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With all of the changes coming to this game and the new map, I want you to know the meta to learn how to get your first win and become a better asset to your team. If you were sent this article, listen up and skip some of the pain of not knowing what is going on. When you're getting into it, people always ask me for tips, and while the developers may make changes to the game and the meta may shift at the end.

I'll teach you the three pillars of the game and ways to recognize and improve your skills that's going to apply. No matter what they change on this thing, and it's now, I still find ways to concentrate on improving in this battle royale. There are three main stages: the early, mid, and late game.

The early game is your race to load out and gear up. Where to drop depends on what you are feeling. There's not really a wrong answer to it; it depends on how you want to play. Dropping hot with a lot of people is going to be inevitably more dangerous at the beginning. It can also give you more real practice quickly, which can make you a better player.

With IG St being such a gigantic map, there's a ton of different options on places to land, and in the war zone, you will see the first circle before you're even jumping off the plane of where the gas is going to start, so landing more centrally of that will give you more time to loot before you have to even deal with the zone generally.

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While it may initially be slightly more contested, with less zone pressure later on, this is also going to mean a more peaceful. Mid game as less people are going to be forced to move through your area once landed you want to prioritize a good gun that is on the ground that you can just instantly land on and be able to defend yourself with or have the advantage on somebody else who has a pistol and push, that's really the best case if you don't see one a box that's going to give you a random gun not quite as good cuz you're not guaranteed to get something that you see in front of you but if you need to fight that pistol that you spawn with is actually not too bad just try not to die stay alive move towards your team if someone near you has a gun or you're outnumbered, try to use that faster movement speed to reposition drag him into your team for an Ambush if you're solo try to pull cover disengage get further away so they can just take control of the area and loot it as you really want to save that goog for later in the mid game more on this in a bit and of course a plate to top your health one of the most important.

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Things, in any fight for the duration of the game really is to always double check your health is fullly it's lost me many times where I've forgotten to take a plate and it's lost me fights that I should have won and I see this all the time in spectate games where I do reviewing random players that I watch furthermore when choosing where to land to lud in specific locations with cash registers these are always going to guarantee cash learning a few good spots can be helpful and keep in mind whenever you find one if you want to land safer go to an unmarked location, but strongholds.

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Are really going to be the hottest of hot drops now in Ersan. The strongholds also have quite a bit of cash and a free local UAV. Once capped, if someone else caps it, you see a red ring around it. Stay out of it because you're going to be on that radar. The first team to capture it will also get a key that they can use for a black site.

More on this as well in a bit too much note, though once a team leaves a stronghold, you can capture theirs. Often, they're going to leave for that black site. This will give you control of that UAV. And bounties to go through the competition, but what is the endgame preparation? once you have your load out, contracts are a great way to get cash as well as extra bonuses.

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Intel missions give you Zone Peak, telling you where the next zone is going to close; doing this at the beginning of the game to give you Zone Two doesn't give you that much information versus if you can figure out where Zone Five is. Or even seven are going so doing these later are better but of course more dangerous as a flare pops up in the air when you start it, scavenger contracts are also back into the game these are going to drop armor upgrades for you bounties of course will Mark another team for cash but big game bounties are also back which will Mark the team with the most kills in the lobby and if you can successfully, kill them we'll activate an advanced UAV for you and of course give you a bunch of extra cash, advanced uavs go through ghost but not stealth vests which is one of those armor upgrades and while the advanced one is popped they'll know the direction that you're facing as well so be careful the biggest Advantage you can get in the mid game though is a black site and while strongholds aren't going to be in every game anymore, there still will be ways to find, keys for this spawning around the map if you get a black sight key from that or even a player that you kill once you pick it up it'll reveal the location, of that black site to whoever has the key.


Once it's opened, everybody on the map will know, so be ready to get pushed and make quick work in there because you need to kill a juggernaut in order to claim the site, even if another team rolls up and gets just the killing blow on that thing. They will get a claim on the site, which is another reason to be fast-killing.

The Jug will give you a giant UAV around that local area that cannot be captured by anybody else after you typically drop redeploys, or on this as well as on a second, advanced UAV. With a bunch of other goodies, including even more white boxes inside, it'll give you a lot of power for the end game.

Outside of that, even just running around and looting can be very helpful, though you want to acquire as much cash as you can because you can spend it however you want at buying stations. This is also where, of course, you can buy a loadout if your free one is too dangerous but you're looking for durable gas masks.


UAV, air strikes plates, ammo boxes—everything that you need—so you don't need to worry at the end of the game. Then, with the extra cash, pop some of the UAVs. Now to try and clear your spot of the zone out or use it to help you rotate and move to a more ideal position during zones three and four, you're looking to move towards height and the central zone, preferably something with cover, a position that you can control and defend, so in zone five, you don't have to go too far.

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