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Long range

Long range

If you're wanting to dominate in the war zone right now, you're going to need the best loadouts. So today we're going to go over the top 12 best loadouts to be using in the war zone, which include long-range options, close-range options, sniper support, and finally, sniper rifles as well. If you find this article helpful, please drop a like.

The first weapon in the long-range category is the MTZ Interceptor, and you've probably gotten killed by this in war zones recently. It's an incredible two-point DMR. That works incredibly well if you're playing on a controller. It works on the mouse and key as well, but of course, at long range, you're doing all the aiming yourself.


I'll show you guys the weapon build that we're using on this right now. The first attachment is the VT7 spirit fire suppressor, followed by the empty Zed Black Thorn Barrel, 762 x 51 mm high grain rounds. This greatly helps with the bullet velocity. It hurts the recoil a little bit, though the eaglee 2.5x optic, which is arguably, probably the best optic in the game at the moment, and then finally, the MCW Blackjack stock I've seen a lot of people running the 20-round magazine on this, but of course it hurts all the movement stats and it makes the weapon feel a bit slower, really up to which attachment you ditch to run the bigger magazine.

You could probably ditch the stock, though next up is the tack eradicator, which is a no-recoil laser beam of a light machine gun with a massive 75-round drum magazine, so you probably won't run out of ammunition and you can beam players at. Like medium to long ranges with this, absolute ease; it works quite well on the keyboard and mouse, but this is probably a little better on the controller.


Because you have to hit those first few shots, it has a unique feature where it shoots a bit faster at the start, and then the fire rate slows down, so you have to be kind of careful about that. I'll show you guys the weapon built here as well. We are using the VT7 spirit fire suppressor once again, the conquer 70 long barrel.

The heavy support grip This is one of the most necessary attachments because, without it, it does have a bit of side-to-side balance and might be a little hard to control. The TAC Verte core stock once again helps out with recoil control. As you can see, and finally, the FSS combat grip, of course, helps with the recoil control once again.

I have seen a few people ditching the rear grip, I believe, and running the Eagle Eye 2.5 X, which is all the way over here. You could do this, but honestly, I really like the iron sights on this gun, so it's perfectly normal and usable without an optic. The third long-range weapon that we are covering is the Pmot 762, and this thing is, well, everywhere every single person that I've seen in solos or quads, they're all using this gun as it has a very large magazine, pretty decent damage, and well, it's a laser beam.

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It definitely has a little bit more recoil than the tack eradicator, but it just utterly rinses players at medium to long range, and in terms of things like aim-down speed and stuff, it's still very, very good, especially for a light machine gun with a 100-round box magazine on it. I'll show you guys the weapon built here as well.

We are using the VT7 spirit fire suppressor on many of my builds, and it works incredibly well. You've got the Jack and a long barrel, of course, and you have to put the bull poop conversion kit, the Eagles Eye 2.5x optic once again, one of the best optics in the game, and finally, the Command D15 recoil reduction pad, which has recoil in the name.

It of course reduces the amount of recoil on this gun, and this thing is incredibly good to use, and I would highly recommend it. Next up is the DG58 LSW, and this is a kind of underrated light machine gun. It is definitely not as good as the Pull 762, but I'd say it's about on par with the Tack Eradicator.

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It destroys players at long range; it has very minimal recoil. There's a tiny bit of side-to-side recoil, which kind of stinks, but. This weapon build, which I have here, is basically perfect, and you can beam players at medium to long range with it. I'll show you guys the weapon built here as well.

We are using the spirit fire suppressor once again, the wooden long barrel, and a heavy support grip. The support grip is very good on this because it helps out with the horizontal kick by 23%. Without this attachment, this gun would be useless. Kind of unusable. In my opinion, the Eagles are 2.5x.

The normal iron sights on this gun are not very good, so running and optics are highly recommended, and then finally, the recoil reduction butt plate. This once again helps out with the recoil. The major downside of this gun is, of course, the side-to-side recoil. You could maybe alter the build a little bit to hopefully improve that, but this is the best build that I found and have been using for the DG58 and LSW in the war zone.


Now we're moving on to the SVA 545. You probably haven't seen anyone using this in full auto, as that is the incorrect way to use this gun. You want to switch this to semi-auto, and now it's a burst weapon that utterly rinses people at medium to long range. This thing has a 60-round magazine, so you probably won't run out of ammunition that quickly, especially because it is a burst gun, so I'll show you guys the weapon build for this as well.

It is incredibly powerful, so the spirit fire suppressor once again, the STDV Precision Barrel, 545 High Grand Rounds Without this, the weapon has kind of terrible bullet velocity and a 60-round magazine. You could run a 45-round if you want a slightly faster weapon; however, the 60-round is definitely recommended.

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And finally, the Coro Eagle Eye 2.5x op. Once again, I have seen a lot of people running it. Mark III reflector on this very nice scope I prefer having a little bit more zoom than this, and I find the Mark 3 reflector at least on this weapon to be a little hard to use, so this right here is the SVA 545 weapon build, and the final weapon in the long range category is the bass B.

This thing got nerfed, but it is still quite strong. There is a decent amount of recoil, but it just hits like an absolute, and the reload is not great. Maybe with the slider hand perk, it might be a little bit faster if you can manage The recoil, I'd say on the keyboard mouse, probably isn't as good; it's mainly a controller-type weapon.

You will utterly destroy people with this. I'll show you guys the weapon built here as well, so we're using the spirit fire suppressor, the Breu Venom long barrel, the heavy support grip, and the 45-round magazine. I do believe this is the largest option. Yes, it is the 30-rounder. Maybe it's definitely faster, but you do lose a lot of your ammo capacity, and then the Eagley optic is literally the best optic in the game.

There's no point in using anything else other than this right here.

If you use these top 12 best loadouts, you will be able to dominate in Warzone! Today we're going over the top 12 best class setups top 12 best loadouts to be using in Warzone with options for long range, close range, sniper support and sniper rifles.
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