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If you're a Rebirth Island fan, you've been waiting for this moment for almost 500 days, and as the weeks got closer and closer and we're now down to just about a day until Rebirth is finally back, it's almost as if War Zone is finally saved, and today I'm going to give you everything you need to know about Rebirth Island to hit the ground running to go get those nukes right away and complete that Champions contract to level up in ranked play and maybe even get iridescent or top 250, to complete all the Easter eggs that you want to complete, and just have a good time on Rebirth Island now when you get ready to drop into Rebirth Island at noon Eastern on Wednesday at 9:00 a.

M pacific many of you will be dropping in for the very first time the first time that you debart from that airplane it's going to feel very special rebirth island has a particular flow to it a circular path that allows for a lot of gunfights rotations, and action but it all starts from prison so if you've never landed in a rebirth time to hit that alcatra prison roof and prove that you're the top dog now if you've landed in rebirth before because you played in war zone one you no doubt know that but make sure to look for infil strikes before you drop in because different pois will blow up around the map making it a lot more difficult to land get Loot and play your regular rotations, but with the new Dynamic weather as well as these info strikes it's going to make it more fresh and new than you've ever experienc.

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Before, if you're a little bit more of a passive player or newer to war zone, I recommend landing at a place like living quarters or the brand new industry that is replacing Deon from war zone 1. Landing at a place like a living quarters allows you one to get cover immediately and two to be able to have a little bit of a safer Landing in one of the side houses or on the back part of Industry, you should be able to loot up and have a gun before you actually get into a gunfight.

If you've landed in rebirth before, you know that sometimes that's a luxury; sometimes you have to resort to the fist or the classic pistol, so if you happen to have a retti, that's one of your best options. But funny enough, all the loot that you used to grab on Rebirth Island is exactly the same, according to the most recent Rebirth Island trailer.


The Beox developers wanted Rebirth to feel like a mirror. Split Image is the rebirth island you enjoyed in War Zone 1, meaning that Easter eggs and classic guns that you can find on the ground are in the same location, so if you land at the water tower and go to grab a gun, it'll kind of feel like deja vu because everything's right where you left it, and speaking of Easter eggs, they're not that way to start at all, so if you land at the big ship outside Nova or now Factory, you can go in and honk the horn and also get some Supreme loot to start off your game.

The same thing can be said on the ship on the other side of the control center, where once again you can honk the boat and you can play the Easter eggs just like you did in War Zone 1. The only question is: will the Milano and Red Room Easter eggs still be in the house next to Grandma's house? Well, there's no Milano in the game, but maybe a WSP.

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N build one thing's for certain: the bunker that's over by stronghold is still there, and all you have to do is jump off that hill by stronghold near living quarters and look directly under that staircase, and you see a bunker entrance with a lot of loot and maybe even one of the new kill streaks like forsight, that's making a return from war zone 1, and that will show you every single circle on the map if you get it, allowing you to more easily win games on Rebirth Island.

So really, before you get ready to drop into Rebirth Island, make sure that you have a plan. Pick a POI that you want to land at, but of course mix it up and be fresh, especially if it's your first time. But get ready to grab a gun and push immediately, because rebirth is fast-paced. Action, unlike Vondo Park, where there's a lot of space in between pois, enemies, and gunfights, or Ashika Island, where there's a much bigger map for the number of players.

Rebirth is a tight, fast environment, and you're going to find yourself in a fight and being pushed unless you're the one pushing. Landing with your teammates is not a bad idea in the new rebirth, because you have to try to prioritize getting that load out. Of course, if you're in solos, you can get it for 8, 000, but it goes up by about 2, 000 every single time you add a player to your squad with a new squad streak.

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When you land with your teammates, you can get things like a UAV, extra cash, and loot, allowing you to quickly regain get it going and to push to the next POI, and get more eliminations. Now after you kind of get the game going in rebirth it kind of plays itself out there's going to be people rotating into you and it's all about taking those pivotal High Ground positions, at living quarters taking that largest rooftop is the most difficult but yet the most optimal position but it's guarded by one single staircase, the lighthous tower almost always has somebody sniping in it and as the circle closes on it going to be more and more important to close it off on control center of course taking that roof is vital but it's not more vital than getting that prison rooftop, but beware of flanks because on the prison rooftop there's a lot of ways to skin a cat and a lot of ways to flank your team Ultimately, rebirth is about pushing yourself to the limit to try to get killed.

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have fun and then try to pull off some sort of gas player crazy rotation in the end game with a new underground tunnel added recently by Biolabs. And of course, the tunnel that was under prison for as long as rebirth has been out. Well, no, if you're not subscribed, I'm going to win your subscription one day.

You just wait.

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