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I just when I thought I had the meta figured out we did we ran all the numbers everything looked great the guns are incredible and don't get me wrong from our previous Loadout article those guns are amazing but some things just creeped up out of the woodwork that no one expected and they're going to take over the meta cuz listen guys it's holiday break okay none of this stuff is going to get patched unless it literally cripples, the game it doesn't matter if it's significantly better than what everyone else is using so while I'm sick and tired of making loadout articles you all need to know about these weapons because they're pretty cool there's some pretty Unique Mechanics that make them so powerful and you don't want to go through the holiday season without, the meta gun in your hand so I'm going to provide to you seven new weapons that have appeared out of the woodwork and are dominating The Meta that you need to check out this holiday season let's get into it with weapon number one you guys may remember, the SBA 545 is actually like the a94 from verdance and if you remember.

The first two bullets shoot faster than the rest of what comes out of the magazine, so it would be like bum bu so. Listen, you can pick up on it those first two bullets come out faster well for some reason in this game when we swap over to single fire we know our bullets magically do more damage if you ever running low on ammo on like an AR and you're trying to shoot at someone across the map maybe you have 30 bullets left throw it into single fire those bullets will do more damage in single fire than they do in full auto because, realism well when we pull this gun into single fire Watch What Happens instead of shooting 44 bullets down to the bottom right down to 43, we tap it one time, and we shoot two bullets two bullets two bullets, which turns this gun not only into doing more damage per, bullet, a rapid fire burst, with zero recoil it's like the nastiest DMR I've ever.

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Seen, yeah and with 60 rounds great movement speed a Snappy ads and zero recoil, it is a problem, across the map let's go a and check out the build so we're rocking the spear fire suppressor that basically gets rid of all recoil you could throw on the Sonic suppressor if you would like the SVT Precision Barrel is going to help out with damage range and recoil control, the coro's Eagle Eye is growing on me it just has so little visual recoil most people are using it for that reason the 60 round mag you could Rock 45 if you're rocking solos and then the high Grand round is going to help us out with additional bullet velocity which is going to make this gun feel even more hit scann make sure you guys are taking a screenshot, all right let's get on to number two but first how would you guys like to earn some extra cash this holiday season by playing war zone with today's sponsor repeat.

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Gg, for sponsoring today's article okay so moving on to number two it's another one of those double tap guns we got the double tap SBA 545, and now you might be thinking Isaac a pistol come on man, it's bad, okay we know the wsp Swarm has been The Meta weapon of choice people are using that inside of tournaments Aiden just won the like a $25, 000 tournament, using, strictly the wsp Swarm as his main SMG well this bad boy right here, kills 100 milliseconds faster than the wsp Swarm and you might be thinking Isaac a pistol well it has a binary trigger for those of you who don't know what a binary trigger is it's something we have in real life and it's whenever we shoot the gun it whenever we shoot like any rifle pistol when you pull the trigger once it shoots, when you release the trigger, it shoots again so then you take that with a gun with minimal recoil and a fast fire rate and now all sudden we've turned just kind of a dinky regular pistol to.

best loadouts warzone

A very, very deadly SMG with great movement speed great reload, great aim down sight and of course most importantly, a, horrifying, time to kill let's go and take a look at the build so most important thing is down here all the all the way to the very bottom we want the conversion kit we have the 40 round drum magazine, we have the triport which is going to help us out a lot with that recoil gun kick because as we're doing those double shots we don't want our screen going all crazy we have the Slate reflector for a cleaner sight picture and then the dynamic Precision stock once again to help out with that recoil control but this one's going to be a problem inside of the game make sure you run it before all your opponents.

I really want to provide as much value as I can. If you appreciate that, make sure to subscribe here because I give you all the value upfront in dense, action-packed articles. Let's move on to the next. Okay, we have the TAC eradicator. This is a great gun for people who want minimal recoil. Okay, look at this thing.

best smg warzone

I mean, it doesn't get any easier than that. It is a really clean iron side for those of you who played War Zone 2 and like things like the TAC B and the TAC 56. Well, this is the lmg version of it, and like. I'm not even trying to like obviously if I was strafing and I was getting rotation aim assist things would be a lot easier but , this gun is like one of the easiest guns to use inside of the game even for Mouse and key okay going into the build you would go here you're going to throw in the spirit fire suppressor once again my top two suppressors are the spirit fire and the Sonic the Sonic does not hurt our ads as you see when we go down here the Sonic suppressor does not hurt our ads, but it hurts our recoil control so when we go over to the spirit fire the spirit fire hurts our ads.

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But it also helps out with our recoil, so it's kind of up to your personal preference where you find yourself controlling recoil; those are usually my go-to when it comes to suppressors, for this gun it's our long range AR we want to have the least amount of recoils possible and then for our SMGs we can go a little bit more for Speed from there we throw on the Brewing heavy support grip because it takes away so much of that horizontal Shake we throw on the long barrel to help out with bullet velocity and damage range the core stock that helps out once again with recoil, and then the combat grip again helps out with all that recoil as well bringing us all together in this build right here.

This one's a great time to kill, but more importantly, a lot of times when it comes to guns like these, there's time to kill, and then there's an effective time to kill. Right, how can I actually line up enough shots to where the gun is good? Some guns may have an amazing time to kill, like the Lockman 762.

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