News - The "best" Wsp Swarm Loadout Warzone 3. Warzone Smg Meta


Neutralized, you're clear that the safe zone is far from your location. It is the best 9 to5 war zone player on your timeline, and in today's article, we're taking a look at the WSB Swarm SMG in War Zone 3. This SMG is currently the meta SMG in War Zone 3, and if you're not using it, you're putting yourself at a disadvantage.

So, starting off with the class setup, we're going to go ahead and put on a barrel that is going to be the WSP infiltrator, the integral suppressor. This is going to keep us undetectable on the mini map. It's going to go ahead and increase our recoil gun kick control. All right, that just means how smooth this weapon's recoil is while shooting the gun itself.

It is also going to increase our horizontal recoil control and our vertical recoil control, but the only disadvantage of that is that it is going to take away from the range, so this gun is going to be more for those close-range engagements. By only hopping into the second attachment, we're going to go ahead and throw on an underbarrel, and we are putting on the ER6 hand stop.


This is increasing our weapon. Mobility and movement speed Crouch speed and the tactical sprint speed on this gun itself for the magazine Go ahead and throw on the 100-round mag, especially if you're playing a quads or trios game mode. You don't want to run out of ammo in those gunfights. However, if you are playing more of a solo or duo match, I would go ahead and toss on the 40 or 50-round mag on this SMG.

For the fourth attachment, I'm going to go ahead and throw a sight on this gun. You guys could use the Slate reflector, but I do enjoy using this Nider model, 2023. Site on this gun just because it gives me a very clear view and it's really easy to control, and lastly, for the stock. I have two options for you guys.

I am running in today's article the FSS Fortress heavy stock, and this is helping me more with the recoil control just so I could control the weapon a little bit more for those medium-range engagements. However, it is giving us more recoil gun kick control and horizontal and vertical recoil control on the gun, but if you don't care about those medium-range gunfights and you're just in the enemy's face all the time.

best loadout warzone

I would go ahead and put on the WSB Factory stock. This is increasing the weapon's mobility, so you're just going to be able to maneuver and move more with this gun and those close-range engagements, but that is it for today's build. Don't forget to drop a big thumbs up. Drop a sub on the channel and turn on post notifications so you guys don't miss out on the best War Zone 3 class setups, but sit back, relax, and enjoy this banger gameplay using this class

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