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This is DK Dynamite, and tonight I have a second article here for you guys, a bit of an emergency, talking about the secret reveal of the MW3, season 3 Battle Pass. For those that want additional coverage of multiplayer War Zone zombies, even Wars on mobile, plus we got plenty of tweets every single hour on Detonated.

Twitter, now, as of tonight, it's Tuesday. I'm just preparing for the big reveal we're going to get tomorrow, which is probably going to be a blog post and road map for our third season, but for those that want to know a little bit ahead of schedule what is coming to every game mode, we got an article breaking everything down for you guys, but yeah, there'll be a lot more written here on the site over the next couple of days. I appreciate all the support on.

Official rebirth day party!

Official rebirth day party!

But earlier today, I was surprised by a rebirth. Day package as I was streaming earlier this morning you guys probably saw when I unboxed it but in case you guys didn't there taking rebirth day pretty seriously, so got the crown as you can see I'm wearing right now got some balloons, and even a rebirth Day cake candle it's going to make my house smell pretty good and on top of that we got a nice Written Letter about the return of our beloved rebirth Island so once again rebirth does release with a start of season 3 on April 3rd should be around 9:00 a.

Mw3 season 3 keyart reveal

You get a nice look at Macarrov, and then you get two new operators here; this could be an unmasked Warden. Warden did release the beginning of Moder Warfare 3 through the Vault Edition, but that could also be a brand new operator entirely. This man is certainly a new operator, but obviously you can see a nice glimpse of our advanced warfare weapon.

You can see more snipers from 2014. And I believe this pistol right here could be the MP9; it's also rumored to release in the game, but either way, season 3 looks like it's going to have a bit of a blue theme and certainly a Coney Focus. I'm going to guess right now that the post-launch narrative for this season is that Marov is going to rebirth to break some of his Coney operatives out of prison.

I believe rebirth was previously occupied by Pereus, so it's unclear if Con and Perseus are at odds; are they working together? Who knows what exactly is going on here, but hopefully we get a nice, beautiful cinematic cut scene in the next couple of days. On top of that, aside from the weapons that we could see right here, I know people out there are asking about the bow assault rifle, which is also rumored. That's probably going to be released via a weekly challenge or through the classified unlock, coming later in the season.

New season 3 battlepass preview

New season 3 battlepass preview

Steam ended up posting what looks like our first glimpse of some battle pass artwork for MW 3's third season. I did not expect this at all. I know Call of Duty hasn't really acknowledged his artwork just yet, but there's a lot to take away from this art, so obviously you get a nice glimpse of Mr.

Front and Center. He's getting a brand new operator skin on top of the one that was just released earlier today, the tatted-up bundle. And these look like some Cony-themed skins, which is really damn exciting, so Con still has a red theme behind it. I mean, the group itself does have a red logo, but we're looking at a pretty cool blue effect around the season 3 marketing, and you can see rebirth in the background on top of that, but yeah, that is our first official look at Snoop Dogg, who was likely going to be a battle pass operator, and I'm sure there are other new characters that have been unannounced that are also going to be featured in our third pass.

First look: battlepass blueprint

First look: battlepass blueprint

Now it gets even better than that. As we reported over on the detonated tweet. Cod Warfare over on Twitter was one of the first people to reveal this artwork from Steam; he posted it over on Twitter, and in the replies to the original tweet, somebody named Knight actually pointed out something that I haven't seen anybody talking about, and that is the fact that a recent ad for War Zone Mobile did confirm a Coney theme in the blueprint.

That will be featured in season 3, so that's your first look at the blueprint right there for the hoger, and apparently it was on Instagram. Call of Duty tends to market things a bit differently here and there on Instagram every now and again, but yeah, this was the official ad that this person saw; it's about MW3.

modern warfare 3

War Zone Mobile, and regular War Zone. You can see right there that there is a first look at the Cony theme blueprints, which look similar to the weapons that are being held in the hands of macro and either this new character or that's a warden. So yeah, we're definitely going to be seeing some Cony-themed cosmetics throughout our battle pass, and that's going to be pretty damn exciting.

What you missed in the trailer!

Now we did initially react to this beautiful Gameplay trailer on stream earlier today, but it's been a couple of hours, and there's now a lot more to dissect from the trailer that you guys probably missed on your first glimpse, so let's break things down that you guys likely missed. Here for Rebirth season 3, so I got some nice new skins here, as you will see.

mw3 season 3 battlepass

We're definitely not seeing a Godzilla theme skin or any of those rumored crossover ones; these are just the original skins we're going to be seeing, probably through various bundles. Likely not the battle pass, but never say never to seeing one of these cool-looking skins in the actual season 3 pass, nice-looking ghilly suit there, and then this is cool because he's setting off a flare, which is meant to distract you as the viewer, but notice that door that's open right there reminds me of one of those secret rooms you're were able to open in rebirth back during.

I think, the Cold War cycle, and there were a couple of yellow doors that looked like that around the map, and upon opening them, you'd go downstairs, and there would be a free blueprint and some bonus Loot and Easter egg-related content, so I'm curious what's in there now that it appears to be flooded.

I'm going to guess unless this is just meant to distract us a bit, but yeah, we're going to be able to swim in rebirth now, which is crazy. I've seen some backlash to this, and I'm like, Wait, everybody wanted the ability to swim during war zone one, so of course they're adding it in here with the MW3 integration.

mw3 season 3 battlepass leaks

But yeah, got a nice shot of a ghost, got somebody parachuting in, and yes, you could swim all around the island as you could also do on Fortune's Keep; that's something that you guys really need to utilize unless your zone ends, in, you know, somewhere near water or whatnot, but yeah, really nice edits and a cool Glimpse in the first person of people being shot at got new blueprints being held, really clear shot.

EARLY Modern Warfare 3 Season 3 Battlepass Preview Revealed Snoop Dogg, Makarov Blueprints.
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