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I hope you guys are doing well. Yesterday I talked about Call of Duty not caring and that they've kind of just given up more or less. At least that's how it feels from a community standpoint. You know, if you're a player that's trying to play MW3, it doesn't appear as if this game is getting much in the way of consistent updates because there's feedback that this community has given consistently to Sledgehammer Games.

Infinity War, and Activision on quantifiable improvements that would help the overall health of the game. I mean, how many times do I need to mention the anti-che How many times do I need to talk about spawns and server consistency? These things matter to the community, but they're just being left alone; they're not being addressed, and it's frustrating.

So with that being said, even though we know they've given up on that aspect, the thing that matters to them—the thing that they're holding near and dear to their hearts—the microtransactions are actually diminishing as well. I mean, this all started when they released that first cosmetic bundle pack for 3,400 Cod points by, quote, unquote, accident.

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Don't worry, it was a mistake. What you can't see right now is that I'm doing the air quotes because it most certainly wasn't a mistake, like I mentioned when it happened; it was all a test; it was all them seeing if they could exploit this community even further, but what you're seeing on screen right now is their latest bundle that is getting absolutely torched online, because the question has to be asked: who's buying this, why is it in the game, and who made it.

There used to be somewhat decent cosmetics in the shop, not cosmetics that I'd buy personally, because hey, this game does not warrant me spending additional money on it, but this cosmetic is maybe the worst thing I've ever seen. Not only is it clear that it just doesn't belong in Call of Duty, it's just like a bad cosmetic.

I mean, it's still the same price, though, at 2400 cod points, and you get this weird-looking mechanical thing. I don't really understand the point of this, but this brings me back to the point that I was making yesterday, where they've just stopped caring. This is what they're doing to cosmetics—the thing that makes them the cash cow that they have—the last thing they can cling on to show that they're successful, and they've kind of mailed that in too.


I mean, they made Walking Dead characters, and that was their big thing for season 2, but outside of that, what have they done that's memorable? really like from a cosmetic standpoint. What could have been a really cool season, especially trying to fall within that zombie theme? They could have made some awesome skins.

They could have done some really cool things, and they just didn't, because they don't care, and I know this sounds like I'm regurgitating the same point as yesterday, but more or less what I'm doing is trying to reinforce the argument I made yesterday by saying that yes, in fact, they don't care, and it's evidenced by the way they're handling cosmetics recently, which is the main thing that they care about.


Which is the real shocker here, I mean? Am I really that surprised that servers haven't been addressed and that spawns once again haven't been addressed? Yes, and no, obviously, in a perfect world, a development team that actually cared about the quality of their product would try to enhance it and try to improve it, but this is Call of Duty we're talking about; they've left quality out the door a long time ago; they left that behind; they made sure that past development teams took that with them optimization.

No, heavens, no. Usability—no, we don't care. We want to make our UI as complicated as possible. We want to make sure that every time you load up Call of Duty, you have to restart the game. We want to make sure we, Complexity, That's not even close to an award. We want to make sure the experience is as complex as possible, but we also want to make sure that the storefront is as easy as possible to navigate.

We want to make sure that's the aspect that's easiest for people to pick up and understand. We don't care about anything else. Their priorities have been very clear for a long time, which gets me back to my point. I am making the point that this is the avenue they're going down with the microtransactions; they've given up.

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They've slapped their hands; they've said, Okay, we're good. Here we're done. It's like at the end of a MasterChef episode when they say, Hands up, that's what they've done. Hands up, we're done, we're good, game over. We don't care; we don't need to care, and it's evidence that is just staring you in the face.

If it wasn't the gameplay, it's now the microtransactions, which leads me to believe that Call of Duty 2024. Black Ops Golf 4 is going to be a complete and utter disaster, and I might fall into this over the next couple days and dive into why I think it's going to be a disaster, because I honestly think it will.

I talked about how earlier this year Modern Warfare 3 was going to be a Make It or Break a game for this community for this franchise because it was supposed to be a proof of concept. Show me that you're going to be able to do things to make the game better, and show me that you're going to follow through with your words and actions.

Because the old saying goes, actions speak louder than words, and what we know now is that the words that they were saying at the beginning of the year had no action behind them; they were just words; they were fluff; there was nothing of substance, actually being meant by saying that they weren't going to support this game, they weren't going to revolutionize the Call of Duty experience, they weren't going to do anything for this community, they wanted to make sure their bottom line was maintained, and that was it, so when you have such a make and break it year for Call of Duty, this is what you.

Deliver what does that mean for next year? I guarantee you that the expectations are not going to be as high, and the community is not going to be as invested in trying and accepting your game and trying to make sure it's good. Instead, what you're going to have is you're going to have people who are just kind of over it.

I'm going to be one of those people, and I'm going to be over it too, because why would I even give a second to this franchise anymore when they've shown me time and time again that they're not worthy of my time, they're not worthy of my energy, and they're not worth it to care about, and as long as Exify releases and is good.

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