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I'm bringing you exclusive details on secrets and changes to Modern Warfare 3 zombie season 3 directly from tryer cuz I was part of a Creator call a few days ago let's go over some of the significant changes coming to zombies this season including things we've been asking for since day one and some secret Easter eggs coming in the new Rift you're going to want to make sure you watch all of the articles so you don't miss out on any juicy details, jumping straight in we know that all the new content for this season won't be coming until season 3 Reloaded but there will be significant gameplay changes available straight away from the launch of season 3 which honestly might be the biggest news of the whole season that news being we are officially.

Finally, we're seeing an increase in our stash space. At the current moment, it is only a maximum of 10 items if you haven't glitched it past that limit, but now this will be increased by double to a maximum of 20 items in the stash as opposed to the 10 that it's been since launch. This change was described as a way for players to have more comfort with all the acquisitions that they'll find and that they know this is going to be a significant thing for most players on top of that, similar to insured weapons extracting with Essence.

After this update, it will reduce the cooldown of all of your schematics, meaning that finally, there is a way to reduce the ridiculous cooldowns that there have been on all of these new classified schematics, with some things taking up to 3 days of waiting, but finally, there will now be a way to reduce this cooldown so specifically.

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How this is going to work is that it is all designed around how much essence you are expending, with at the end of a game there's a certain amount of essence to a certain amount of time reduced on all cooldowns. I don't have the specifics right now, but I'm sure we'll learn very quickly from the update going live how that's going to work.

But what's great about this is that, as mentioned, it isn't to reduce the cooldown on one specific schematic. This will be to reduce the cooldowns on all of your current schematics that are on a cooldown timer. Now In the critical, when it came to talking about zombies, we had Kevin Drew from Arch, who introduced it, but then made a very big announcement.

We've assumed for quite a while now that Treyarch is no longer working on Modern Warfare zombies and has moved on to work on Black Ops Golf War, but Kevin pointed out that Triarch has been working with Sledgehammer Games since the very beginning on Modern Warfare zombies and that Sledgehammer Games is going to be taking the story and mow to its conclusion.

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Games will be at least in these Creator calls, but potentially also publicly facing going to be talking about Modern Warfare zombies from now on as they are now the lead developers on the seasonal content. We have seen some developers from IW who were making some of the Season 2.5. content a few months ago, but it seems it's going to be a sledgehammer.

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And the rest of the zombies content was presented by Richard cillo who is the creative director at Sledgehammer Games and he notes that the Sledgehammer Games Team are really excited to drive the future seasonal content for Modern Warfare zombies so quickly going over what we know for season 3 content wise continuing on the story a new Rift has open in zikan with Dr Jansen going AWOL entering the rift alone the team must enter the rift find Dr Jansen, with Raven's help extract her before she's consumed by the dark entity and this mission is the first time that we'll come face to face with the dark entity so expect an epic reveal and a new enemy variant standing in our way after completing our mission and saving Jansen, there will now be opportunity to unlock the new dark EA Rift now in order to unlock it we'll need to find three relics in zikan.

And we actually got a hint on how we're going to find one of them and the hint was that death perception is going to be what we're going to need to find one of them so the goal with the rift was to make it the most challenging and rewarding yet so to align this new balance in difficulty they've added some new gameplay, objects into this dark e for Rift which you to be secrets that are going to make it a little bit easier and more importantly it will push players to work together and the clue that we were given is to look out for a very special zombie head Zombie arm and zombie foot, apparently we can't miss them now we know from leaks that there were some sort of herma perk type abilities that you would gain from getting some of the rift items for this season's.

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Quest, and potentially what this could be, is that in fact, in the dark EA Rift, there'll be objects that will give you some additional bonus powers, and we know from the leaks that this is supposed to be some sort of additional. Damage increase, as well as an increase in your movement speed, as well as there being one for something to do with zombie vision again.

That's just me interpreting from what was leaked, but they didn't actually specify what these do, but there are some weird secret Easter egg objects in the dark EA, and very similar to previous seasons, the Elder Simu will be how you unlock the brand new schematics. In this new dark EA Rift, we already know about the new schematics, but a little bit more context on the dead wire detonators is that it specifically adds dead wire to all of your explosives, weapons, and equipment, so being able to add that to launchers and grenades.

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The specific mention that this would be really good at locking down hordes the golden mask filter adds regeneration to all of the gas mask while standing outside the gas and the sergeant Beret gives you a Merc disguise and a friendly Merc companion who will follow you into the new dark e for Rift and last for the entire duration of the match and they also mentioned that all of these schematics were inspired by Warlords, which I thought was pretty neat because the leaks also suggested that these were all items from Warlords, and we know that there's a new warlord coming lateer in the season which is rain maker that's situated on Rahart Island but let's be honest none of us are really that interested in that sort of thing now usually with all of these Creator calls there is a Q&A session at the end where us creators can ask the developers questions directly but the questions had to be related to the content that is coming for season 3 so we couldn't ask about any questions to do with future content in nwz.

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Which is a little bit frustrating, because I think that's something that all of us want to at least have some light shed on the potential of other things coming, like I wanted to ask questions related to if there were any other secret gameplay activities that we could get our hands on, like the Red Worm with season 1.

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