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Trailer, blogpost & release date

For those that want to read up a little bit more on multiplayer war zone and zombies Black Ops 2024, war on mobile plus we got plenty of tweets every single hour on detonated Twitter now beginning with the marketing for our mid-season 3 update this is what the schedule should look like so typically we end up getting a full reveal of a new season or mid-season a good week before the content goes live so a Wednesday before the Wednesday but reloaded updates have been marketed a bit weird with MW2, and 3 where sometimes we'll end up getting a reveal for reloaded, on Thursday or Friday instead of the Wednesday, and sometimes even as late as Monday 2 days before the start of the midseason update so for all we know anywhere from April 24th, to the 26th. Could be the blog posts were reloaded or they could do it as late as Monday the 29th just 2 days before May 1st which is the supposed start of our midseason 3 update according to the in-game battle pass timer the in-game timer does reflect when the classified sector does open up and those always open with the release of a reloaded update but we should be getting a Gameplay trailer likely for zombies above anything else when it comes to season 3 Reloaded and on top of that the pat shouldn't be any more than like 10ish gabt, that's the average size of a mid-season update but it all depends on how much they want to add in to setting us up for season 4 and even beyond that but we should never be seeing a patch bigger than the start of a season by any means .

Multiplayer content in s3 reloaded

Now, when it comes to multiplayer, we actually have two more 66 maps on the way, which I'm really looking forward to. The first one is called Checkpoint; it's a repurposed section of Rebirth Island, but for multiplayer, this is the first time we're seeing a section of Rebirth put into the game's multiplayer.

Minefield & escort modes coming

Minefield & escort modes coming

I can't imagine how crazy it's going to be to try to go on a streak when there's mines blowing up all over the place, but there's another mode called escort, kind of similar to the payload from the war zone that we saw and also similar to the section of the war map we have that got added in MW3.

Where one team has to escort a mo from one point to another, there's limited respawns and two separate rounds, so once you go ahead and finish with the ma, whether it means the timer expired or you escorted it successfully to the other side, the rounds will switch, and there'll be another team that's trying to escort that ma to a certain objective, but.

Events, skins & nba crossover

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When it comes to events and even cosmetics, we know from the blog post that there is going to be a Cod endowment event of some sort to celebrate military appreciation month. It's unclear if that's going to be an XP-focused event or if it's one with actual challenges. There'll likely be a brand new Cod endowment bundle dropped with that event though and maybe you even get XP boost for running that operator skin or something but there's apparently a collaboration with the NBA coming around so there was one last year for Modern Warfare 2 with Kevin Durant there's apparently Another One releasing around season 3 Reloaded, that is going to feature Devin Booker Deon Booker was actually featured in the lobby which is the live action trailer for Modern Warfare 3 and he was there alongside some other celebrities and other characters that also got added to this game over the post launch so I think it makes sense that they kind of set up a Devon Booker collab ever since the launch window of this game it's unclear what will happen during this collaboration will it just be a bundle or will it be an actual in-game challenge event dealing with some XP Milestones, or actual challenges.

That's unknown, but there are other bundles like this robot-looking skin. It's unclear when this is going to come out or how, but there's also a potential Blue Monster collaboration; there's a blue monster skin called Low Pro Profile, and there's even some other Blue Monster-themed cosmetics that should be coming into the game.

I covered these a bit in a previous article, but we even have the 141 winter outfits that we saw in the campaign; those should also be added to the game via bundles or an event of some sort, possibly a bundle collection. They were seen in the season 3 cinematic cutscene, so that was obviously a big advertisement for all the skins this season, so we'll also be seeing those at some point during the second half of season 3 now.

Dlc weapons & classified sector

Dlc weapons & classified sector

Sadly, there's only one DLC weapon coming during reload, and that is the Bal 27 assault rifle right weapon that we saw in Advanced Warfare 2014.


There could be some other surprise weapons we don't know about yet but this should be the weapon featured in the classified, sector so that'll mean you go into the classified sector and there'll be four challenges you have to do that also reward you with various rewards whether it's XP bonuses whether it's an aftermarket part probably not likely this season but there'll be some rewards you can get by doing the four challenges, then you unlock the hvt, a fifth challenge you have to do that unlocks the DLC weapon which is the Bal but you do have to complete, all five challenges in the classified sector to get the brand new Range assault rifle now there are games play Snippets out there of the battle 27 from the season 3 gameplay trailer I know some leakers I think Force loaded it into their game and there's even an image of what the new model does look like now during the season 3 crater call the developers actually showed us creater some footage of the model, 1887s.

Back in action, right? Although we're only getting one DLC weapon with the classified sector, there are still several aftermarket parts to look forward to. We do have what are called the wardens, right? This is an amp for the Lockwood, and it'll give you dual-wield model 1887s. These are going to be absolutely insane.

Apart from these, we're also going to be seeing the Jack Patriot, which turns the M16 into a fully automatic rifle. That should be exciting because we saw a version of this in the Cold War campaign, but never really in multiplayer. I know it's similar to the M4, but you know what I mean? We also have the Jack Atlas for the AR9.

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