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This is DK Dynamite, and today we're going to be talking about some secret changes and a ton of season 3 surprises that no one really expected. So I made a mistake in a previous article when I mentioned that Girl House was available via private match. I figured that was early access to the M before it would officially go live as of this week once the 420 event started. I just haven't played enough in the quickplay playlist, and I didn't know that the new 66 Maps were still in there.

Free calling card code

Free calling card code

But also as a reminder, there is plenty of brand new content going up over on detonated dcom for those that want some article coverage of multiplayer. War Zone, and Zombies War Zone mobile ranked CDL, best loadouts.

Plus, we get plenty of tweets every single hour on Detonated. As you guys can see, there is a code on the screen that will grant you guys access to a new limited edition calling card. I know it's for War Zone Mobile, but I do believe it will transfer into the main game if it doesn't. I will keep you guys updated with additional information, but it is expected over the next few weeks that other free cosmetics will get dropped.

This way, we should be seeing some more codes out there in the wild that will grant us access to some various cosmetics that should work across every single game and every platform.

So many new armory unlocks

But I want to start off by mentioning the brand new armory unlocks as a part of our third season. This is the first big content drop where we saw multiple pieces of perks and gear added to the game, and what do you know?

They've all been added via the armory unlock system. I think it's cool that the armory unlock system still gets updates to the point where there is a reason to continue doing daily challenges apart from the XP bonuses you'll get, but you can actually use those challenges to get your hands on something like the compression carrier, which is a quick fix and an absolutely vital part here in MW3 multiplayer.

I think with the increased ttk. It really makes sense to have a perk like this inside of the game, and better late than never, but yeah. I do expect other perks and gear to be added to the game over the next couple of months, which will end up seeing them added through the armory unlock system. But I wanted to bring this up for those that weren't aware that there are new perks available, and this will always be the way new perks get added into Modern Warfare 3's ecosystem.

All new mw3 patch notes

All new mw3 patch notes

But we did get some brand new patch notes for both MW3 and War Zone, starting off with the base game. Sledgehammer did confirm that they've added a stability fix and addressed a crash that could occur while viewing weapon attachments.

Customization resolved various issues with quick-equipment weapon charms in the store and corrected the display names of the season 3 prestige emblems. It also addressed an issue causing the latency. Telemetry widget to constantly display not available, several bug fixes for the UI over in multiplayer with armory unlocks, operators no longer appearing to have two riot shields equipped, removing certain conversion kits not properly reflected, and the weekly challenge countdown timer no longer displays an invalid time as the mid-season update approaches.


The corrected positioning of the FJX horse and the gunsmith calling card emblem rewards from the weapon mastery completion are now displayed properly in the after-action report. Removing the weapon sticker in the gunsmith no longer causes the placement indicators to disappear, and revised proon labels for multiple attachments to better reflect their true properties.

They've improved the prioritization of spawn locations while any kill streak is active nearby. For progression, the Ripper light stock for the fjx no longer appears locked, and without unlock requirements, they also improve tracking of one-shot kills for the whater sign camo for the Morse sniper, and then several different map changes.

We got one for shipment, one for tanked when it comes to spawn points and name plates, and then some weapon adjustments there for the SVA fjx. Tech Evolution and the Morse, as well as some adjustments there for perks like the Ninja Vest and the compression carrier, if there are any big loadout changes that have to be reported, we will have an article on Detonated about what the best loadout is. As of these patch notes, they've gone ahead and adjusted the EMD grenade scatter mine and the C4, as well as the guardian and even the remote turret.

All new warzone patch notes

All new warzone patch notes

Over in War Zone, I made some pretty simple changes. First off, they've enabled vehicles over on Rebirth Island, which is pretty cool, and they've gone ahead and added some bug fixes when it comes to some equipment.

Grand mastery reward coming!

modern warfare 3

Players shooting their weapon while ledge hanging after picking up a guardian there's a problem with that a red outline on the border of the mini map an issue preventing one shot protection from functioning in rank play and then an issue causing too many UAV Towers to spawn in rank as well as an issue with players equipping unlocked items in the rank overview, within the rank rewards menu during the season 3 crater call a good week and a half ago there was a really interesting detail dropped that I haven't seen too much discussion about online and that is the fact that a grand mastery reward is apparently being planned and it's unclear if that's for people who've gone ahead and completed Modern Warfare 2's Mastery for Orion and Interstellar in Modern Warfare for three or is it just for people that have done MW 3's Interstellar and Borealis from zombies or they taking it a bit further where if you've done all mastery from MW2, and three we're talking Orion Interstellar Borealis and bioluminescent.

So that would be four different mastery camels. Maybe it's a reward for those people. I'm really curious what the reward is going to be for, for I'm still crossing my fingers for that mixing and matching feature that did accidentally get revealed through a Cod blog post. I think it was during MWW's launch window that it showed the ability to go ahead and mix and match camos as you would please, so maybe that could be a cool reward, hopefully something more than a charm or just a simple calling card.

Now, before we continue, I just wanted to remind you about Mitch Cactus. Com, where you can get assistance grinding camos nukes or schematics in MW3. These guys do not use unlock tools or any banable methods and will actually help you play the game. Mitch Cactus is also supported by Trustpilot, with over 10,000 Bari reviews.

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