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It is the best 9 of 5 war zone player on your timeline, and in today's article, we're taking a look over the WSP 9 SMG in War Zone 3. This gun is absolutely underrated, and the build that I have in today's article will show you why, so hopping straight into the class set for the first attachment, we're going to be putting on the WSP Reckless 90-long barrel, and this is going to increase our effective damage range just so we could hit those medium-range gunfights using this SMG.

Because this is where this SMG excels, excels in those close range engagements, and those medium- range engagements if you're trying to run it as a sniper support as for the muzzle we're going to go ahead and put on the Sonic suppressor s this is going to keep us off the radar and the mini map it's going to be increasing more of our damage range and bull velocity on this weapon and it's just going to make sure that this weapon actually kills those enemies from those medium- range engagement ments with four to five bullets, every time moving on into the magazine we're going to be putting on the 50 round mag with this 50 round mag you're going to be able to wipe an entire Squad, with one magazine, so you don't have to waste any much of your ammo and then for the stock we're going to be putting on the wsp.


Factory stock is going to increase our mobility, and the gun is going to increase our movement speed. Sprint speed is tactical. Sprint speed and the ads speed on this weapon, and then lastly, for the final attachment, this is more of a personal preference whether you want to use this gun only for those close-range engagements or those close and medium-range engagements for those medium-range engagements.

I do enjoy putting on the slate reflector; it just gives you a clearer sight with this gun. However, if you are using this gun only for those Clos strange engagements, I would take off that slate reflector and that optic, run the iron sights, and put on this WSB, Tac 20 grip. This is just going to increase more of our mobility with this gun, increasing our sprint to fire speed with this weapon, so you don't really need that much recoil control for close range engagements since the enem is going to be straight up in front of you, but that is all I have for the class setup.

best loadout warzone

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