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It is your boy. Josh or Cub, we are back today with another banging article, so today we've got a banging assault rifle setup that is frying. It's like the new Baz B because it got nerfed a little bit, but it fries boys like I think it's like five bullets to down someone, and the only downside to it is that it has a 30-round mag, but as long as you're running an SMG that can compensate for it, once you run out of ammo, you can quickly swap.

Make sure you have a scope for your. It's absolutely amazing. Boys I dropped a banging dub today with high kill gameplay, so I'm going to leave you guys with that class. It will be at the end of the article. Make sure you go over there and get this class set up. It's going to be the new thing everyone's running around and packing.

Eradicator, this is the new one, boys, new BBY. We don't have much cash on hand. This is going to be a hard end to the game. How did I redeploy what I swear redeploy was resurge was closed unless it's because solo, I don't know Duos, that's weird I've never had, that I'm moso drone on my mini map that not?

respawning, There it is, all righty boys. Make sure you do drop a like for that gameplay right there, which is really hectic towards the end, and drop a sub if you're new as well. We're trying to get back up to 1K; we used to have 1, 000 subs, and then I took a long break, but you know what you can do to get me back up to 1, 000 subs.

Boys, see if we can get 50 likes on today's article. You guys smashed the last few articles. I think I had 50 and then 90, so if you can drop 50 on this one, that'd be amazing, but I'm going to give you guys this build right now, and it is absolutely insane.

Class setup

Class setup

Guys All right, boys, so here is the build: It is the MTZ 76-62 battle rifle. We have the MTZ Precision Black Thorn barrel for that extra bullet velocity and range, and the extra few little pros right there. Then we've got the VT7 Spirit Fire suppressor L for the undetectable on radar recoil control bullet velocity and damage range, so then we're going to have the Brn heavy support grip for The recoil control is mostly on pretty much every AR build, so you just want to make sure you have that on, and then there's the 30-round mag.

This is the downside—only 30 rounds in a mag. But it's absolutely fries as you boys saw it, does so much damage, and then a Coro Eagle Eye 2.5 times—that's just my personal preference. You guys can run whatever scope you want. If you are going to run one, though, I recommend the Slate reflector, the Nar model, or the Mark III reflector.

Any scope like that is absolutely perfect, but yeah, boys, make sure you use it. Drop a like, subscribe, and I'll be back again.

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