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This is DK Dynamite, and today we're going to be talking about all the new operators and crossover skins coming to season 3 of MW3 in War Zone. Also, as a reminder, there's plenty of brand new content going up over on {647} for those that want additional coverage of multiplayer war zones and zombies, plus we get plenty of tweets every single hour on de's.

Twitter has now, as of last night, posted a second article to end off the week going over the brand new operation Day Zero event, which is now popping up inside of MW 3's event tab and should be starting with the launch of wars on mobile this Thursday. March 21st. I went over plenty of information in that article, especially when it pertains to the very exclusive and limited-time Phantom Ghost Skin, so with that reward, you'll be able to use it in War Zone Mobile as well as the main Call of Duty series, including MW3, and War Zone.

Prison break skins coming

Prison break skins coming

Now I do want to start with the discussion about the detained operator skin, which has been leaked for quite some time.

I know there's footage out there of hackers force-loading that skin into their operator menu. There was a blog post image during season 1 reloaded that also showed that skin. For whatever reason, the skin still hasn't come out yet, but I think a perfect time to drop it is with season 3, considering rebirth is coming back.

It probably makes sense to see a bunch of prison-themed operators or bundles drop throughout our third season, so that's probably when that skin is going to drop. If not, then I have my hands up on this one. I have absolutely no idea when they could possibly be detained. But considering we're also getting rebirth, I wouldn't be shocked if, either in the battle pass black cell or some various bundles, we end up getting some Black Ops or Pereus theme skins.

Since leakers out there have suggested that we are going to end up seeing some type of Black Ops reference in our new version of Rebirth, we'll talk a little bit more about that in my separate battle pass article coming up really soon. I wouldn't be shocked if we end up getting a bunch of skins themed around a bit of a prison break, percuss Black Ops, so on , and so forth.

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3+ new operators in season 2

3+ new operators in season 2

Now there are three operator code names that did leak out, which I believe could be some of the original characters we end up getting in our third season. I wanted to get these out of the way before we jump into crossovers because, as of right now, we know more information about crossover skins than the actual original characters for season 3, but that's okay.

I mean, the more, the better when it comes to operators, and I think there's an element of surprise here with who is going to be the face of our third season. Now these code names do include summer, fall, and even Romeo. Now I feel like summer and fall could be represented. Some original operators we get in maybe season five or six because that would represent summer and fall; maybe that's just a code name, though, and doesn't actually reflect the release dates of these operators.


But I think at least one of these could be an original character or just somebody who is going to be the face of season 3. I mean, season 2 ended up dropping Kate Lwell and Rick via the battle pass, so I also wouldn't be opposed to getting one original character or one person derived from the MW Universe, along with a crossover skin.

Milena playable operator soon

As our two main battle pass operators in season 3 wouldn't mind seeing that at all, speaking of campaign, we have Molina, who has been leaked out for a number of months, reportedly. According to the usual leakers out there, she is going to be a playable operator at some point in the future, but following the launch of the Season 2 reloaded patch, there wasn't any new information found about her character, whether it was going to be confirmation that she's a battle pass operator or whether it was the fact that she was going to be in a bundle.

The usual leakers haven't said much, but maybe some of those folks out there are going to end up leaking out new information about season 3 content, and they'll probably be posting that in the next few weeks or whatnot. Other than that, it's unclear when she's coming to the game and when she'll be playable, but I think around the same time Molina leaked out.

Kate Lwell also did, and that ended up being true, so Kate ended up being a battle pass operator. Fingers crossed, we end up getting her at some point, maybe in season 3.

Abolisher is getting another skin?

Abolisher is getting another skin?

If they're going to end up furthering the post-launch narrative a little bit more, Now what's also really interesting is abolisher, which was a previous black cell skin, and according to the usual data from Miners, abolisher is getting a brand new variant look in season 3. That would be the first time, at least to my recollection, that a black cell operator, yes, an original black cell character, gets an alternative skin.

I'm not sure if that means we're going to see a season 3 black cell bundle feature the same operator that we got in a previous season, just with a different look for that person. I highly doubt that, but it's interesting to point out that yeah, we're going to start seeing alternative looks for some of our black cell operators.

Task force 141 updates & more

modern warfare 3

It was also reported that both Ghost and Soap are going to be seeing new skins at some point in season 3, and I'm going to guess they're probably the campaign skins that we saw in Modern Warfare 3 or alternative looks that we just haven't seen in the game yet. There's plenty of skins and different designs for Task Force 1 that have yet to be released through bundles, so I wouldn't be shocked if they either did those skins that way or through the season 3 Battle Pass.

I'll keep you guys posted there, but we also have a ton of other skins that are going to be dropping in season 3. And just to go through the list really quickly, there's plenty of new skins for, again, abolisher and macro. Valaria gaz harangi far soap ghost jet price Raptor BBQ is trying to speed-run here.

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