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You need to be ready for the war zone update, so here are 10 of the biggest changes for the Ukan update that you need to know. We were told last year that it was 2.0. But now that we're waking up from The Nightmare, the classic war zone experience is back and actually improving, with another new map being Ukhan.

Before next year, we're even getting reborn with, of course, these new systems. A lot was removed from the game last year, and while most of it is already back after all of these months of updates, we're getting even more back like big game bounties, still keeping some additions from 2.0 that brought things like strongholds and perk packages, and getting even more with new things like manual gas masks, so whether you're just coming back after skipping 2.0, that was your first experience, and you haven't bothered with Modern Warfare 3 yet.


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Let's get started with shooting, revealing your position on a map without a suppressor. Besides decreasing the sound that you make, attracting less attention from potential third parties from further away in a gunfight, especially a team one suppressor, will keep you off the tack map while shooting, and if you aren't already glued to that top left corner map delivering you all this free information.

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It's time to learn I think we're going to see a lot more people running suppressors to just give you a couple extra seconds before being pinpointed, to get you that team wipe or even second kill you're going to need to be extra conscious about shooting unsuppressed especially against somebody who knows what they're doing another common rookie mistake is not knowing that the arrow above or below those little dots is showing you the relative height of that enemy shooting relative to your position if that wasn't convincing enough of course buy stations have unlimited, uavs that you could purchase so even if you aren't shooting and hear enemy UAV in your area you're on someone else's map which brings us to point two ghost perk will counter uavs, and heartbeat sensors, but.

Now, it only works if you are moving. You can even tell if this effect is happening or not by looking at that tack map, and your actual player icon will become transparent when the ghost is in effect, but standing still will make it solid again, indicating that the ghost is off, and just tapping left or right won't work.

You're going to actually have to take a couple steps, which of course will make some noise, but that is the point of this Nerf; it's going to make it so you can't just be sitting in a corner all game completely, hidden although stealth vs. do counter, advanced uavs, Giving you a super powerful ghost, and that may still work while not moving.

We'll have to see, although I do doubt it. If you're on the flip side and someone disappears while you have them on the UAV, well, that could mean they picked something up; it could also mean they were stationary long enough for you to get at least one ping on them, and then they started to move, which means the ghost effect is back on and is hiding down. Also note that ghosts lose their effect when you shoot for a few seconds as well, so it's not just moving but also shooting; that's even in the current game.



Three perk packages are here to stay. And there's even more individual perks that are coming, a lot of which we don't know all the details of.

The important thing, though, is that those suitcases that they added last year still contain four perks that you can get from LoadOut packages. Loadout packages are still dropping in zones 2 and 5 for free and, of course, can be bought unlimitedly at any of the buy stations if you have enough cash, which does scale based on the mode that you're in.

I still can't believe all of this was removed in 2.0, but these packages you can pick up from the kills that you get and even hold in your bag to bring to your friends. Those bags are staying the way they are; we're not going to be getting a third slot for a weapon or increased bag sizes and trying to juggle those when you die too.

You can just land right back on your body and get your perk package without having to go to another Loadout is actually one of the best improvements I think they made in 2.0, and they're keeping quite a few new incoming perks from being dropped when you get knocked. Less damage is taken from the zone, and even the return of combat Scout marks an enemy with an outline if you land a shot, which makes it great for penetration and calling for a team, but most of the perks will be familiar to you as they are the same as the current war zone, and those new ones being added, as you could tell, are not the same as what is in Modern Warfare 3 and are currently also good.

Not just for the bag space here, ammo has its own slots, meaning that you can carry all of the ammo types and slurp it all up without having to worry about it taking up your other bag space. You can still carry extra ammo on top of that, but likely you're going to want that space for plates, killstreaks, and other more valuable things.

Guns equipment

Guns equipment

A lot of new guns and equipment will be added here; obviously, it's a whole new game's worth of guns coming in, and all of the levels are being reset back to one, meaning you're going to have to grind through your main levels, which will unlock a lot of guns.

Leveling up those guns will unlock attachments, but there is a trick to this system to know and just a good understanding to have, fortunately. You don't need to chain together unlocks anymore; you need to get this gun in order to unlock that gun in order to unlock that gun and then you level that gun up to get the attachment you want.

Most of this is gone, but specific guns do have certain attachments that you'll want to unlock. You want that MK3 optic you see everybody using. Get the MCW to level two, and then you're going to have it for all your guns. I still like this better than leveling each gun 70 times to get all the same attachments over again, but once you hit Level 25, you'll unlock the armory system.

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I recommend using your double XP to help get you to 25 faster so you can start working on these armory things. Essentially, this is a way to shortcut your unlock system that I think will actually be pretty good for Warzone. You choose the list and order of what you want to get and unlock it by completing challenges that you'll see in the main lobby at the top left, where all of your daily items are.

At the bottom of that, you can make any changes as needed. Some guns and attachments you can only unlock via this system, and aftermarket parts are done via weekly. You'll see as you go through it and get more into it, but as I even release articles or you see anything you like, put it at the top of your list. I'll include loadouts and attachments at the end of all of mine, so if you see something you like, you can get it a little early without having to go through a whole -gun fifth sniper.

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