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Track we're four months into the game, and they still haven't figured out how to get challenges to track properly. Something that they could figure out how to do back in 2007 they still can't figure out how to do in 2024, and it seems that they always take one step forward. You know some challenges start to track and then others stop tracking, and it's especially heinous when you have an entire system like the armory where you have to have challenges to unlock things to use them in the game and those challenges don't track properly, so it feels as if it's a double-edged sword.

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Not only can you not complete the challenges you want to complete, but you also can't unlock the things that you want to complete because of Incompetency, and we have been going through this for 4 months, nothing has been done in 4 months remember that thing I said earlier in the article where Sledgehammer Games was trying to be more transparent they wanted to be more honest with the community listen to our feedback, what a bunch of bull, and I know there's this rumor out there I don't know how true it is that Infinity W took over the development of this game now they're the ones handling the day-to-day, whether or not that's true, it doesn't matter because somebody, still is not doing their job somebody is still looking at this game and saying how can we, f it up more what can we do to really mess with this game, because that's what they're constantly doing, it doesn't take long to look and find out the amount of issues that Modern Warfare 3 has and I don't think it's commonplace, that a AAA title game a game that is grossing a billion dollars with all of its microtransactions, has this many issues Go to Reddit, and right away you'll see the number of people that have gone through.

Nonsense just today, the game-crashing challenge is not recording, there is terrible lag. Pocket Burst, all of these problems persist in this game. I've talked about the servers at length here on this channel, but they are still problematic. Packa Burst still has lag and is still bogging down on your computer.

I have never seen anything like it in four months, and the same issues are persisting with little to no action, and that's what's so frustrating being a Call of Duty player at this point in time. How long have people been pointing out the abhorrent matchmaking in ranked play that we experience day-to-day in 6v6?


What about the issues with cheaters? What about the issues? With hit detection, all of these things persist for four months without action, and that's the frustrating part for members of this community because it is so easy to see the frustration. As members of this community again, I think we all want Call of Duty to succeed.

I don't think there are that many people out there who are as loyal as we are and want Call of Duty to fail. No, I think we're all in this together. We all see it as a successful franchise, but they get in their own way so darn much that it makes it very difficult to support them. But don't worry, more microtransactions.

Don't worry, they'll inflate the prices soon. Don't worry, Battle Pass for season 3 is coming out shortly. All of these things separate you from your money, not you from your time. The goal of Call of Duty should be to invest in you having fun with their experience, not in your own. Issues, it does not take long, and it does not take any effort to see the frustrations that are seeping out of every corner of this community.


And so many people want to dismiss it as hatred. So many people want to dismiss it as complaining. I don't think it's either of those things. I think it's people having expectations, and I don't think that's the case. Wrong what I'd love to see is season 3 come out and this entire game get a massive overhaul from top to bottom.

Is it a lot to ask for? I would probably say it is, but it's something that this game desperately needs. It's something that this community desperately needs because if you want to bring them back, you want people to buy into you again and believe that you can handle this franchise. You need that massive overhaul.

You need that massive change, so are you going to do it? And that's why I just have so little faith in this franchise. That's why I have so little faith in this development. Studio, actually, just this publishing studio altogether, because I look at them and I just see incompetency. I see a lack of action, a lack of any sort of initiative to, actually, move forward to actually work with this community, like we're sitting here and we want to give you more money.

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The number of members of my community of people I know who are so ready for Call of Duty to be great again are so ready to give Activision money. If they just get their heads out of their asses and start to put some initiative into their games, I think things could be great. Again, that's all I really want.

That's all i think a lot of us want Call of Duty to be great again, but it starts with initiative. It starts with action, but as it stands, I see so little of it right now that it really concerns me. And as we move forward, as we move into the Golf War era, which is fast approaching, things have got to change, or this franchise is going to plummet.

Do you think people have a lot of faith in you? I mean, a lot of people gave Modern Warfare 3 their final chance, but that didn't bring them back. The only thing Golf War has is the name Treyarch behind it, and man, if they screw that up, I don't think things are going to go very well. Well, that's it for the article today.

I want to know what the issue is that is most annoying to you right now in Modern War Fair 3. For me, 100% has to be the inconsistent servers that we are experiencing, whether it's packet burst, bad hit detection, whatever it might be. That's my biggest issue at this moment in time, but what's yours?

We are getting so close to 3,000 subscribers. I'm looking forward to continuing this Advent with you all. It's been an amazing last few months, and we're going to continue to cover Modern Warfare 3 and be critical of it as we move towards season 3 and beyond.

SHG or IW whomever is at the helm of MW3 is being very lazy when it comes to fixing MW3. Thanks guys and gals for watching.
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