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This is DK Dynamite, and tonight we're going to be talking about the 12 plus new weapons in season 3, some additional gameplay previews, and even more. To, and Coverage of multiplayer at War Zone and Zombie. Plus There's plenty of tweets every single hour on detonated Twitter. I appreciate all your support for my recent articles.

Over the next few days, there's still a lot I want to take away from the blog post and make individual articles on, so keep notifications on to stay up to date with everything going on inside of Call of Duty. On this afternoon's episode of the Bomb podcast, we had an in-depth discussion on everything coming out starting on April 3D.

New mors weapon gameplay

New mors weapon gameplay

But this morning we also got a brand new rebirth Intel drop from the Call of Duty YouTube channel, which was hosted by Beox, who is in charge of redeveloping Rebirth Island for the brand new War Zone application.

We actually had Carl, a developer, who I actually got to meet at the Vondal Capture event last year. He's a really nice individual, really insightful, and very talented. He actually went through some of the steps of how they brought back Rebirth Island in the present day, and it was a really cool overview of the updated points of interest and how the gameplay and pacing work, but we also got to see some footage of the new Morse sniper rifle, which is returning from Advanced Warfare 2014.

I also want to remind you that this Tuesday should be some battle pass marketing featuring a black cell trailer road map and an overview of all these store offerings for our third season. I'll be live streaming and breaking everything down this coming Tuesday, of course.

All new perks for launch

modern warfare 3

But I'm actually really surprised with how much new equipment and how many perks we're going to be seeing here in our third season.

To start off with that, as you guys can see in this graphic, there's a lot coming to multiplayer, so first off, a new perk called the Gun Slinger Vest is going to be available at launch. This will give you the secondary weapon specialist; you get no primary slots, but you get two secondary slots. You get four equipment slots for tacticals.

You get two of those: a lethal and a field upgrade. You then get four gear slots, so gloves, boots, and two gear, and then the following benefits will apply to secondary weapons: only refreshes stamina on kill, improves reload speed while sprinting, and increases weapon swap speed by a minimum of 40%.

And then you get some reserve ammo, right? You could spawn in with maximum reserve ammo, but then we also have the modular assault rig available at launch. This is a lethal and tactical scavenger perk, so you'll get five equipment slots: two for taxes, two for lethals, and one fuel upgrade; three gear slots: gloves, boots, and gear; and you will start with maximum reserve ammo; you can resupply lethals and tacticals from dead players.

But then we have what I've been waiting for: the compression carrier, also known as quick fix assisted healing and gas protection. You'll get one equipment slot, which is a lethal, three gear slots, gloves, boots, and gear, and you'll immediately regenerate health after a kill or objective capture, with reduced effects from gas grenades on top of that.

But then we also have the new boot perk, so these are reinforced boots that make you immune to movement reduction effects. Next up is the high-gain antenna, and all this is available at launch. By the way, the mini map is zoomed out for you and your nearby allies. Enemies remain on the radar longer for you and your nearby allies.

Mid season equipment & field upgrade

Mid season equipment & field upgrade

If a nearby Ally has the CCT comm's best perk and you can see nearby Ally radar pings from Intel Jacker and Compass indicators from nearby Ally signal Jammers : What is coming mid-season though is the EMD mine proximity-triggered mine that sticks to surfaces; once triggered, the mine shoots out tracker devices that reveal the enemy's location and direction until removed; and lastly, there's a brand new field upgrade coming mid-season: the EVG, enhanced vision goggles.

You can toggle between normal vision and enhanced vision with integrated Target Highlighting does have a limited battery, though, so I think some footage of this did leak out a little while back, but we get an official view of it in the season 3 blog post. Now before we continue, I just wanted to remind you about Mitch {684}, where you can get aist grinding camos nukes or schematics in MW3.

These guys do not use unlock tools or any banable methods and will actually help you play the game Mitcha. This is also supported by Trust Pilot, with over 10,000 barfigh reviews.

The fjx horus & how to unlock it

You can use Go Dynamite for a limited time to save 5% off your order, but I think as far as weaponry, there are some really exciting offerings here for season 3, first off the FJX Horus, also known as the MP9.

We had a variation of this in Advanced Warfare, but it'll be available in Sector 8 of the Season 3 Battle Pass. It's an SMG. It is not a pistol this time around, but it still looks pretty damn exciting. It says it's an ultra-compact SMG with best-in-class CQC, damage, and mobility, now in 18 levels.

The mors & how to unlock it

The mors & how to unlock it

Then we have more sniper rifles available in Sector 4 of the battle pass, which has 19 levels. It mentions that it's a single-loaded rail gun delivering a high-damage payload with excellent velocity and even penetration.

Now, unlike the fjx, the more sniper isn't going to be available in war zone mobile day one; they'll probably end up adding that in during season 3 Reloaded or maybe as late as season 4. I'm not sure why that's going to be the case, but I do think that's going to happen. With certain weapon drops, they'll drop them in some games and not others, but lastly we have the Gladiator melee weapon.

The gladiator & how to unlock it

As we talked about in a article last night, we have a beast glove skin for the Gladiator. It's going to be available for about $80. As a part of the Godzilla xcong collab, the base version of the melee weapon is the Gladiator, which will be available in Sector 15, featuring six levels, as they wrote.

mw3 advanced warfare weapons

It's a compact, concealable punch knife that was initially used by gamblers and politicians.

The bal-27 & how to unlock it

But for those wondering what's going on with the batt 27, the iconic assault rifle from Advanced Warfare, yes. I'm crossing my fingers for an obsidian Steed blueprint either in a battle pass or in some type of store offering.

UNLOCK 12 DLC Weapons in Modern Warfare 3 Season 3 | SECRET Model 1887, BAL-27 Full Auto M16.
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