, matches, to go and get enough Armory credits to go ahead and unlock this new field upgrade, that's how all the brand new gear and Equipment did release with the start of season 3 but we then have the new foresight, kill streak which is going to be exclusive to war zone and does reveal all gas circles in the game, this is already featured, in war zone 1's era of maps so I'll put some footage on screen of what this did look like, it's the exact same streak again just giving you a good heads up as to where all the gas circles are going to be you could of course do contracts to go ahead and reveal upcoming circles but this reveals all of them at once so definitely going to be very useful for matches of Battle Royale and even Resurgence .

Weapon trade station reward footage

Weapon trade station reward footage

But moving on to the weapon trade stations. Got a nice image of this from the recent blog post and they look identical to the ones that we saw in war zone 1 they were specifically added to rebirth reinforc, during vanguard's era so no surprise they're going to look very similar here in the new version of rebirth so the way they worked in war zone 1 is probably how they're also going to work again here inside of season 3 loaded so if you trade in weapons at these stations, you'll get rewards like cash armor plates self revives kill streaks and maybe even more there were specialist bonuses I believe if you go ahead and went ahead and traded a very high Rarity weapon at these stations back in the day so maybe because we're getting specialist perk packages added in season 3 Reloaded.

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You will also be able to get one by going ahead and exchanging maybe a redacted weapon if you go Ahad and get one of those from the biometric key cards. Now, this is really straightforward: the higher the rarity of the item you trade, the higher the reward is going to be, so I bet the footage that we can already see of these in action in War Zone 1 is identical, like one-to-one, to what they're going to look like here inside of the new iteration of War Zone, but I also want to move on to the Jack Revenger real quickly, the new aftermarket part for the BP50.

Early gameplay of the "ripper" amp

I know on detonated we've been referring to it as the Ripper, because it looks very similar to the Ripper that we saw back through COD Ghost, and if you guys remember correctly, the Ripper was a hybrid between an assault rifle and an SMG, and that's exactly what this Jack Revenger kit is for the BP50.


It kind of converges into an SMG of some sort since you can fire 9-mm rounds. It's much more compact and much more mobile than the regular version of this assault rifle, so the funny thing about this is that it should be released the same day that marketing does drop for reloading on Wednesday. April 24th now marketing could be pushed back like I said earlier but this should be the next aftermarket part that's going to be dropping and I'll of course cover this in depth when it does end up releasing via the weekly challenge system but you can actually find a Jack Revenger kit a bit early, over in Zombies I'm not sure what the RNG is to go ahead and pull this thing but there are several articles on YouTube of many players out there finding this randomly in the mystery box so I'll put as much footage as I can and I'll credit the YouTubers that posted some clips the thing looks like a lot of fun definitely does some high damage in some of the higher thread zones depending on if you use a crystal, or if you Pack-A-Punch the thing it looks like a lot of fun but there's also some leaked footage online of this being Force loaded into war zone mobile, the usual data Miners and hackers have gone ahead and taken, a bit of reloaded, content or just upcoming content in general. And they threw it into their games early, so they went ahead and posted gameplay previews on Twitter that did not get taken down, so it should be safe to show you as much as I can here inside of this article.

Sneak peek of infil strikes in game

Sneak peek of infil strikes in game

Now what's really cool is that Jackson over on Twitter, who has been posting several pieces of leaked content over the last couple of months, went ahead and shared some footage of the info strikes coming to Rebirth Island with our mid-season update, unless they end up dropping these a week before reloading on April 24th.

Then it looks like these will finally be added with the launch of Reloaded on May 1st. So there's going to be three total information strikes on Rebirth. The first one's going to be hitting the roof, which there isn't any footage of, but you can see a nice glimpse of this information in the recent trailer.

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The other two do have gameplay though first off the water tower so upon destroying the water tower you'll see a pretty cool looking point of Interest change for this area of the map pretty cool to see how these work again as a reminder these info streaks will be rare, will not occur in every single match and there's no telling how rare these actually are I mean there's probably a very low chance any one of these does happen, but I do believe these will happen at the very beginning of your game if they're going to happen at all and probably won't be later in your match during a season 3 Creator call it was revealed to us creators that depending on how the community responds to these info strikes will determine if the likeliness of them happening.

Will end up increasing over the course of season 3 and then future seasons to come, but we next up have the lighthouse infill strike, so this one's probably my favorite since upon the lighthouse being destroyed. It will create a ramp where you can take Vehicles onto the roof with that looks crazy, and again I have no issue with either the lighthouse or the water tower being shot down, since there's plenty of camping opportunities, for players to annoy you with, and upon destroying one of these spots I mean that just eliminates, a camping position that could actually alter your gameplay if you're on the roof having a good time and you might get sniped in the back or something so I'm actually not opposed to these info strikes at all as spices things up right I do respect the fact that they released the map in its classic state with season 3, it's classic rebirth as we know it from Old School Resurgence.

EARLY Season 3 Reloaded Gameplay Update RELEASED Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Warzone.
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