News - New" Meta Loadout For High Kills Is Godly (warzone 2 Warzone)



In today's article, man, I got a banger for y boys 40 plus kills solo versus quad; this is the best load out after the update, man. This new SMG fries, and I hope y'all boys enjoy my This HMR-9 man I'm telling you this [__] is brokey and chokey. There, I'm going to let him resign so I can get that kill.

Get hunting, come on, resup, and take that. Thank you to the rest of them. I'm my boy, we got p n he's too far all right, let's go over here real quick, take this high ground, come drop these boys off, let's see, ooh, let's see. The enemy soldiers are incoming; I'll take a quick little knock. I'll take it.

The rest of that squad on your T map, go get H confirmed, and we located the rest of them; you got a load-out drop. Inbound on your get looking solid right now, though all right we got to get over there doing too much, let me get my reloads on my tack while I push up though quick little play all right we.

Coming enemy, take that little clean up real quick, clean up through, take the little selfie, thank you, my reload. We need to heal real quick, and then we're pushing all that for Shores pushing all that for. Apart from that, I just have to keep pushing right now. All we can do is kill confirmed, and we located the rest of them.

They had a ping behind me, so we got to check that out real quick. Yep, I see him. Let's reload, drop, A lot of shots over. Here, we'll take that; we'll take those three ones all. Day, where did you land my boy? I think I hear those below: me, 25 left; stay sharp out; let's keep rotating; reload; then go to this roof.

I like that.

Meta loadout

Meta loadout

Door my God, no, I sold, GG's All right, my boys, this is the loadout we use in today's game playay. I'm going to break it all down for you. Let's start with the tactical we got. The stem is huge, especially when you're taking on one v4s. We got the throwing knife, and then we got the double time.

The slide of the hand and the bird's eye tempered are really going to help for the 1 v3s, and the bird's eyes really help because it makes you able to see more of your mini, map, and over on the tack. Eradicator man, we got the 762. High-grain rounds ruin heavy support grip. the VT7 Spitfire suppressor, the conquer long barrel, and then the core stock.

Over on the new SMG Metam Man, the HRM 9, we got the 50-round drum, the brewing, and the pivot vertical under Barrel the shadow Striker suppressor, the long barrel, and the Slate reflector daily pills and high kill game plays, but I'm out

best taq eradicator class

In this warzone 3 gameplay I got the new meta Loadout after the update. The taq eradicator and HRM-9 is insane! Loadout at the end. Timetsamps.
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