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This is DK Dynamite, and this morning we're going to be going through the week eight update, which is closing out season 2 of Modern Warfare 3 in War Zone.

Full season 3 reveal today!

Full season 3 reveal today!

Now, as of last night, I posted an emergency article talking about the leaked battle pass artwork for MW3, Season 3. Now, I say leaked, but it was really just steam that ended up revealing it, and we ended up getting a brand new glimpse of upcoming blueprints. Snoop Dogg himself was getting a new Coney-themed skin likely in the battle pass and some other secrets you may have missed in the Rebirth Gameplay trailer.

We're going to get to that in just a couple of minutes, but we also have what is likely the full reveal of season 3's road map and blog post, which should be going out in the next hour or two as this article is going up. I should also be live streaming at the same time this article is going live since we're going to be reacting to all the brand new content reveals and any other surprises that do drop in the Call of Duty scene today, so it's quite a bit to get through.

Juggermosh returning in the future?


But also, don't forget that the Warhammer for the Emperor event has gone away as of today. That was an XP Focus experience that lasted around 2 weeks, and with the end of that event also came the end of the Jugger Mage LTM. Don't forget that when they initially confirmed this LTM, it was presented as just an extra mode for multiplayer, not a Warhammer collaboration.

And the image they used for the promotion also just showed us regular jug skins, so I do believe they're going to bring this mode back. Whether they also add a one-hit kill weapon in that mode again is unknown, but I do think a VAR of Jugger Moss will end up coming back in a future season. I'm sure this was a pretty popular experience, especially with the third-person mechanic, but yeah, we didn't end up seeing the release of that blue steel Universal Camo, which does seem Warhammer themed, right?

You can get that Space Marine vibe all over the camo. I don't think they scrapped it because they're probably going to do maybe one more small collab at some point in season 3 or beyond. It looks like a lot of collabs for MW3, and even MW2, ended up doing multiple crossovers across several seasons, and that's probably a reoccurring theme for just about every collab we get going forward. That's just my prediction, unless they end up scrapping that really beautiful-looking camo.

The final season 2 event has begun

The final season 2 event has begun

But today is officially the star of The Vortex's realm challenge event. This is not an XP-focused experience, but a challenge where you have actual challenges to complete in multiplayer War Zone and zombies.

I feel like the release of this event is going to get overshadowed by all the season 3 marketing, which is just crazy timing, but luckily, a couple of days ago, all the challenges did leak out from the usual data miners on Twitter. Now we're certainly expecting.

Pre season 3 patch notes explained

A pretty large drop for patch notes with the launch of season 3 on April 3rd that's about a week away, but until then there are still some fixes that were mentioned on the MW3, and War Zone Trello board, which I think are going to slowly get rolled out as of this week, possibly even in the next few hours as I'm making this article, but to take a quick glance at what's going on here for global known issues server latency The telemetry widget constantly reports being unavailable.

modern warfare 3

Some players may encounter scenarios where in-game and menu UI, such as the player HUD and an AR, can enter a bugged State A is, of course, the after-action report for multiplayer. Players sometimes become stuck firing after using a wheelson HS when an unintended object is near the tank garage on Quarry.

And also for rank play, the time stat is not being tracked properly on the in-game CDL hardpoint scoreboard, and then for zombies, some players report losing the contents of their acquisition stashes after an Xville or entering the zombies menu, followed by, lastly, player containment levels being knocked back a tier when exfiltrating, from a dark ether Rift or a story mission that is not intentional, and then moving into the war zone.

Latency Widget: the latency indicator that appears in the top left of the screen currently does not work as intended, just like with multiplayer. As we just read in the PC crash report, they are aware there are some stability issues going on the PC side of the war zone right now, but then for Battle Royale Resurgence, plunder and lockdown, and armor plates, they're investigating specific scenarios preventing eliminated players from dropping armor plate issues with texture streaming, final elimination cams, and weapon swapping.

Invisible players Squad HUD has an issue where the squad widget displays the incorrect number of players on your team, and then for rank play on all platforms, there's an issue with Resurgence. A disparity between the SR earned and the after-action rep parts and the summary versus what the player actually got, and then issues with the SR awarded again for certain challenges.

And even with some senior restrictions.

All week 8 challenges

All week 8 challenges

But moving into our week with eight challenges to close out season 2 for multiplayer, get three operator long shot kills with the Jack glassless optic equivalent to a recommended weapon, and exactly what the weapon is unknown, but we'll update the detonated article once we learn what that is.

The screenshot got cropped a little bit, as you can see, and then you get three operator-long shots with the Tyrant 762 kit equipped to the Longbow. Then get three operator double kills with the Jack Magift mod equipped to the Haymaker. Three operators, first blood, or King Slayer, kill with a recommended handgun.

Five operators kill while sliding or in midair with the recommended weapon. Three operator melee double kills and seven operator tax dance kills with the backsaw conversion kit equipped to the hogar (556. I presume), and then moving into zombies gets 300 toxic damage kills with a recommended weapon.

350 kills while moving with a recommended SMG, 250 critical kills with a long bow, 50 kills without dying 10 times with a recommended weapon, and 500 kills with a pack-a-punch hogar. And then 250 fire damage kills with the haym maker or five rapid kills 15 times with a recommended handgun, last certainly not least Battle Royale, so this is an ukhan-focused week here.

They want you to open up your chest in the northwest region, the eastern region, the southern region, or even the central region. You can also place in the top 10 five different times or complete a cover at xville. You actually can't do that right now because the Battle Royale preview is not live. You can complete 15 contracts, get 40 operator kills, or assist with a recommended weapon.

NEW MW3 ROTTEN INFERNO Camo Unlock Update Rook HRM9 Blueprint - Season 2 Week 8 Challenges.
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