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In today's war zone article, I'm going to give you the top five best loadouts to be using right now after the Modern Warfare 3 war zone integration. Bell ring, and you'll be notified the next time I upload, and it'll be some gameplay.

Hoger 556

With some of these loadouts I'm going to be featuring in today's article, for loadout number one, we're starting off with the Hoger 556.

My first attachment here is the Coro Eagles Eye, a 2 and a half-times optic. Now you're going to see a common theme of me using this optic on some of the other long-range weapons I have. It's incredible wait till we get into the firing range. You can just see super well. The thing looks like it reduces recoil.

It is unbelievable. I then have on the Cryo Six Match Barrel where you get to increase in bullet velocity and range that'll allow our hogar 556 to kill quicker at those longer ranges and gance, and not only that, your weapon's going to remain accurate because we get recoil and gun kick control, which is just going to help you land a lot more of your shots, and then throw on the Harbinger D20 muzzle where you get an increase in bullet velocity once again, which is helping you at those longer ranges.

We are also undetectable by the radar, which is actually important now because the radar now works as intended, where if you're unsuppressed, you're going to show up on the radar, so that comes in handy. We got even more recoil control and then threw on the FTAC ER 56 under Barrel. Even though this is an MW2 attachment, it is still the best underbarrel for controlling the bounties of your weapon.

Just look at the increase you get; it's ridiculous, and my final attachment is the largest magazine size, which I think is the biggest downfall of the weapon, only being a 40R magazine, and then we get head to the firing range real quick. You're going to see—I mean, this optic. Super clean and clear.

Very good ttk on three enemy plates, I mean. You are frying. With this weapon, it is ridiculous.

Wp swarm

Wp swarm

For our second loadout, we have what I think is going to be the meta SMG of War Zone, and that is the WP Swarm, which is essentially an Uzi, so I got the 50-round magazine on so we can take out multiple enemies without having to reload. You can see the 100 here.

A little OD slows you down quite a bit, but at the end of the day, it is a personal preference. I think 50 is perfect. I then threw on the crippling power hollow point rounds; anytime you land a single bullet of this on an enemy, they're slowed down and can't sprint. It's just so annoying to run into, so make sure you have these on.

It's going to make this SMG that much better. I threw on the WSP, Op I IC long barrel, and with this, you get an increase in recoil control and gun kick control. You're going to need this because of the fire rate. I mean, you could just see by the statistics that it is damn near maxed out. It's a very fast-firing weapon, so that's why I think it's going to be a close-range meta.

best assault rifle mw3

The only time you're using it is up close, and it's just going to FY. Enemies. I then throw in the VK laser, where I get to increase an ad speed and sprint to fire speed, so overall I'm just a lot more quick and snappy with whatever I'm doing, whether it's the weapon coming up or advertising, and on top of that, we get some aiming stability, which is going to help with our accuracy.

And then my final attachment is the WSP factory stock, where I get AIM walking speed so I can strafe quicker, making it way more challenging for the enemies to land shots on me, and I get movement speed again; it's our close-range weapon. I'm going to be using this whenever I'm just running. I want to be very quick, and we bring this to the fin range.

Son, I'm telling you, I think this might be the close-range one. I think this might be it after some testing, even at medium ranges. It's still holding its own, and you honestly probably shouldn't even be using it that far. I'd stick to, like, right here, which is, like, far enough. It fries.



For loadout number three, we have the MTZ, and this is just an M13 B, but even better, we got the 50-round drum similar to the M13 B. It has a high fire rate; it fires very quickly. You're going to be burning through ammo, so make sure you have the largest magazine size. Once again, the best underbarrel for long-range weapons in this game is the FTE ER 56.

I threw on the spirit fire suppressor. I threw this on time because, once again, I'm off the radar and enemies don't know where I'm at. I get an increase in my recoil control, so my weapon will be easier to use. I can land more shots, but I also get bullet velocity and damage range, which is going to make our MTZ stronger and kill quicker at longer-range engagements.

We have the longest barrel, the MTZ Drifter, with a heavy barrel, increasing bullet velocity and range once again, just making this thing a powerhouse at long-range gunfights. And another increase in the recoil control and gun kick control so I can control that very high fire rate, and then I have that Coral Eagle 2 and 1/2 times optic once again, very quick and straightforward build take to the firing range, and you're going to see.

I mean. It thrives; it is unbelievable. This might be a little bit more of a revival weapon because you're going to see it at this long range right here. It is a little bit harder to land your shots, but I mean medium- to long-range. Do not sleep on it; it is insane.



For number four, we have the striker 9. My first attachment is a 50 round drum you could see it does have a little bit of a higher fire rate definitely way quicker than the first Striker you unlock so that's why we're going to need this so we can take out multiple enals at having to reload, once again very similar to the wsp Swarm, throw on those hollow point rounds they're so broken, and it just slows enemy downs and ends the gunfight quicker than it normally would end we then have the striker Recon long barrel we got bullet velocity and range on this and this allows you to compete at medium range with this SMG, because of that increase so, definitely you're going to want to have that on what VK laser once again more aimed on sight speed more Sprint to fire speed you're quick and snappy with every.

The move you make is really nice, and then my final attachment here gives you a huge mobility boost. The lockman mark 2 light stock so movement speed Sprint to fire Sprint just overall it's so much quicker, and then you can bring this to the firing range, and you're going to see. I mean, son, that quick, he has three plates on right there in the medium range, like I was talking about earlier.

Unbelievable this in the WSP Swarm. I'm telling you to watch out and don't sleep on them because I think these are going to be the weapons you're mostly going to be.

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