News - The "best" Wsp Swarm Loadout After Update. Warzone Wsp Swarm


You still have them, Down. It is the best 9 to5 war zone player on your timeline. In today's article, we're taking a look at a weapon that got nerfed, and I am talking about the WSP. Swarm, yes, the gun did get nerfed. However, I got you guys the best class that I posted Nerf in today's article. Just before anyone says anything, this gun did get nerfed.

It is not the best SMG anymore, but if you still want to use it, you still want to give it a try and see how it feels. I have the best setup in today's article, all right, so starting off with the first attachment, we're going to go ahead and toss on a barrel on this gun. We're putting on the WSP, or infiltrator suppressor.

This is going to increase our recoil control on the gun; it's going to increase it by about 10% for both the horizontal, vertical, and the gun kick control; it's about to increase by about 5%. And if you guys don't know what gun kick control is, it's how your recoil pattern is while shooting the weapon, so the more gun control you have, the more predictable your recoil is going to be while shooting this gun.


For the second attachment, go ahead and toss on the DR6 hand stop as the underbarrel. This is increasing our weapon. Mobility is going to increase our movement speed by about 5% and our movement speed by about 10%, and then our ads will speed up by 10% for the magazine. Go ahead and toss on the 100-round mag.

If you are using this weapon on a map other than Von Del or Shika, I would put the 5050r on mag for the optic, then go ahead and put on the NER model 2023. And lastly, for the stock, this is something that's going to be helping us with our recoil control, and I'm talking about the FSS Fortress heavy stock.

This is increasing our recoil gun kick control, which I talked about, by 30% and our horizontal and vertical recoil control by 15%, respectively, but that is it for the class man. This is the WSBP post, Nerf, all right. Drop a sub on the channel and turn on post notifications for daily War Zone 3 content.

I have a lot of articles coming up about this update. Relax and enjoy the game. Isre, you're being tracked by an enemy squad inade, and you survive a good kill, marking the rest of that squad on your tag map. Go get hunting there; you have reinforcements inbound. yeah, enopp, the AO is requesting Recon fly copy UAV orbiting the AO Recon is online, it's safe.

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