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I am your host, Shorty Index. Today is my birthday, April 3rd, and I figured what better way to start off my birthday than to release a article at 6:00 a. To the people who say. Hey, what do I do when I don't have a good connection? What do I do when I can't play? What do I do when my ping's really high?

I figured this would be a great time to show you what I do when I really just feel like shooting some people and getting an FPS, game in now simple solution and the one that's going to be said to the most just don't play when it's like this, but with the size of Call of Duty I understand that sometimes people are just dedicated, to having to play this game it's 300 GB on console and most consoles are 500 GB leaving you not much room after you install this in one other game to be able to play anything, so if you have to stick it out then I encourage you do what I did once I figured out that there's no way in God's green flat fermented Earth I was going to be able to get a single freaking kill or get a cool gameplay for you guys I decided to do the exact opposite and I push to the objective.

call of duty

Now I've said this before, and I'll say it again: Objective-based game modes are meant to play The Objective Nobody gives a [__] if you get 555, 000 kills but zero captures, and your team loses. Everybody gives a [__]. If you win, though, if you do that even more with six and 15 captures—six kills, 10-20, 30 deaths, and 15 captures—then you're more of a team player than the guy that's sitting at the top of the leaderboard with zero captures, so if you're lagging, go do the thing that you can control, push that spawn flag, and just capture it.

Focus solely on the objective, and you'll do just fine. When you're lagging like this or you're having games like this, you just have to check out and accept the fact that you're not going to be able to do what Call of Duty is designed to do, and that's shoot people. Now I get games like this often and more frequently than you guys know because where I live is rural Alberta, and during the winter we get random cold snaps of 50.

call of duty issues

And the Starlink can't compete with the ice that builds up on it with the heating mechanism. I also get something called snow from people who live in states that don't have any snow, and that covers my starlink, and it makes it so that I can't connect to the internet. We also have something called overcast, meaning that I can't see my satellite with my satellite dish, which means that I don't get very good internet.

I never upload these articles to you guys because I just don't think they're interesting, but I got a couple comments stating that people didn't know how to play with them, so I decided. Hey, this would be a perfect learning opportunity. It also gives me a learning opportunity and a chance to speak on something else if everybody remembers.

I know that we all live in a world with Tik Tok, and we don't remember things like 15 seconds ago, but at the beginning of the game, this was actually the standard of the game. You always will have those people that are sitting, like inside the server; their dad works for Activision and gave them a gaming laptop set inside the Activision server, so he has zero ping, but for the most of us at the beginning of the life cycle of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 2023–2024.

call of duty modern warfare

Edition, we had latency issues packet first; we were getting kicked from gains for inactivity. We were having all the issues that are being exhibited right now in this game that was on Call of Duty's end, and I did the same thing back then when I realized that it was out of my control. I just went and played the objective.

There's no point in fighting the system; we're learning that slowly through Call of Duty. People like me, the Rick Ghost of Eight Thunder, all talk about Call of Duty. We all try to draw attention to the negatives of Call of Duty, not for any other reason; we're not negative people. But we're just on the opposite end of the spectrum to say you're a Call of Duty show, where they're sitting there deep in the man meet and just soaking up that Call of Duty gravy filling in their stomachs until they get to get it pumped like a school girl at a freaking alcohol party.

call of duty modern warfare 3

We're on the opposite end, just saying, Hey, this is broken, this doesn't work, this is the issue, and our viewership kind of falls in line with that. They're either a little bit more leaning to the left or the right, depending on where you're standing. Are you more into Call of Duty's good Call of Duty's bad, but usually there's a nice balance.

Now obviously, there's creators that are way more intense than I am, but there's also creators that are way more, overly at the top. I'm not a negative person, and to anyone who thinks that I genuinely get bothered by this, I'm not. I'm now 33 years old. Man, who could care less about this game?

I just promote content that you guys want. I read your guys' comment section. I read comment sections on other articles that I'm watching, like The Ricks or The Ghost of Eight or The Legend of Thunders, or blame the truth. I read their comment section. I see what's a common theme inside the Call of Duty community, and then I go, Hey, do I have that problem?

call of duty modern warfare 3 2023

I do, okay, how can I speak on it, and then I give you guys a rant? My channel is simply to be the voice of you guys. There are thousands of you that don't like what's going on in Call of Duty but don't have YouTube channels, or you do, and you don't have a following. You don't have the ability to narrate the way that I do or speak your peace.

All I simply try to do is promote content that just says, Hey, this is what's wrong with Call of Duty. Let's be real; it's easy to nitpick Call of Duty. If you do it properly, it can be hard. Though I try to do it properly, I try to nitpick genuine issues that exist within the Call of Duty community.

I don't want to be another Call of Duty news channel. It's just for ladies and gentlemen. Call of Duty patch note 145: The CW, Longbow, got another nerf, and then it got a buff, so an assist is even stronger down the line. We got a nerf on the deagle. That's just not me; I'm not a Call of Duty eSports player.

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Channel either; I couldn't even imagine trying to do that, ladies and gentlemen. We got FaZe up the butthole running around the corner; he took out a come-back shot, and now he's rushing into the B flag. My look at what he's doing: they are all using the same guns, ladies and gentlemen; they are all using the exact same attachments; they ban 99% of the lobby; they ban 99% of the matches; they ban 99% of the map, so we're looking once again at the exact same map.

Hope You Enjoy The Video! The problem with Modern Warfare 3 is the community of players that are too scared to say anything about the problems with Call of Duty.
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