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This is DK Dynamite, and today we're going to be talking about all the content that we know is coming to season 3 of Modern Warfare 3. Also, as a reminder, there's plenty of brand new content going up over on {627} for those that want additional coverage of multiplayer war zones and zombies, plus we get plenty of tweets every single hour on detonated.

Now, in the background, we have some 100+ kill gameplay on Dos House, a beautiful reimagining that just got added recently with our mid-season 2 update. Now I know it's a bit early to talk about season 3. I mean, maybe not really, because the season is a good 20+ days away. I typically would wait a little bit longer to talk about our new season, but there's actually a lot happening this month. As I recapped in my previous article, we got multiple events, including the global launch of wars on mobile, and all that is happening before the marketing begins for our third season of content, so I figured I'd get this article out of the way now, then I'll be making some separate follow-up articles later this month as we do learn more information.

Free season 3 anniversary blueprint

Free season 3 anniversary blueprint

But real quickly, it was confirmed that, as a part of the four-year anniversary of War Zone, Raven is dropping a free blueprint with the beginning of season 3. Now I'll keep you guys posted on exactly how to claim the blueprint. It'll probably just be a free gift in the item shop, but this is a similar blueprint to the one we got last year for the three-year anniversary.

Just to celebrate all the big and even small Resurgence maps that we've gotten added to War Zone over the last couple of years, you'll see plenty of memorabilia on the blueprint for her Dan rebirth. Caldera, Mazra, so on and so forth. So I'm really looking forward to this blueprint; hopefully it has some secret reactive or trace elements.

All season 3 start times explained

I will update you guys when that does end up dropping , but as far as the start times go, season 3 in terms of when you can actually play MW3, and War Zone's third season, which should be starting on April 3rd at 9:00 a.m. M pacific 11:00 Central and 12:00 Eastern now this is all according to the in-game battle pass timer knocking on wood right now that we don't end up getting any delays since so far and to date Modern Warfare 3 hasn't had any issues with any beginning of a season or any start of a mid-season everything has been releasing on time as expected.

Season 3 file size & preload date

Season 3 file size & preload date

But yeah I will keep you guys posted if anything does end up changing on the release dates as far as the file size does go judging from the sizes of recent seasons of Modern Warfare 3 or looking as far back is Modern Warfare 2 this season should be roughly in the ballpark of 16 to 30 GB, depending on how much is dropping I mean considering we're getting a brand new war zone map which is rebirth with season 3, then that probably means it'll be a relatively bigger update but so long as the game isn't trying to shrink the overall game size with season 3 then it shouldn't be that big of a patch but as a huge reminder and disclaimer if for whatever reason when the season drops it's asking you to download a patch that's bigger than 80 gigs or even 100 plus that means your game uninstalled, itself and is going ahead and reinstalling.

Everything from scratch, that's why your update would be that big; it shouldn't be anywhere more than I want to say 16 to 30 gigs, but again, we'll learn more information about that closer to the launch of the season, but definitely expect a preload to pop up a good two days before the season actually starts, so roughly at the end of March, maybe even April 1st. On April 2nd, you'll see a popup usually for battl net or Playstation, maybe not Steam or Xbox, but that could always change of , course.

Capture call of duty footage with ease

Capture call of duty footage with ease

Video now.

Cutscene, post launch story & more

I do want to start off by mentioning a prison break-type theme for season 3 here, and as we saw with Mon Warfare 2 last year, the postalon story didn't really kick off until the third season, even though Modern Warfare 2 was telling several different stories during the post-launch, one through DMZ, one through war zone cinematics, and one through the raids.

Although it was a bit messy, we didn't get our first proper post-launch cut scene. I know we got some in raids, but we didn't see one through war zone or by booting up the new season until Valeria Alejandra won in season 3, so I'm expecting something similar to happen with this game where season 3 actually provides us with a meaningful post-launch cinematic.

The first two seasons thus far for this game haven't really given us anything narratively.

Prison break skins, theme, etc.

Prison break skins, theme, etc.

About what's going on but yeah we should be seeing a prison break type theme as a reminder m did break Nolan out of prison off screen at the start of season 1 maybe we'll get a flashback to that there is that skin people have been asking about called the detained operator skin, and I think there's no better time to release a skin like that than with season 3 considering we're having rebirth which is a prison, added in as a new war zone map so we're going to see that that's probably when the skin will also end up dropping there's also a macarov, skin that also gives heavy Prison Break Vibes this one is actually coming out with season 2 reloaded hasn't dropped yet at time of recording this article but I guess you can argue it's either coincidental.

Or it's me being dropped in to tease them that we're going to get a prison theme as of next season.

Six original 6v6 maps left to drop


Now we'll circle back to skins in a second, but let's talk about multiplayer maps. So it was confirmed before the start of season one of Modern Warfare 3 that we were going to end up seeing 12 original 6v6.

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