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If there's one thing I'm known for it's having some of the best weapon builds inside of war zone and in today's article I'm going to give you the top 10 loadouts that you need to use first inside of the Modern Warfare 3 integration now these aren't just made up on the spot I have spent over 12 hours in game I have over 12 wins and I've spent the last few hours rather than streaming putting in the effort to make perfect, builds for you these aren't rough outlines I would take any of these into a map or in a tournament and frankly a lot of my tournament peers competitive peers are using these in game so if you guys are excited for all things war zone like the movement guide that we'll have coming up make sure to subscribe here for all things war zone to find out before your opponents do without further Ado let's go ahead and get into weapon number one and that is the DG, burst this gun is taking War Zone by storm because when you go in and you throw on three plates and make sure you do that when you're doing weapon builds and you come up close you will.

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See, you can two burst someone up close like we haven't been able to do that since the AUG or the M16 back in for dance now even if you're not getting the two burst kill at these mid-ranges it is still very viable at long ranges because it has great damage per mag and it has very minimal recoil, and it's going to be a problem on both controller and keyboard mouse now it is a burst gun so that means it's going to be a little bit more difficult to get that consistent ttk but a little Pro tip for everyone who's in here on both controller and keyboard and mouse you can go through and you can actually go all the way down to where it says manual fire Behavior you can change that to hold now this doesn't work great for every single gun because you need to for some guns tap a lot faster basically the manual fire Behavior, while it won't max out your individual fire speed it will provide a pretty good Cadence so you know let's say a weapon's fastest fire rate could be.

Like, the manual fire behavior might give you like, it still be a little bit slower, but for a gun like this with the DG burst, its fire rate isn't that fast. Now I can just hold down my trigger and focus only on aiming, and you can do that on both the controller, keyboard, and mouse. If you guys didn't know that, make sure you're subscribed here for more tips, tricks, and, of course, gun builds.

Let's get into it, okay? The gun built right here is the DG burst. Okay, Sonic Suppressor is one of my favorite attachments inside the game because. It adds zero-aim-down sight. If you look at the aim-down sight, it doesn't affect your aim-down sight, but it does help out your bullet velocity and your damage range.

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From there, the heavy support is awesome, and we use that because we can't have any horizontal shake whenever we're dealing with little bursts, and that keeps it on target in the horizontal. Recoil control from the brew and heavy support grip is the largest recoil mitigation, in the game, we have the barrel which helps out with all things we love damage range bullet velocity and recoil, and then we also have the 60 round drum mag for a lot of damage per mag maybe if you're rocking solos you can throw over the 40 round mag as well, if you're unfamiliar with how I just pulled up that page a lot of people aren't aware you can just go down here to where it says show details and you can either press one on your keyboard or left trigger, and that will pull it up or you can just click it, as well and that'll give you some information for you know trying to figure out which one you should be using but as you can see here the 40 round only hurts my ads by.

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49%, while the 60-round hurts by 10.9%. So I would rock a 60-round set in quads and a 40-round set in solos or duos. Hey, and then on top of that, we have Schogger 3.4, which is actually an NW2 scope. I am not a fan of some scopes. A lot of people really like the Coro Eagle Eye. I'm not a fan of it because I like the dot.

I kind of lose where I'm aiming when I don't have a DOT to look at, so when I go in, I throw on the schogger. I have a really nice clean red dot that helps me track exactly where my aim is okay make sure ladies and gentlemen if you are taking a screenshot you are subscribing for even more war zone content but, one thing I do want to cover before we get into the next weapon is some recommendations over here on the Tactical and the lethal side the Tactical I would suggest Still rocking a smoke grenade, they did reduce the smoke duration by 20%, so expect that your smokes are going to be a little bit shorter than you're used to if you did play the MW2 integration, now stun grenades are still incredibly overpowered they stun for like 4 seconds please don't use them but honestly use them they're probably the most overpowered they nerfed flashes to where flashes.

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Now have a full effect if you're looking at the flash but if you turn away from a flash it will not fully flash you kind of like you're playing Counter Strike the rest of these I don't see a whole lot of use in using if I'm being completely honest I would use a smoke grenade or more than likely stuns, or the scatter mine you can throw down and it won't do a lot of damage to your opponent but it puts down a field of Mines that when they run through it it'll do like five damage or something so it can help you cover an entry point that when you hear that or you see the hit markers you know, someone's over there even if you're not rocking something like a proximity mine over on the lethal side I would suggest rocking either the simex.

Or the breacher drone: this thing's a problem; it does like over 200 damage, okay, which means more than that's wiping all your plates and your health, and it blows up instantly, so you can just throw that instantly twice back to back and clear out a room and kill everyone inside, unlike a syp Tex where you can hear it beeping and then you have time to run away and finesse.

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It's bad news. It's really, really bad news. Of course, for my rebirth, demons, go ahead. Go and throw the throwing knife. You're playing solo quad or something like that. Get your knocks, get your quick thirst, and obviously, the throwing knife does an insane amount of burst damage. I think it does 245 burst damage, which is just ridiculous, or a one-shot head shot.

I think they need to Nerf that, but that's a conversation for a different day. Over on the perk package things, there are some things I suggest. Okay, double time is to help you refresh that tax Sprint you no longer need to use. Your slide cancels to refresh the tax Sprint. All you need to do is keep sprinting.

Here are the TOP 10 loadouts for the new Call of Duty Warzone map, Urzikstan! Watch until the end for a bonus sniper build.
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