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War Zone has stretched its life cycle over five different games, and with that, we've seen over 200 different guns. Of those guns, I guarantee there are a handful you don't remember or even use today. I wanted to share with you the entire history of forgotten guns in the war zone. These are the guns that you may not believe were ever in the game.

Maybe they were so bad you never touched them, but perhaps it was gimmicky beyond belief and a desperate attempt to get the players attention. Some were actually pretty useful, but not necessarily at the forefront of the meta comment. Which of these do you want to make a return to war with? You probably remember this one, and technically we still have a crossbow in war zone today since we had a crossbow introduced in war zone 2, but to this day no one uses it because it's nothing like the war zone 1 crossbow.

It even seems like the war zone win challenge YouTubers seem to steer clear of the crossbow today. That's how irrelevant it is. Let's go back to War Zone 1, where it was first introduced. There were a ton of different tips you could put on it, which made it a lot of fun. You had the gas tip, which was definitely the worst of the bunch.


You just left a little gas trail after the fact, dealing very little residual damage but kind of like covering a small area. This was, objectively, the worst one. I don't know why I would ever use this one. Then there was the thermite, which essentially just shot thermite grenades at your opponent, and the thermite would stick around for a decent amount of time, which was honestly really annoying.

But most notably, you had the explosive tip, which was hands-down the best attachment for the crossbow. The longest period of time you could One-Shot anyone, no matter what the range was, where you hit them, or whatever armor they had left, the crossbow would always break armor once you hit them, so since their armor was gone, the explosive bolt would just finish them off, which actually made this a lot of fun to use.

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The best part about this was that if they were remotely injured and you hit a head shot, they would immediately go down from the bolt itself, but then the explosion would finish them off when they were down, giving them no chance at being revived. If I'm not mistaken, this is the only way you could truly take someone from up and alive to spectating.

With a single shot of any gun, it was honestly so much fun running around, like Norman Reed is just catching body after body. We later got the R1, Shadow Hunter, which was the Cold War crossbow, which honestly couldn't even hold a candle to the War Zone 1 crossbow. You couldn't really customize the bolt whatsoever, and it focused more so on ra damage so not near as fun in my opinion.

I think they just wanted to include a crossbow in the Cold War, and since it was the Cold War, it was also available in the war zone, but really not viable whatsoever. Later, we would get the War Zone 2 crossbow, which I already mentioned, and for a while it actually did one-shot. They didn't change the crossbow's damage whatsoever.


I'm not sure if that's something they meant to do or if they're just trying to get rid of crossbows entirely in the meta, which mind you, they've never been meta; they've just been very niche and somewhat useful. I don't understand why they made this change because the velocity is truly so unbearable, so even if they did buff it back to one-shotting, I don't think a lot of people would use it.

Still i think if they did make it one shot and maybe add it to ground loot, it'd be a fun little thing to get you know, get you out of certain situations, and whatnot, but obviously you would never run it in your load out Bring Back War Zone 1. Crossbow so technically, the first time you could get the minigun was through the extremely tedious bunker 11 Easter egg in War Zone 1, which I'm going to go on a limb here and say a lot of you didn't do because those kinds of things are just a little bit too much for me.

The next time it was readily available was just a month later, when they added the Juggernaut. Royale limited time mode: if you remember this game mode, there would be a handful of Loadout Drop-like crates dropped into the map for any team to secure, and if you did, you not only got Juggernaut armor but a mini gun to go along with it.


I'm going to go ahead and focus on the gun itself rather than the armor that went along with it since this is a gun list. Technically, you didn't have to have the armor because if you killed the Juggernaut, they would drop the minigun, and anyone could pick it up afterwards. Once this mode was no more, they added the chance to get miniguns from bunkers along with Juggernaut armor as well.

The gun was actually pretty good and had way more range than you would think for a minigun; it was kind of like the grenade launcher in a way where when you saw it, you immediately fought an internal battle with yourself about whether you should pick it up or not just because of how rare it was. It was super slow, which is the way War Zone has played today, focusing more on movement.

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Ability doesn't really faire as well at the time; it was pretty dang good, and ever since then there have been a handful more ways to get the minigun, most notably in the black site in War Zone 2 since every black sight is guarded by a juggernaut. Once you defeat the juggernaut, he drops the minigun for anyone to pick up.

In War Zone 3, yes, you can get the minigun in the same exact way, but since black sights and strongholds don't spawn in each game. I'd even go as far as to say they rarely spawn in the minigun, which is not near as common as it once was. I've only gotten the minigun in War Zone 3 once, and it was during the slay ride in Resurgence mode after I murdered Santa Claus.

It wasn't doing it for me; I only used it once, so the minigun was in the war zone today. My opinion really doesn't matter because I haven't really experimented with it too much, but I do wish there was a guaranteed way to get the minigun in War Zone 3 today, sort of like the ray gun on Fortune Keep, because now it's a much more rare gun to find, hence why I think a lot of people have forgotten about it.

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It was nice that in any given Battle Royale match on Alzer, you could get the minigun if you really wanted to grind for it. I had completely forgotten about this gun until I was making my entire history of sniping articles. This gun was seriously so wild, and I would love another gun like this to make a return to the war zone.

Today we look at the entire history of forgotten guns in warzone. These are guns that may have been in the game previously, never to make a return. Or are still in the game, but are so useless you forgot about them. There were a ton of guns I personally forgot about while making this video and I bet you forgot about at least one of these guns.
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