News - Did Warzone 2 Season 3 Live Up To The Hype. 3 New Maps, New Guns, Return Of Rebirth Island & More


By no means is this going to be my full review of the season. I got a late start today. I had a bunch of things happening outside the office, so I didn't really get to experience too much of season 3 so far here on day one, but I did get to jump into the new multiplayer maps. I got to mess around with the new guns mostly in a private match, and I got to try out Rebirth Island, which I will be discussing here in this article today.

First things first, has anyone else been having this wicked issue since the season dropped where packet burst is back and it's worse than ever? At times, I can handle a little bit of a packet burst. I've been dealing with it throughout the entirety of the Modern Warfare 3 life cycle, but today. It just felt really bad, which is unfortunate because I'm trying to experience the new maps like Emergency.

Star Grow House, and even Jumping in Rayb's Birth Island, and I'm having a hard time doing that because I feel like the servers are actively fighting me, not to mention the matchmaking algorithm. But let's start with this emergency right here. Right, this is another one of those what I would call meat grinder maps here within Cod, and the spawns are absolutely horrific so far in my limited experience.

biggest update ever

The map itself is very fast-paced, which I know a lot of people like. That's why they keep bringing back all the old maps like rust and shipments and adding in things like Stash House and Doss. House is coming back because they know that fans like those fast-paced multiplayer maps. They just want to level up their guns, do their challenges, level up their characters, and do stuff like that.

I get it, but this map spawning definitely needs to be addressed. Like in this match right here, you can see people typing in the game chat, like what is happening with the spawns right here, and then later on in that same match, I ended up getting a sentry gun. I placed it in the corner of the outside area because there's definitely a lot of traffic there, typically right, and it spawned me on my sentry gun, which automatically killed us, which was pretty freaking crazy, but again.


Very fast-paced map If you're the kind of person that likes to run around and try to get quick scope kills or use submachine guns, shotguns, pistols, and things like that, this map seems pretty damn perfect for it, and just given the nature that's it's a very fast-paced close quarters map. I have a feeling a lot of fans are really going to enjoy it, but again, the map just came out today, and we're going to have to see how it withstands the test of time.

Next up, we have six stars, and this map is absolutely gorgeous. I've seen people make comparisons to raids, and I definitely see that certain parts of the map kind of give you that raid. Vibe, and then the inside area kind of reminds me of the Plaza from Black Ops 2 as well. The music's not nearly as good, and the I'm trying it out song was iconic back in the day, but so far it's a six-star.

I think the map's all right; like, I don't know, I'm yet to really figure out the flow of this map so far. Whether I'm playing Team Deathmatch hardpoint or Dom, I just always feel like I'm running in the wrong direction or looking in the wrong direction. I don't think it's a farm map by any stretch of the imagination; it's just one of those maps that might take a little bit of getting used to, and so far I tend to not do too well on this map.

cod modern warfare 3

I had a couple of nice kill streaks, but in general, I think this map is going to take a bit longer for me to actually learn and understand. But again, this beautiful freaking map is a bit nostalgic. Even though it's new, it kind of has that raid vibe and that plaza vibe. I'm definitely excited to keep playing this map.

Next up, we have Gro House. Now this map is in the standard rotation, but it does not currently have a dedicated playlist, like Emergency and Six-Star. They're apparently going to be adding to a Grow House playlist next week, so I jumped into a private match just to run around. This is a remake of a map that we had back in Vanguard.

While I was in here. I got to try out the new submachine gun, which is actually classified in the game files as a pistol, and I can kind of see why it kind of just feels like a machine pistol more than a submachine gun, but of course that is on the battle pass, and then you have the Moors sniper rifle, which feels really damn good again.

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I'm facing recruiting bots. I have a massive amount of Packa burst even in private matches for some reason, and every single update just seems to add so much Packa burst to the game, and then eventually it gets better and it gets sorted out over time, but yeah, the new Mors feels incredible. I'm seeing so many people using it in online multiplayer matches; it's freaking everywhere pretty much, and I've seen so many clips on Twitter as well as Reddit.

I mean, people are just tearing things up with the sniper. It feels really good, and honestly, it might become a problem as more members of the community get access to it by leveling through the battle pass. Overall, multiplayer has been feeling pretty good again. It's a pretty big update if you think about the fact that there's a new submachine gun, a new Sniper 3 multiplayer, maps, and a good amount of things to do.


A new event starts tomorrow. The new battle pass is out, and of course season 3 Reloaded is going to bring even more content to the game, so season 3 in terms of content is pretty awesome in terms of matchmaking, and Packa Burst, however, has not been feeling pretty awesome. One thing that is great, however, is going back to Rebirth Island.

Now, I know that for so many Cod fans, they consider this to be Rebirth Island, but for me, I still think of it as Alcatraz from Blackout and Black Ops 4. I freaking love it, man. I only had time to jump in and play one match, but I think I got it. 16–17–18 kills something like that in that one match, playing with complete strangers.

Every person in here is a non-premium crying out loud, which really does go to show the popularity that War Zone has. There's so many people that just download and play the game because it's free, although this dude's like level 35 and he bought the little skin for crying out loud, like this is the kind of person I think that Activision is catering towards, but yeah.

mw3 rebirth island

Rebirth Island feels incredible. It's just one of those things, man. I know Rebirth Island because I know Alcatraz. I remember Alcatraz, and it just has so much nostalgia when I play on it. I definitely enjoy that aspect of it. I honestly might end up playing a lot of Rebirth Island this season just because it does take me back to the good old days of blackout.

Today we take a look at the new "Season 3" update for MW3, which added a lot to the game.
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