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If you played War Zone 1, you no doubt remember the beautiful Kar98. There's something about the way this gun felt that made it different than any other gun in War Zone 1. If you haven't experienced using it, it's kind of hard to put into words. Maybe it's the feeling of weapon swapping or sniping somebody out of the air or the feeling of cracking somebody's plates after that clean, car 98.

Release It's clear that describing the Kar98 is this ineffable feeling that everybody can relate to except for the people that haven't used it, but that's about to change if you haven't used it because now there's a leak that the Kar98 is coming back to War Zone 3 with Rebirth Island. Can you imagine pairing this with the return of the Kar98?

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Well, it's almost too perfect—in fact, perfect enough that it's likely what's going to happen according to recent leaks—so in this article, we'll cover how we know with the C idea that it's coming back and whether it will feel the same in War Zone 3. Let's get into it now to get the obvious out of the way: the kar98 is not going to feel exactly like it did in War Zone 3 because the sound design and just the feel of the game, the movement, and the fluidity are not the same, but to say that War Zone 3 is terrible is a complete lie because War Zone 3 is moving in the right direction, so while the kar98 won't look exactly or sound exactly the same as long as it has some elements of that sweet sound effect when you reload or rechamber the kar98.

I do actually think it'll be accepted by the player base and can actually work as a valid sniper in War Zone 3, but funny enough if it were in War Zone 2, where snipers used to work. I don't think it would actually work because snipers are finally viable again in War Zone 3 and Rebirth Island, just in time for the return of the Kar98.

The kar98 in my eyes can feel just the same as Rebirth Island in War Zone 3. It's not exactly the same, like 100%, but it's 95% the same, and that's good enough for something that is pure fun. I have long thought that Kar98 is coming back, so before you say CEDs, I didn't know that you now had a job as the CEO of Lids because you're capping out here.


Look at what I tweeted a little while ago. You heard it here first. Kar98 is coming back with Rebirth Island and the War Zone season 3 update. I've been saying it for about two weeks now, and my sources have never been wrong. I was wrong about when it'd come back, however. I think it's coming back in season 3.5, or season 3 Reloaded update, and here's why when Reaper thym was coming back, the one consistent thing that we had to prove that it was coming back was data mining leaks, and that's what we have for the Kar98, so to me that makes it like 98%.

If you think I look a little bit funky,. Okay, well, I'm sure you subscribed by now, but let's get to another hint of the K98 coming back. A little while ago, I also made a Tik Tok talking about how rebirth was coming back, and I pulled a tweet from Call of Duty with a reply to a Kar98 clip from Maven.


And this was a clip from a long time ago, and they put an eye emoji under it. I originally thought that this was a hint at Rebirth Island coming back, but it's probably a hint at the Kar98 coming back because Call of Duty replied with an i Emoji not just under Maven's tweet but also this other tweet, and this was also somebody that was on Rebirth Island, and the second gun that they had was the Kar98.

Now lastly, there is a little bit of the trailer for the Rebirth Island War Zone trailer, where there's an image that some people have taken that looks like it could be the Kar98. Now this could be some sort of subtle hint at it coming back in the season 3 Reloaded update. Of course some of the things we had in the trailer aren't in the game yet, such as the dynamic weather or time of day where rebirth can be sunset or random points across the map can just collapse, so that's coming soon to War Zone, and this could be a hint at the Kar98 coming back, but it also could be nothing, and the Kar98 could never return.

There's nothing 100% here, but there are substantial leaks at the end of the day, guys. The Kar98 is not 100% returning, but I would weigh it at like 95%

The KAR98K might be returning to Warzone 3 and Call of Duty to complement the new Rebirth Island. Here's everything we know.
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