News - The Most Op Loadout Warzone 2 Zombies Ever (use Before Removed)

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This is going to be about one of the most broken loadouts for MW3 zombies. Don't forget to subscribe. You guys are looking for a Discord to join for some of the best schematic drops and Tombstone setups. If you guys aren't new, you haven't seen this before. This is going to be talking about the Jack purifier or the flamethrower attachment you guys can run on your RAM 7.

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Xbox, and PC, and they have over 10,000 Trustpilot page reviews. Be sure to use code eer for 5% off, and don't forget to act fast. Now it does look like any other ordinary Ram, but when you go ahead and equip the purifier on it, it actually does anything in sight. Now we're going to be testing it, obviously, right here in the Tier 1 zone, doing an outlast.

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We're going to see how fast we can get this done, how quick we can kill all the zombies, and what the effects are afterwards. How good it would be not having any plates on, or if we were to do something that is going to definitely take plates away. We can see just on normal zombies alone in tier one even dogs this thing absolutely shreds and boom we are done with the Outlast in I think less than a minute let's go ah and see what our rewards are, and they're not too bad we'll go ahead and take that tool we'll equip it on that actually all right but let's go ahead and test it in tier two without any Packa punches on it to see if this is still going to be a good weapon now we are in the tier 2 Zone we have just a basic little green, tool onto it and we're going to see if it still does the same amount of damage to tier 2 zombies, we can see normal zombie just got absolutely melted we'll try it with one bullet still melted with no Pack-a-Punch guys here's a armored zombie, in the tier 2 Zone and I mean we are just one tapping literally everything we're going to try this here in a second on a elimination boss in the tier 2 Zone and we're going to see if it has the same kind of instinct to pretty much one tap enemies.

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All right now that we have a tier 2 elimination contract I don't think this is going to be op in the tier 2 Zone especially with no Pack-A-Punch on a boss but let's see what it does, so we going against a little guy right here holy cow, this thing absolutely shreds what is this 20 seconds worth of work right here maybe about 100 ammo I'd say and there's a raw ethereum diagram just like that and we have a rare ether tool so let's go ahead and equip this we'll go ahead and Stow this actually and take this out all righty now that we have done the tier 2 area and I believe the tier one bosses are going to be insanely easy whether it's pack-a-punched or not keep in mind guys this gun has not even been pack-a-punched yet and we are using the purifier or the flamethrower, attachment on it now we're going to go ahead and go into tier three Zone and we're going to see what this can do against Mega Abomination.


All right, we're about to go into the Tier 3 Zone, and we can already see right here a mega-abomination. We have no Pack-A-Punch on this, just a blue or a rare tool, so let's go Ahad and see what this can do against a mega-abomination. We can already see my health getting absolutely obliterated, so we are definitely going to back up from this thing.

This is going to take a little bit of time; that's a couple seconds right there. If you just saw the health bar, it went down just a tiny bit—not that much. Let's see, right here, that we're doing some work. We're definitely doing some work with no pack-a-punch on it, but let's go ahead and pack-a-punch this and see what we can do.

So we got a pack-a-Punch on here; let's go ahead and make our way back. Holy cow, when we put a Tier 3 Pack-A-Punch on this gun, it is absolutely insane. I think somebody wanted to come help and kill the Omega Abomination with me, so we'll see if he comes over here in a second, but this is a Tier 3 Pack-A-Punch on here.

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Let's see what this thing can do against us. Coming off of Riv, we just got absolutely railed. Holy cow, you put a Tier 3 Pack-A-Punch on this thing. I'm telling you it is broken. We can see the health right here at half in less than a couple seconds. Obviously, we're going to need a little bit of ammo on this, so if the mags of holding worked how they should have worked and had infinite ammo.

I think it would have helped a little bit, but let's go ahead and get some ammo really quick, and we'll show you guys next. All right, we are back into the Tier 3 Zone and already getting absolutely shredded, but let's see what this purifier can do against this guy, so right off of the rip, we're already slamming him.

Can we do this in one go? We're definitely going to get knocked here in a second, and we're going to have to use some of this ammo. Please don't hurt me. Hey, how's it going? We're getting shredded. Let's see if we can do this in one clip. Can we knock him out in one go? We were so close, we're going to have to finish him off here in a second.


I'm going to finish with him; he might finish with me. I mean, What, Holy, Cow. That is the abomination, dead in about one clip worth of the purifier, and everything else seems to be kind of blowing up around it, so let's go ahead and see what our rewards were for our first kill on the mega-abomination with the new Jack Purifier Muzzle.

You can already see that this is actually a really good gun to be using in general because even with a tier three pack-a-punch, it actually doesn't take too long to kill any zombies in the tier three zone, and if we're going to be doing, you know, story missions or the new dark ather or anything like that, just really isn't bad at all.

Let's see what our rewards were. We got tier one, Crystal. That is definitely not the best thing that we want right now, but let's go ahead and see some other things that we can do. Now we have picked up our Tier 3 contract, and it's going to be eliminated, unfortunately. It is another Mega Abomination that literally just doesn't even care about me, so let's see how easy it is to shred this guy.

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We're about a quarter away, and we're burning through ammo pretty fast. It is going to help if you shoot it in the eye, I've noticed, and our car is going to explode, so let's go ahead and see if we can knock him down to no health here in a second. He's pretty close; that's not too bad. We did use a little bit of our ammo off-rip, though, so that does kind of stink.

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