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I'm going to tell you five fatal mistakes that you're making inside of war zone that will completely, change the way you play the game whether you're a passion player or just a more casual player I guarantee you do not know all the things that I've brought out in today's article because some of them are big picture Theory but some, no one is talking about and you're going to learn a lot in today's article but without further Ado let's get into fatal mistake number one you're using the wrong weapon inside of the goog and you're probably thinking Isaac I don't get a pick what weapon I use in the goog but you actually do you spawn with a primary, and a secondary and often times the secondary is statistically, better than the primary let me show you a few examples for one don't use the MTZ 556, you'll notice this when you get the locked and loaded so you spawn with three plates instead of two and you have an AR with a green laser one the green laser is annoying cuz it gives way your position but two you have the amr9.

Look at the numbers right here ladies and Gentlemen The amr9 Kills, 130 milliseconds faster than the MTZ but on top of that it has a better fire rate which means it's more forgiving it has better movement speed better ads better Sprint to Fire and already it's got the better time to kill so do not use the MTZ, but there's more you can even make your gun more effective just by turning on single fire we can see here we have the side Winder and this is with 250 health because the side Winder is a normal goog but it's one to get so often but for some reason in this game when you switch the side Winder to semi-auto, it does more damage take a look up here the regular side Winder in full auto does 80 damage to the head, but when we go to the side Winder semi- Auto it does 120.

five fatal mistakes warzone

Damage to the head—don't ask me why—but that's been a thing in the game for a while. When you switch to semi-auto, you get more damage. Now, for some reason, the semi-auto does less damage to the leg, so be wary of that, but take your shots across the map that are doing 120 to the head, possibly take them out, or even better, get them weak, and then swap over because often times you get a sidewinder with a Kimbo, core 45s, and take a look at the numbers right here.

With 250 HP, the core 4 5S is better than the Sidewinders at all ranges. Now they are kimbos, so it's a little bit tougher to hit them at long range, but smoke off a lane push through, maybe get them weak with one tap of a single fire side wander, then you get in their face with the core 45s and you can rapid fire as opposed to the side wander, which has that really.

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Slow so it's significantly more forgiving it kills faster you have more ammo and better fire rate it, do it okay and then two other ones you need to keep an eye out for one you often times have a Striker and a shotgun I'll start out with the striker in my hand but if I get them weak I'm going to Chow forward with the shotgun or if I feel like I'm really weak and I just need to throw a shoulder and just have a hail Mar of damage the shotgun provides so much burst damage without exposing yourself, that often times I'm using it over the striker and then of course finally it's a bug that we've had in the game for a long time when you go into the goog and someone died before you and disconnects from the server it will disappear.

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The loot that they had so often times they drop plates plate up because you only spawn in with two plates unless you're locked and loaded that gives you three plates or as you'll see in this clip from Jo wo he gets a fully kitted wsp, swarm and Chows down a lane against someone with a go Lo gun so be weary of what you pick up in the goog because just by pressing y or switching your weapon you can have a statistical, advantage, in your go Lo now these strategies are going to help protect you in game but you need to protect yourself in real life with the sponsor of today's article Nord and there are so much more than just a VPN now as someone who's active duty for over seven years I take personal security and information security very seriously and while I on a daily basis use a VPN to protect my privacy I also have made it mandatory.

Com isac vpn and get yourself an incredible deal where you get 4 months for free by signing up for one of the two-year bundles. You can either get just the VPN in the past or a VPN pass and locker plus some cyber security benefits on top of it. Without further ado, let's get into fatal mistake number two: stop reping.

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That same angle their aim is going to stay locked in that exact same spot from there all they need to do is press right Trigger or press their Mouse and then they get the shot off so what you need to be doing is constantly be forcing, your opponent to move their aim left right left right and then eventually what you can do is hard swing let's say you don't have a choice, the last thing that you want to do especially since live pings are in the game and one- shot snipers are in the game, is slow Peak because all they're going to do is wait for you to peek your head out and then rip your head off so what you need to do is use peer's advantage to your advantage, and horizontal momentum to your advantage and swing out and take that shot or possibly swing out take that shot rip some more shots at them and keep rotating closing in on them and taking them out it is one of the easiest things I love it trust me when my opponent in-game do it I love it I don't want you to do it as members of The Academy, break this horrible.


Habit and stop reping, the same angle, what you can do is you can peek your shoulder on one side, and then you can kill time peek your shoulder on the left side and then kill time and then they're going to think you're going to go over to the right shoulder but then you can double back and wide swing out the left just don't be predictable because it is one of the most common mistakes that a player makes and it makes my life really easy as a YouTuber when I'm racking up kills against you moving on to fatal mistake number three stop using gun skill to replace, game sense and you're probably going to send this to your teammate cuz you know exactly who does this you have the opportunity to easily, pick apart this team whether it's through map knowledge whether it's the use of utility whether it's the use of kill streaks but some people like to just run in raw and just try to win a suicidal, gunfight.

Stop and look at this clip in the background. I get pushed off the high ground. I have people shooting me in the back, and I slow it down. I throw a smoke grenade, and then I peek inside the building. I see there are two people looking at me rather than me trying to world-star them on a Tik Tok clip.

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